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  1. My school group adopted hexwing shortly after we aquired the game and have never looked back. Absolutely hated the movement templates, and all the jiggery-pokery that they involved...
  2. And here she is, for those who can't be bothered with fiddly movement templates, range rulers etc. that can make miniatures games so infuriating: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/97008/hex-wing-version-2016
  3. Let's just say that FFG gave us the lovely Avenger - which one would people prefer? The oval cockpit? Or the ball cockpit?
  4. https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/96349-tie-avenger/ A very clever chap's Lego version of the sexy AVENGER. Gosh, I desire her...
  5. If Lego can do it... http://www.rebelscum.com/2018/lego_75211_hansolo_500.jpg ... then FFG can bl**dy well do it. Why did the filmmakers choose to resurrect our beloved Imperial Army troopers (if that's what they were)? From a practical point of view, I suspect it was useful for Han and his compatriots to not have stormtrooper-like helmets wholly covering their features. And would it have felt quite 'right' to have had Han's backstory include a period of service as a supposed fanatically loyal Stormtrooper? Anyhoo, I don't care. I loved it. And I want some Imperial Army troopers - and some Navy troopers too.
  6. You are spot on, GrimmyV. This I did not realise!
  7. What a shame. I once read that the enduring popularity of the Lord of the Rings trilogy springs in part from the many years Tolkien spent carefully weaving the work into a consistent, detailed, believable fabric. Apparently Star Wars just makes it all up as it goes along.
  8. The 'Tallon Roll' introduced for the T-70 in the Force Awakens core box... ...is surely not the same (fictional, admittedly) manoeuvre described first in the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook back in 1990... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rebel_Alliance_Sourcebook ...which was a way of preventing overshooting one's target, and which was shown diagrammatically thus: Wouldn't this have been reproduced in the game more faithfully, by simply regressing one's forward movement (at the end of the turn) by one base-width, and making this a red 'stress' move, rather than by rotating the ship ninety degrees at the end of the turn?
  9. May I please check: does this mean that the available range of manoeuvres of every single existing v1 ship (bar Tie and Lamda) will change in v2? If so, do we yet know what any of these new, different dials with different manoeuvres will look like, for comparison? For example, how exactly is the v2 T-65 dial different form the v1 dial? What new (additional? alternative?) manoeuvres are available? Is it simply the addition of two manoeuvres: the left and right talon rolls? Many thanks in advance for putting me straight, folks.
  10. In my bemused, casual trawl through the various strings dealing with the 2.0 reboot, I have noticed a few people expressing some concern/doubts. There's some pretty hard/rude/dismissive shooting-down of said doubts/concern going on here on these community pages. This level of fan 'loyalty' to the FFG line is, I imagine, part of the reason why FFG think they can up the ante in terms of prices. There is a now a critical mass of custmers for this game to whom the cost of the product is becoming totally irrelevant.
  11. Hey, RayGuns, if you are the creater of the immortal HexWing, I will be interested to see what you do with X-W 2.0 ! Hang in there, RayGuns!
  12. I like both. Probably the classic cockpit just wins out.
  13. Vader's Tie Advanced and Ren's Silencer are both special craft outfitted for senior (force-sensitive) personnel. Thematically, it might stand to reason that a mass-produced version of the Tie Advanced - the Avenger - would not necessarily be quite so versatile/powerful? Does that give the Avenger a possible slot between the Interceptor and the Advanced? Is the Silencer a significantly better and more expensive (in points) craft than the Advanced?
  14. Hi all, I know the Tie Silencer in some ways resembles the Avenger, but who apart from me would be desperately pleased were FFG to finally give us the lovely lass herself?
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