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  1. My point was > it's not Wizard Eye from D&D... "Indirect Attacks" in and of itself is a very power ability in RPGs especially if you can do the attacks remotely - reminds me of how a Rigger would play in SHADOWRUN albiet through remote control vechiles > LMFAO There are even game systems which detail what an Indirect Attack is exactly - so yeah it is OP - even in those games where its built in intentionally.
  2. The Lathes Of Calixis (from The Inquisitors Handbook PAGE 133) The greatest forge world of the Calixis Sector is not a single world at all. The Lathe System, gifted to the Adeptus Mechanicus in perpetuity during the Agevin Crusade, is a place of strange wonder and arcane science. A trio of semihabitable planets in anarchic, fluxing orbit around their violent blue-white sun, Lathe-Het, Lathe-Hesh and Lathe- Hadd lie at the centre of the system. The population toiling in the massive macro-foundries based there to exploit the unique gravitation fluxes are huge, heavy set brutes more Ogryn in stature than man. They are but one part of the story, for scattered throughout the planetary system are dozens of vast city-sized orbital stations and hundreds of mining and research ouposts, hulks, asteroid bases and scores of vast steelglass-domed agrology platforms—arbours of green and blue that provide food and water amid the frozen void. Access to the inner system is strictly controlled by automated ward ships and the Magos Militant commanding the massed power and might of the Mechanicus, capable of calling in extremis on the dread might of the Titans of Legio Venator who are said to have a hidden fortress on the dead moon of Lycosidae at the system’s heart. AKA - You dont listen we render you + take your crew and your ship silly Rogue Trader LOL The outer fringes of the system are somewhat more receptive to visitors, and it is here at the trans-shipping orbitals that the great Chartist vessels and Mechanicus high-liners put in to trade and to export the Lathe System’s vast output, whilst also feeding its equally vast hunger for ore and metal. Fiercely independent and beholden to none but the lords of distant Mars, the Lathe System’s near five billion inhabitants answer only to the Archmagos council of the ruling Lathe-Covenant, and here the rule of the Omnissiah holds absolute sway.
  3. All I know is in 40k they are lucky "Warp Perception" doesn't act like Astral Perception from Earthdawn / Shadowrun LOL
  4. I like the way you think Erathia... Would said "assassins" be insurgents already in the RT's ship or would they board it from outside? LOL
  5. Well one could suppose if fishing for an explanation - we all know there are sub-cults within the Cult of Mars such as the Light of Sollex in the Lathes > right? Blame it on that then (subcults) - there is no love between many factions and subsets within not to mention "personal" ambitions You're like why > shoot there are infinite reasons why > why dont you tell me why? (on that point I dont recall seeing anything in the literature that doesnt say Admech cant fight AdMech - even "IF" there aren't Hereteks...) Also there was no AdMech "player" on deck during those sessions > what I wrote up and posted was where I could have went with such poor choices as to Strong Arm the AdMech in the Lathes itself - suffice to say on a serious note during the game the players were hailed and the RT reminded his Warrant does'nt extend into the dominion of the Lathes > the player kept pushing after that LOL Perspective On a side note remember "choose your quest" books > those old books wehere you read a paragraph of text and made a choice and went to a numbered paragraph elsewhere in the book? (if not look it up) > and when you choose the wrong choice there was instant death... I come from that era - EVEN original D&D 1st and 2nd editions featured intsa-death (from certain traps in adventure modules to certain creature like Beholder with its death ray or the Cocktrice with can turn you to stone) So the notion that I should encourage all sorts of "creativity" to me detracts from the Grim Dark aspect of 40k You make a really bad choice in judgement even after multip exits were given - then you should die and a new character created In that way I can never "beat the game" and as a player the "world"' holds true horror and wonder - and most importantly replay-ability / none of that "been there done that nonsense" and even if so "it was well earned" FIN
  6. This is by no means meant to be taken seriously just sharing with you all and a friend on the forums an experience I once had GMing RT... So we had this player who was very well informed about the 40k Fluff / Lore Of that he wanted to trade in some "hardware" to one of the Masters of the Lathes (some sort of choice archeotech - so choice its not in the books LOL) When they got close to the Lathes > they took some days and scanned around - had a few radio exchanges and otherwise "explored" the fringes of the Lathes system... Eventually they got luck (on a roll) and found a secret derelict yard or which (i do forget) something was there that "this player" wanted Eventually after certain communications were had this player revealed the Lathes "skeleton in a closet" and threaten to "tell on them" They responded withsomething along the