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  1. Today I am posting my Portfolio for doing Acquisition Tests - you will find all the relevant tables needed to perform any Acquisiton on the fly! Rogue Trader Acquisition Portfolio (Updated 12/19/14) UPdated: The section regarding CRAFTSMANSHIP has been emphasized on table 9-35, looks like we're all set - thanks for the sharp eye MrImperator, stay gaming!) As always with my posts - if you see an error just let me know and I'll get it fix between 24 to 72 hours - by his grace! For the Emperor Stay Gaming!
  2. The Emperor Protects! I recently began running a Rogue Trader game with some friends and wanted to improve the sheets I found available online - thus the end result below... If you find an error just contact me and I'll fix it and repost Stay Gaming - www.WurkHaus.com • Typeable Player Character Record Sheet Updated to PDF (12/22/14) • Typeable Void Ship Record Sheet • Typeable XP Character Improvement Sheet • Typeable Crew Roster Sheet Updated to PDF (11/7/14)
  3. I just wanted to see if anyone agrees / and hope someone from Fantasy Flight sees my post herein - aka a friendly prod to the side from the consumer... I use Fantasy Grounds today but tomorrow there should be something better! Cmon! THE IDEAL Online Gaming ENVIRONMENT (PNP RPGs) Whomever can secure a partnership or establish a department with one of the major RPG Publishers is gonna be king when software comes out that sort of mimicks the games shown below - in that - replace the game's AI with a GM/DM who has control over the environment and "mobs" = VIOLA - a mature robust online GM/DMing gaming option! Space Hulk: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242570/ Shadowrun Online: http://store.steampowered.com/app/267750/ All the game assets and mechanics need to be pre-loaded/bundled in - this shouldn't be the realm of the end consumer... Granted scalability and customization of course is a must! In a time when Publishers are experiencing challenges ranging from Book Piracy to a drop in the number of gamers who play PNP RPG aka the community. You can stay in the stone age and eventually when we're all old and gray - we'll be the last generation to play the PNP Games because Publishers/Designers are too guarded about adopting the next step in an eventual market evolution. Lets progress forward! Just and idea/opinion, not meaning to upset or attack anyone Stay Gaming!
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