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  1. Cassian may be able to be change his rank to Operative when he is deployed, but he is still a Commander for the purposes of list building. You can't legally build a list with Cassian, Leia, and Jyn/Luke (unless it's Op Luke, of course).
  2. I'm not completely opposed to capping activations, but I do think it could create some other issues. For example, I think Rebels would be hit hard by a 10 activation limit. Neither of their heavies are particularly strong, and they don't have any crazy strong non-creature Trooper units (yet). With what they currently have, I think all Rebel lists would basically have to include Luke, Sabine, and/or Tauntauns, even more than they currently do. So Rebels would still be capable of fielding good lists, but their options would be severely limited.
  3. The AAT is approximately 122mm tall measured to the top of the antennae. This can vary slightly depending on how the tank is mounted to its base. And I'm fairly certain that the Saber is shorter by a decent amount, but I don't have one so I can't get a specific measurement.
  4. Not that I know of. I actually thought it being once per activation was the accepted interpretation, but I guess there aren't very many situations where it would even possible to effectively use it more than once.
  5. Compare that to the wording on Ascension Cables: "Until the end of your activation, you gain Scale." Both cards define the duration of the card's ability when it is exhausted. After that duration has ended (your activation/a move), the effect ends and the card has to be readied before it can be used again. If Offensive Push was meant to work for multiple moves it would use the same wording as Ascension Cables.
  6. Offensive Push only works for one move, so that would only yield 3 aims. Granted she could also have Hunter which could get her to 4, but that's situational.
  7. Of those vehicles, I only own the AAT, so I can only provide measurements for that. However, I am positive that the AAT is taller than both the Saber and the Occupier, and I'm fairly certain that it is longer and wider than both as well. Length: at least 213mm; this can be longer if the tank is mounted further back on the base Width: 160mm (unless someone has their turret mounted at some crazy angle) Height: approx. 122mm; this can vary slightly depending on how the clear peg is mounted to the base. This measurement it to the top of the antennae, and the droid pilot is shorter than this.
  8. Honestly I don't understand why this is an issue. Either you care what's good, and now you know what you should or should not buy, or you don't care just want to use what you like, in which case why does it matter what is and isn't "meta"? This is absolutely true. They're already doing two RRG updates per year, why not do points changes in both updates? Now, I do feel that rules changes to bring units more into line are generally preferable, but sometimes that's just not an option/less straightforward that just changing the points value.
  9. What would you consider to be the best purchases after the core set? This depends on preference and availability. But my first suggestion for someone just starting to collect would be to get a second core set, especially if you have a friend who wants the Clones you can split the cost with. But even if you don't have someone like that available, I would still recommend it, as that gets you 2 more B1s and another Droideka, which on their own would be $80, and you also get more dice, movement tools, and range rulers. And then you have a small clone army you could let someone borrow to try out the game. After that, I would get Dooku and 2 more B1s. Since you already have everything in your list above, the only other things currently released are the AAT and B2s. Either of those would be good options, if you can find them. Do B2s see play? Yes, but from what I have seen not in large numbers. Most people (myself included) seem to be running 0-1 of them, though I have seen lists with up to 3. Part of the reason for their low numbers are low availability in stores, and that B1s are the only cheap option CIS has currently so it's hard not to take a lot of them. Is Cad Bane too expensive until we get a cheaper commander? He's definitely not too expensive to use (though not having tried him I think he might be a bit overpriced). It's not too hard to field a 9 activation list with him just using what will actually be available when he is released. And he does looks pretty strong, though I am worried that he has some negative synergy with other CIS units (his command cards give out only 1 order to something other than himself, in a faction that needs faceup order tokens). Are the commando droids worth it as just as strike team with a sniper? I haven't used them yet, but signs are definitely pointing to yes. They don't have automatic Pierce, but their sniper is incredibly accurate (76.5% chance for 2 hits with no aim, vs. 25% for the Imperial sniper and 23.5% for the Rebel's), plus the Red save with Impervious means they will hang around longer than their Rebel or Imperial counterparts (on average). AAT overcosted or not? No, but it is currently not super easy to fit into a list. Tanks generally benefit from cheaper support commands so the list can still have a good number of activations, but our cheapest commander currently costs more than the tank itself. But the AAT is definitely pretty good.
  10. It didn't take TTS to realize they were going to be extremely good. Overwatch+token sharing was a pretty obviously powerful combo. Which, in fairness, Phase Is can also do, it just requires the trooper upgrade box (which is also out of stock [likely for the same reason]), and it loses 1 Courage and Reliable 1 (though it gains an extra body and the Clone Captain ability) for 7 more points (98 for Phase Is vs 91 for Phase IIs [assuming Z6s on both units]).
  11. Lochlan

    AAT vs R2D2

    Yes. You don't even have to pick another target first. That attack targets everything within range 1 of Grievous, which means you can't pick another target instead of R2. It is functionally an area weapon.
  12. The acetone shouldn't harm the bases at all. I've used it on the underside of bases to remove magnets with no issues. From what I understand the soft plastic models (like the original clone models) are made out of the same plastic, but I would recommend doing a test on an extra part/part you care less about. You could also test the acetone on a bit of sprue from the droids to see how it affects that plastic.
  13. Technically it doesn't matter what bases they are on. Personally, I prime all my models while they are on their bases, and then paint the rim of the base black after any basing is completed. But if you really want to switch them, I would suggest acetone/nail polish remover* to weaken the bond, then a flat blade to gently pry them off after that. *I know this won't affect the base, and therefore the clones should also be fine, but I'm not 100% sure how it might interact with the hard plastic used in the B1s.
  14. Padme's Authoritative ability means she has a built-in Comms Relay, so any orders given to her can be relayed to the tank. And since she can share green tokens with the tank as well (which the OP stated as their intent), she should always be near it anyway.
  15. I've only been able to play one game with it so far, and it did decently overall. The standout moment for it was when my opponent hit it with the Saber's main gun, TLT, and a fire supported RPS-6 and scored 8 crits. I had a surge token, and rolled 7 blocks and a surge.
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