lines of > ok now that youve threatened us you forfeit any authority you had to "trade" and must now sumbit your prize to the Lathes and leave > LOL (you have 3 days to comply > etc etc) Thats when said player blew a gasket > LOL (game ended > yadda yadda) This is what would of happened LOL Ohh your character is threatening the Mechanicus at the Lathes ok > they ask you to stay and submit to “exchange” Sooo you sit there for close to 48 hours when scanners begin to pick up 4 Voidhsips headed your way in 4 more Hours they and you will be within firing range… I wait some more > ok Eventually they arrive – first thing they do is jamm your ability to radio either outside of your ship and+ within Loyalists of Mars (not the lathes within your ship) begin to send runners to send you messages by hand – it takes a runner 4 hours to deliver a msg The first msg from within the ships says half of the Mechanicus within are loyal to Mars while the rest are loyal to the Lathes – they have already begun fighing tho no more details ar available for another 4 hours… Meanwhile the 4 voidships just float and wait around yours 4 days later > pandomium spreads across your ship as Lathes Loyalists and outside influences decend > once those Lathes loyalists ensured your ship was “stuck” the 4 ships outside began to fire boarding torpeadoes The last runner hasn’t been seen in 2 days and the armsmen onboard plus your arch militant tell you the “bridge” is being besieged and that you are all running out of boiling tar and live cats to throw 1 day later > your on a conveyour line (like a car in a factory) down the “line” mechanized arms remove and remake your bridge staff ahead of you – the masters of the lathes choose to have you witness that holy conversion before you embark upon yours FIN > campaign ended! LOL Stay GAMING Morbid
  7. Nah > I'm kinda primitive when it comes to forums and the like... LOL I will play with more of the buttons then > Thanks for the tip Doc!
  8. I didnt read the responses so bear with... QUOTE: Now, for this spot not to be TLDR, I will do a short plotline description: 1. The party needs to enter a subsurface prison on an asteroid to extract information from an ex-Eversor Assassin, who knows a lot of information about their Radical Inquisitor. I am currently developing this part. I'd just make it some assassin and not the very best type in the galaxy > with worlds of Trillions x Trillions over im sure there are alot of assassins out there who have none of the fancy training / branding of the 3 best types but are in their own right very effective - statistically speaking... 2. To enter the prison, they need to get a sentence. Since usual scum gets killed upon making crimes, the party needs to do something that will make them be sent to a top-notch isolated prison for heretics, radicals and xenophiles. Make their "paperwork / files" say they are political prisoners being held for a swap or other politically charged reason (now they can't be killed outright) 3. ...??? I am planning on making them infiltrate and do crimes with chaos cults/government overthrowers/blashphemers and I want to spend them doing that at least 2-3 sessions. After they do enough they will be brought to a scheduled court hearing and immediately sent to a desired location. Whatever they do > at the end of the day > they have to be seen as important enough to be kept alive - politics usually covers this avenue I'd go for "white-collar" crimes with a side dose of violence but maybe not killings done by the PC's hand > let those chaos aholes do "that bit" of the dirty work Now, what should they do? I am currently out of ideas on who they will infiltrate to and what would they do that could keep them busy for several sessions. - Swindling Resources - Putting People into Offices so other can Benefit - Changing Historic Records to better Benefit somebody today - Changing the formula of a food-stock (aka gruel recipe) so its more profitable but at the cost of Troop Nutrition - Causing "stocks" to flucuate (there are trade unions, guilds, and cartels out there) - Etc and what not All of these prosaic approaches are heavy enough to get the PCs put in maximum but not foul enough for instant liquidation At the end of the day the Authorities need to know "who's responsible" because it sure aint the PCs > LOL Stay GAMING Morbid
  9. QUOTE "You do can post to them, I've deliberately tested it, yet the real question is if anyone will still post there in a year or two..." I will > I'm staying on these FORUMs AKA You can find Morbid here > I will continue to work on material and post here Stay GAMING Morbid
  10. All I know is... Don't pour Promethium on meeeee.... (but sugar would be ok) wa wa I couldn't help myself there guys > sorry LOL
  11. I was thinking about opening a private Rules Lawyer Practice after these forums close... Morbid & Don & Associates? Stay GAMING Morbid
  12. Napalm generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees Celsius... or or... 1472 – 2192 Fahrenheit Steel is just the element iron that has been processed to control the amount of carbon. Iron, out of the ground, melts at around 1510 degrees C (2750°F). Steel often melts at around 1370 degrees C (2500°F). Aka stop playing with me LOL Thats "napalm" Promethium is said to burn without oxygen > you do the math on that...
