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  1. I am also using the manual installation, not the web install. The update and the timing of issues just seemed too coincidental. I had updated the generator on 2/1 and I know it was working then. However, further digging showed I last run it on 2/15 after the update was installed. Just as a test, I uninstalled the update from the 12th, and it didn't change anything. I was able to correct the issue and get it running again. I am not 100% sure on which step fixed it, but I re-download the application and uncompressed it to a different folder and ran the launcher from there. Windows reported that the program was unknown and I told Windows to run it anyway. It ran without issue. I then copied the directory from the temp location and over wrote my original installation location, being sure to replace all the existing files. Running it then worked.
  2. I tried running the application today and received similar errors in the Event Logs. Given that Belik reported the error on Feb 13 and Microsoft pushed out a .NET update around the same time, specifically "February 12, 2019—KB4483452 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7.2 for Windows 10, version 1809 and Windows Server 2019," I would suspect they are related.
  3. Mostly I was just curious to see if there were plans for future development to increase usability and ensure compatibility with the latest release of the Generator. The only "problems" I have come across is the Mk III backpack is not recognized properly and it doesn't seem to calculate the defenses properly. Though I am sure there are other things. I still have it installed, but have stopped using it. Honestly, I think it is a great start but it needs refining and documentation. I want to use it, but in it's state now it is not better than a paper sheet.
  4. Any plans to update to support the latest version of the Generator?
  5. I have also been getting errors with printing to PDFs. In my testing I have tried the PDF printer from Adobe Acrobat Pro X, Foxit Reader, and the built-in Windows 10 PDF printer. The immediate errors are somewhat different as follows: Adobe Acrobat X - Illegal characters in path Foxit Reader and Windows 10 - The given path's format is not supported Also, the Style Sheet setting does not appear to save properly and resets. I have tried a fresh install of the builder, with no custom data, on a second PC using the Windows 10 PDF printer and got the exact same error. I can send the full error messages, if that will help. Also, if there are any other troubleshooting steps you would like me to try, please let me know.
  6. If this has been asked and answered, I apologize. There are a lot of posts to search through and I might have missed it. But, do you have plans to add the optional Cybernetics skill to the builder?
  7. The Shistavanen species appears to always add one rank of Brawl even if you choose the Survival skill options. I made sure to try with an empty CustomData folder, cleared the cache and tested on another PC.
  8. I tried it with an new empty CustomData folder and it worked, note I set the data path to a new temp directory I created. I then went into the data editor; selected the Species section, selected Droid, and clicked Modify. Then I selected the second choice in the Option Choices, and clicked Modify. I did nothing else, then clicked Update, then Update, and then Save. Exited the Data Editor, and checked the CustomData directory. A custom Droid.xml file was created. I made no actual changes, but it created the xml. Just to be safe I cleared the cache, then opened Character Generator again. I set the species to Droid, then clicked Print, and then Print Standard and... it did it again. I went back, deleted the custom Droid.xml. Cleared the cache and tried again. It worked. I went through the same steps to create the custom Droid.xml and the issue returned. It seems that having any droid.xml file in the CustomData directory triggers the repeat. I even tried it on another PC yet. Same results. If there is anything else you would like me to try out, I am happy to test it. Thanks!
  9. Cool, thanks for the reply. Also, I noticed that the Droid Special Features don't seem to print right. I've tried creating multiple new characters, before and after clearing the cache, and it keeps doing this:
  10. Hello, I don't know if this has been reported, if so, my apologies for repeating something. I was building a character and decided to throw on the vibro-bayonet attachment. I added the two additional damage mods. The mods incorrectly applied to the damage of the rifle not the vibro-bayonet. If I am reading the attachment correctly, the Carbine should be 9 damage and the Vibro-Bayonet should be 6 (Brawn 3, +1 damage mod base, 2 +1 melee damage mods). Great work on this tool, it is amazing. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I briefly looked to see if this was addressed in a previous post and didn't find anything. I apologize if it has been mentioned already. That being said, I thought it best to point out the error I have run into. I am getting the alternate characteristic dialog when loading a saved character that causes an exception when anything but Cancel is chosen. I have replicated it doing the following: Create a new character. Name it something. Set the career to Guardian: Soresu Defender (just as an example) Go to Specializations and select Parry and Soresu Technique. In the dialog that pops up, choose brawn. Save the character. Subsequently, when you go to load this saved character it will immediately prompt with the dialog to choose the characteristic to use with lightsaber. Any choice other than cancel results in an exception. I've tried two or three of the other techniques for some of the other careers, and in any case when brawn is kept as the characteristic to use that character will have the dialog pop up when loading. Thanks.
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