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  1. In my "sandbox mode" of play > I'll present the players with clues and or hints that certain places and locales are "tough" Sure you could enter that den of vice run by that cargo cult gang and sure you could conceivably defeat a number of them but not all of them at once > but to go into the vipers nest and get angry that the "scrubs" in full force on their home turf TPW (total party wipe) the group due to player RPG arrogance LOL A clue might be > they've got a wall of "peacekeeper" helmets on trophy display with word "around town" that backs that up (if Inquiry and such are used in this case)... (just off the top of my head per say) On a side note: If you reading all this and are looking for "that game" that will empower the players towards these styles of play that we GMs are going over in this thread > have a look at Palladium Rifts - it might be your ticket!
  2. Just some thoughts and math on Subskin Armor / Mechanicus Skin Armor (+2) + say Cranial Armor (+1) = +3 Soak to Head before Toughness & Armor Skin Armor (+2) + Limb Replacement (+2) = +4 Soak to Limbs Skin Armor (+2) + Bionic Heart (+1) = +3 Soak to Body AVG Toughness of 3 + AVG Armor or 3 = 6 Head: 9 Body: 9 Limbs: 10 Aka "roar" *They should have made Subskin Armor an AdMech only thing for 2nd Edition (there's nothing "tanky" or superior about them in 2nd edition) What ever happened to? Machine (x) A creature with this trait is fashioned from inorganic materials and is generally more rigorous then fleshy beings. Machines do not breathe, are immune to vacuum, extremes of cold, and mind-influencing psychic effects. Machines have a certain number of Armour points (indicated by the number in parentheses). This armour stacks with worn armour, but not with the Natural Armour trait, and can damage from Fire (see page 243). I guess being a full-conversion cyborg doesnt count for jack... Page 137 Cranial Circuitry Cyber-Mantle Electro-Graft Electroo Inductors Potentia Coil Aka big whoop > they only feataure "flavor" text and bear no game mechanic advantages ?!
  3. Some people play rpgs to feel powerful, to escape from their daily lives where they aren't what they play. This is a valid point > its why I used to play as well as a "player" I guess its a style preference - which is cool - everybody should play the way that's most fun to them
  4. So here we all are > playing DH > accordingly a visceral experience as is 40k Regardless of RPG and or Setting you have some players that will crop up time to time and gripe whenever an Encounter or Challenge is presented - and when I mean gripe > like "why is the GM doing this to us"... Why would you play a game if you don't want to fight, climb, interact, or otherwise be "challenged" WTF is with all the cakewalkery these days Sure you can sure cheese the hell out of any video game you come across but as soon as you eneter the realm of PNP RPGing and challenges are well... challenging > bitchery and an overall sense of "its punishment" comes into play... That's some "crazy" mindset right there > that's like wanting to join the track team then complaining that you gotta run?! This mindset spans many genres and I have seen it countless times from both the player's side of the table as well as the DM/GM's Its just absurd, funny, and a waste of time... RANT Ova Stay GAMING Morbid
  5. All I know is FLAMERs are mega complex!!! WTF were they thinkalating? LOL I got an idear > lets make rules that bounce off of other rules and are vaguely worded for maximum profitably > I bet you thats what the board of investors ORDERed them to do LMFAO
  6. That's what'd I do (fatigue damage) > if they go unconscious they take a D10 per round after
  7. I would say > its the SPRAY quality... (it loses that since you are shooting an arrow or crossbow-bolt)
  8. I drafted up this document so players dont have to page fumble for all the pertinent info... Gawd > they made it too complex (that's my humble opinion) If I got anything wrong in the procedure section at the bottom > let me know and I'll edit the file... Note: E2 AND E3 are my own House Rulings (so my players have something concrete to work with)
  9. Sorry > I'm like duh > thats what I get for glossing while at work
  10. Personally tho I dont do it > I like PEN to go thru everything
  11. They needed a flow chart for Flamers SHESH lol https://www.draw.io/
  12. Just to clearly understand Worldsmith... The Flamer still does perform a BS Test to see if they hit initially?Then "if" then after "stuck" the Target then makes that AGL Test to see if they are on fire (even if damage is reduced to zero) The above component > IE > The Ballistics Skill Test was what I was most wondering about (for some reason I though the Flamers hit automatically without the need for a BS Test in the first place > I'm pretty collaborative with my players and the interpretations of the rules - and that's what we thought) Please Advise on BS Test Please Thanks Morbid
  13. See > LOL > that's exactly how I felt... but they're clever
  14. No data on that > but it sounds like the course any agent would take... What I'll do in that vein; Have the acolytes be told of a former cell operative > go find their body > on their person is the info as to > clandestine previous location of control centres... From that I can have the group hack the datanets > then target one of the hidden masters for the kill! The foil being > you only get 1 shot - then they get away Thanks Axe for the insight / idea! Stay GAMING Morbid
  15. Consider the "damage roll" a determining factor of the hit - not just the WS / BS Tests... All together the dice tell you a story > its a concept FFG tried to give us with their funky WHFRP Edition... There are vids on how to interpret those dice in that game > the concept is sound for a game that relies more on math and symbols There was a really good video on the subject but I can find it now - while at work LOL So try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu6OgZNGheU
  16. P.S. Players are behind enemy lines > able and awaiting how/when to strike... While "reinforcements aka Inquisitor and Army" are on the outskirts of said system
  17. Say I have a dirty Heretek Fabricator type who's stolen a world and is hidden on said world... When big bad Inquisition arrives > the idea is/was they make "target" move or leave system (aka fight another day type of deal) So In your opinion based on what ya know > How would the players locate said target (i.e. Fab guy) for the kill? (keep in mind the forces the Inquisitor is bringing is only being used to instigate a protracted exchange / i.e. take up the time and effort of said Fab's AdMech forces while "players" move in for the secret kill? I had to rework critical parts of my adventure and am now stumped on how to present this "oppotunity" and or goal of the adventure (exterminatus is not an option today - sorry + by the time that happens said Fab target will be long gone aka muhahahahha) Pls Advise
  18. SCKoNi = applause... That's how you do it gents > heard research will give you the definitive answers since to lore is soo deep! Now "even" I know - thanks SCK! aka "I'm with it" Stay GAMING Morbid
  19. It is assumed in DH2 you had a "life" of sorts before the Inquisition stole you away LOL
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