  13. Ideal > Fire Cloak (1 time use) Your set on fire > HALF ACTION drop cloak > you're now not on fire anymore and the consumable item is gone... FIN
  14. Product Info (Humor) Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained within a sealed storage tank of heat-resistant alloy with dimensions not less than 14 m3 Private Soldier (aka Beetle Baily) is like "can't I just dip it in fire and leave it there so that its extra safe and nobody can touch it?" ROTFL
  15. Side note > its a First Tier Talent If they wanted to make Resistance (Fire) I'd image that being a Third Tier Talent or or a Mutation of some kind? Resistance (Fire) - Flamers - Pyromamcy FIN
  16. I was gonna look for the Tyranid Traits (err Talents today > I made a PDF with all the foes from all the books in one place) I agree Tyranids maybe in immune to high temperatures found within a ship's more industrial sections (boy its 150 degrees in here) Another thing FATIGUE > this is where environmental effects apply You wanana walk through the ship sections that are over 90 in all your gear > make a Fatigue Test / ohh you got Resistance (Heat) - ok add a 10% bonus to your Toughness Test You wanana wade through the 40 degree watery sump through a ship > roll a Toughness Test vs Fatigue / ohh you got Resistance (Cold) - ok add a 10% bonus to your Toughness Test Now for some silliness (dont read beyond this if you cant take a joke) To add - I went through actual effort to illustrate my points > namely that of the mini games - Deathwatch marines and Grey Knights in 40k are not FIRE immune - sorry... Then to top that > dont flamers actually damage vechicles as long as it bypasses the vechile's armor? (if it can do that it can burn people in ceramite suites) To add to this notion of FIRE immunity - ok take those Deathwatch / Grey Knight types take em out of their armor - then have them run through a fiery area and tell me about their "special training" and how they flip bound somersault and otherwise for no other reason are "really good at avoiding catching fire" - aka Fire Ninjas / this would also have to include then Manufactorum Workers - they prolly got a special schola program for just them called VO5 Hot Fire Wrestling?! LMFAO FIN
  17. Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. In physics, heat is energy that spontaneously passes between a system and its surroundings in some way other than through work or the transfer of matter. The process in which the exothermic reaction is occurring creates this intense light of a characteristic color depending on the element combusted,this light what you see with your eyes is called ‘FIRE’ and during this exothermic process there occurs a violent jiggling of all the molecules which bangs with all the surrounding air molecules.This violent jiggling of molecules,which is nothing but Kinetic Energy which one can imagine as a tremendous vibrational energy of the molecules is what one experiences as HEAT…so when you stand near fire you experience this heat and the light you see is fire which is the actually the photonic energy released during the combustion as a result of atomic excitations,its more technically and rightly called as plasma state,a charged state which is FIRE. Combustion vs. Energy Chemical Reaction vs. Energy Byproduct Fire Roasting vs. Oven Baked (Mmm) Fire is a chemical reaction—namely combustion. That is to say, heat is normally a product of a combustion reaction (fire). This would seem that ONE is resistant to the Byproduct (Heat) of a Source (Fire) The only two stats that feature a "resistance" component are Toughness and Willpower; all the subset types of Resistance are tied to those stats (Cold, Fear, Heat, Poisons, Psychic Powers,Radiation, Vacuum, Other) Cold = Toughness Fear = Willpower Heat = Toughness Psychic Powers = Willpower Radiation = Toughness Vacuum = Toughness toughness (t) Toughness measures a character’s health, stamina, and resistance. Exceptionally Tough characters can shrug off otherwise damaging weapon hits and better withstand poisonous attacks. WillPoWer (WP) Willpower measures a character’s mental strength and resilience. High Willpower allows a character to exert control over a crowd of near-rioting hab workers or interrogate a captured heretic. It is also often used when wielding and resisting psychic powers. Resistance The Acolyte’s background, experience, training, exposure, or plain stubbornness has developed a resistance within him. Each time he selects this talent, choose one area of resistance. He gains a +10 bonus when making tests to resist effects of this type. The GM can require approval for certain choices, or justification based on the Acolyte’s past. Note: The word "resist" is never used in the rules below unlike other facets of the game... - he must make an Agility test or be set on fire - he must make a Challenging (+0) Agility test or catch on fire - he must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test - dropping Prone and making a Hard (–20) Agility test FLAME (Page 145) Using materials such as promethium and incendiary powders, this weapon ignites with primordial fire. Whenever a target is struck by an attack with this quality (even if he suffers no damage), he must make an Agility test or be set on fire (see page 243). If the target of the Flame attack is a vehicle, the pilot must make the appropriate Operate skill test with a bonus equal to the vehicle’s Armour value on the facing hit by the Flame attack. If the pilot fails, the vehicle immediately catches fire (see the On Fire! sidebar on page 263). FIRE (Page 243) A character can be set on fire in several different ways (none of them pleasant). First, weapons with the Flame quality and certain Energy Critical Effects can set a character on fire. Alternatively, a character can be ignited by fire in the environment; for this second case, at the beginning of each round after the first in which the character is exposed to the same source of flames, he must make a Challenging (+0) Agility test or catch on fire. Once a character is on fire, he suffers 1d10 Energy damage (ignoring Armour) and suffers 1 level of Fatigue each round until the fire is extinguished. If the location is not otherwise specified, this applies to the Body location. While on fire, he must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test at the beginning of each of his turns in order to be able to take actions normally; otherwise, he may only flail in agony and scream, which counts as a Full Action. A character who is on fire can try to extinguish the flames by dropping Prone and making a Hard (–20) Agility test as a Full Action. The GM can make this test easier or harder depending on environmental conditions and whether the blazing character is able to receive any help from nearby allies.
