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  1. Without factoring in Aim, base Stormtroopers with DLT will average 3.25 hits, 0.75 of which are crits. Base Stormtroopers with T-21 will average 3 hits, 2 of which are crits. When cost is factored in, the DLT squad is more efficient against unarmored targets in light or no cover. The T-21 squad is better against unarmored targets in heavy cover, and all armored targets. As has been mentioned, Aim should push the numbers even further in the T-21's favor. However, the DLT's range 4 cannot be discounted.
  2. I was also wondering if you glued them. That is a genius solution!
  3. Tuesdays definitely work better for me if you can still do that.
  4. This is a coincidence. I live in the Dayton area and have been wanting to play some Legion recently. I actually came on here to see if there were active groups/players in the area. So I am definitely interested. One caveat though: I get off work at 5, so the earliest I could possibly get there is around 6. Also, I am a total noob. I have only played the "learn to play" scenario once (and that was a while ago), but I own just enough to field an 800 point Rebel list.
  5. Fair enough, but currently two black is as good as it gets for pistols (outside of characters).
  6. You mean like the EC-17 Holdout Blasters the Imperial Royal Guard get in Legion?
  7. I had thought about Lando (I'm leaning towards Commander), but the others hadn't even occurred to me. Those would be awesome!
  8. There is also the issue that units are not "in" cover, as cover is determined only while defending, and from the perspective of the attacker. So units only subjectively *have* cover.
  9. I disagree. The main role for U-Wings from their one on-screen appearance is deploying and supporting ground troops. I have a hard time imagining just about any other fighter craft, because what could even realistically attack them, other than other fighters?
  10. Yeah, definitely. In fact I feel that currently it's the best bet to be the rebel counterpart to the AT-AT when we inevitably get that.
  11. I would like to see the U-Wing. Heavy, speeder, some sort of transport ability, with Arsenal and fixed: left/right hardpoints. It would probably require a larger base size, though.
  12. After they get the clone wars factions established, if they do one release for one faction per month they could do three releases per faction every year.
  13. Average damage for full Commandos with a Sniper is only 3.5. Sharpshooter and Pierce are definitely great, and will situationally improve those numbers, but the fact remains that they are more expensive than Troopers, but with only similar damage and less health. And don't forget Troopers have Nimble. Low Profile is great, but does nothing if you are already in heavy cover. Nimble does require you to have a dodge, but a dodge against every attack is great, and stacks with cover. And if I'm going to send in a unit to try to hold down a contested objective, I would definitely pick Troopers over Commandos. Especially when those Commandos could be covering them from long range with Sniper fire. Commandos are good, don't get me wrong. I just would probably only take a full unit if I already had full Corps and wanted more Trooper units.
  14. Correct. Average damage from two non-surge black with reroll is 1.5. Average damage from surge black/white with reroll is ~1.47. Ultimately, I feel Rebel Commandos are going to be most used just for Sniper Teams. The base unit just doesn't outperform Troopers enough to be worth the increase in cost. However, I think Scout Troopers will be seen very often as an Imperial version of Fleet Troopers.
  15. I just experienced a bug on mobile. When using any of the expandable menus on units (add upgrades, move, delete, etc), I had to tap about one menu item above what I actually wanted to make a selection. So if I wanted to add Personnel to a unit of troopers, I had to tap on Heavy Weapon. However I have been unable to reproduce the bug. Just wanted to add that I also noticed that, in addition to this "issue", it doesn't seem possible to move stacks down at all, no matter how many times I select it. But still, this is an excellent builder! My only complaint is that it's not an app. ?
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