  18. Think about this... from the perspective of context No other NPC in the back of the Core Book other than the Deathwatch Space Marine + Grey Knight + Manufactorum worker bear a Resistance (Heat) Talent... Deathwatch Space Marines & Grey Knights are great and all but I think a flamer would do its normal course of work on em Page 297 Deathwatch Space Marine Talents: Adamantium Faith, Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Deathwatch Training, Hatred (Xenos), Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Peer (Adeptus Astartes, Inquisition), Quick Draw, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons), True Grit, Unarmed Specialist, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee, Ranged), Weapon Training (Bolter, Chain) Page 299 Grey Knight Space Marine Talents: Adamantium Faith, Bulging Biceps, Hatred (Daemons, Chaos Space Marines), Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Peer (Adeptus Astartes, Inquisition), Quick Draw, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons, Psychic Powers), Swift Attack, True Grit, Two- Weapon Wielder (Melee, Ranged), Unarmed Specialist, Weapon Training (Bolter, Force) Page 393 manufaCtorum Worker Workers by the billions attend to the great manufactorums that dominate Hive Desoleum mid-levels. Here they produce the hive’s many products, such as its renowned las-lenses and vox-caster vacuum tubes, in extreme conditions of blistering heat. Punishment is harsh for those who slacken in their efforts, and most can look forward only to an early death. Yet for these workers, it is the only way of life imaginable. It is will of the Emperor, and to question is to blaspheme. Talents: Resistance (Heat)
  19. i agree with Lynata that its an environmental Heat Immunity Heat an Environmental Effect Fire an Energy Based Effect On a side note > I cant recall anything in any publishing of BlackLibrary or Gamesworkshop whereby; A. In the Miniatures Game "units or individuals" gain Immunity to Flamers B. Nothing in any novels or audio tales I've come across either to support that C. If there was such a thing as Heat Immunity that covers "fire" why wouldn't the AdMech just fire bomb (aka napalm a site) then march troops into the conflagration to clean up any linger forces within the fire storm? As Ive said before > I feel alot of people like to power grab and interpret rules bias in the players favor rather than seeing the long term goal of any PNP RPG is re-playability... Once I'm immune to a damaging base effect (that I might add is a staple of the setting and system > purging by fire and the like) the game then bears a facet of play "I the player have wholly and unequivocally defeated" (listen the game is supposed to be hard & visceral - its why they built-in Fate Points "like extra men/lives" in a video game. If it was soo blatant > I feel they woulda mentioned Flamers are being obsolete against HEAT IMMUNE targets... And if being silly in the vein of this thought > then those with Heat Immunity in 40k lore should go to Stars and live on them for protection for all the other factions... LMFAO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a "for instance" taken from other games that do detail the difference between Heat and Fire http://www.d20herosrd.com/6-powers/effects/effect-descriptions/immunity-defense/ IMMUNITY (DEFENSE) Action: None • Range: Personal • Duration: Permanent • Cost: 1 point per rank Under the Hood: Immunity There are characters in comic books flatly immune to certain things. Immunity is intended to provide this option in the game. It’s simpler at some point to say a character is immune to something than it is to bother rolling dice. Immunity also encourages creativity: if you can’t overcome a foe just by hitting him, what then? Encourage players to use tactics, cleverness, power stunts, and victory points to deal with foes immune to their more conventional attacks. If you find Immunity—especially broad immunities at higher ranks—a problem in your game, feel free to restrict it (perhaps to no more than 10 ranks) or eliminate it altogether, replacing it with Protection and defense bonuses with appropriate power modifiers. For a degree of immunity to Damage, see the Impervious extra in Modifiers. You are immune to certain effects, automatically succeeding on any resistance check against them. You assign ranks of Immunity to various effects to gain immunity to them (with more extensive effects requiring more ranks). These assignments are permanent. Examples include the following: 1 rank: aging, disease, poison, one environmental condition (cold, heat, high pressure, radiation, or vacuum), one type of suffocation (breathe normally underwater or in an alien atmosphere, for example), starvation and thirst, need for sleep, or a rare power descriptor (such as your own powers, a close sibling’s powers, etc.). 2 ranks: critical hits, suffocation effects (no need to breathe at all), or an uncommon power descriptor (such as chemical, gravitic, necromantic, etc.). 5 ranks: alteration effects, sensory Affliction effects, emotion effects, entrapment (grabbing, snares, or bonds), fatigue effects, interaction skills, or a particular Damage effect, descriptor (such as bullets, cold, electricity, falling, fire, magic, radiation, sonic, etc.) 10 ranks: a common power descriptor (such as all effects with cold, electricity, fire, radiation, or weather descriptors, for example), life support (includes immunity to disease, poison, all environmental conditions, suffocation, and starvation and thirst). 20 ranks: a very common power descriptor (bludgeoning or energy, for example). 30 ranks: All effects resisted by Fortitude, All effects resisted by Will. 80 ranks: All effects resisted by Toughness (the equivalent of 40 ranks of Impervious Toughness). Moving on D&D defines Environmental HEAT as follows: (nothing about fire walking or lava swimming > sorry) Heat DangersHeat deals nonlethal damage that cannot be recovered until the character gets cooled off (reaches shade, survives until nightfall, gets doused in water, is targeted by endure elements, and so forth). Once rendered unconscious through the accumulation of nonlethal damage, the character begins to take lethal damage at the same rate. A character in very hot conditions (above 90° F) must make a Fortitude saving throw each hour (DC 15, +1 for each previous check) or take 1d4 points of nonlethal damage. Characters wearing heavy clothing or armor of any sort take a -4 penalty on their saves. A character with the Survival skill may receive a bonus on this saving throw and may be able to apply this bonus to other characters as well (see the skill description). Characters reduced to unconsciousness begin taking lethal damage (1d4 points per hour). In severe heat (above 110° F), a character must make a Fortitude save once every 10 minutes (DC 15, +1 for each previous check) or take 1d4 points of nonlethal damage. Characters wearing heavy clothing or armor of any sort take a -4 penalty on their saves. A character with the Survival skill may receive a bonus on this saving throw and may be able to apply this bonus to other characters as well. Characters reduced to unconsciousness begin taking lethal damage (1d4 points per each 10-minute period).| A character who takes any nonlethal damage from heat exposure now suffers from heatstroke and is fatigued. These penalties end when the character recovers the nonlethal damage she took from the heat. Extreme heat (air temperature over 140° F, fire, boiling water, lava) deals lethal damage. Breathing air in these temperatures deals 1d6 points of damage per minute (no save). In addition, a character must make a Fortitude save every 5 minutes (DC 15, +1 per previous check) or take 1d4 points of nonlethal damage. Those wearing heavy clothing or any sort of armor take a -4 penalty on their saves. In addition, those wearing metal armor or coming into contact with very hot metal are affected as if by a heat metal spell. Boiling water deals 1d6 points of scalding damage, unless the character is fully immersed, in which case it deals 10d6 points of damage per round of exposure. GURPS Resistant is a physical advantage, described in Basic Set, p. 80, and referenced in GURPS Powers™, pp. 71, 108, 167 & 169. There is an FAQ entry regarding Immunity to Metabolic Hazards and Temperature Tolerance here. Immune or Immunity is the highest level that the Resistant advantage can be taken at, and so the Resistant advantage is often referred to as Immunity. For example, the Immunity to Metabolic Hazards advantage (above) is actually described under the Resistant entry in Basic Set. GURPS Powers™, p. 71, discusses the relation between Resistant and power sources, while on p. 108, Resistant is mentioned as an advantage that can take the Force Field enhancement. On p. 167, it is mentioned in the Defending with Powers section, and in the Resisting Abilities section on p. 169. Powerlisting.wikia.com http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Thermal_Resistance
  20. No Problem Marvel > glad I could help > if you have any questions shoot me a msg and I'll see if I can help I'm pretty good at the RT rules now... Happy Holidays Stay GAMING Morbid
  21. Thanks AxeSpanna That supports and clears up any issues with Psyker Powers! Stay GAMING All! Morbid
  22. Use discretion... Major NPC > yes I would hold over the last value their Disposition was adjusted to Minor NPC > no - they'd be handled on a situation by situation basis (i.e. every time met) What do you others guys say?
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