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  1. Interesting players indeed. I apologize as I was uncertain by the earlier phrasing but I understand now. You have quite the capable players if they can get ahold of some Titans or the attention of the grey knights. I envy you.
  2. I have to agree with Errant. I am a first time RT DM as well and so far my players have encountered lowly scum hiveworlders to a ganger boss named One Eyed Willy. Its all about progression. The next people will be pirates to ork freebootas. Progression. I don't know much about Grey knights and Necrons but I do know they are very powerful and that you shouldn't use them right off the bat. Unless your players want high-level enemies and heavy combat then it would be ok.
  3. You & Me both know you need to sit down and talk with your GM. I sense that you are a part-time GM yourself? If not then you could be. Anyways. My group is currently doing a free-roam/sandbox RT and this is my first time as a GM for RT. I have Gming experience under my belt but I have none in RT. What I've been doing is lightly guiding them do things. I know the gist of what they want is to start a empire, be pirates and most importantly, have fun! They recently just killed a gang leader to gain more control of their profit with them and awarded them. They are now on their way to the main pirate hub in the sector. So just sit down with your GM and tell him while you guys like the adventuring that it would ALSO be nice if you guys could set up a base and carve out a chunk of territory to be a empire you rule. Problem for him could be is that he isn't good at free-roaming and sandbox's? While its not incredibly hard its definitely not a piece of cake. Sit down and talk to him/her. The campaign is suppose to be shaped by you guys with him helping to mold it into something beautiful. Hoped this help.
  4. I would consider doing that if I knew alot of the lore myself. I have a vague gist of most of the lores due to their descriptors but thats alot of "new" lore.
  5. How exactly do they acquire said POIs? Im assuming they can see the star from their system and say. "Well if we jump out here, we should be close to it." The navigator is essentially then creating landmarks and travels until he hits it and turns knowing if he goes this way he'll hit his next trademark then turns right and BOOM. Jackpot. Is this correct?
  6. I have a low understanding of how to give my players information on Forbidden lores in most areas. Is there a book I can read or do you mind telling me about them? I know some about Orks, Eldar, the Warp, and the Webway.
  7. List things about your campaigns that involved funny NPCs or Amazing NPCs. As of current I have a Alfred like Seneschal that is 130 and raised the RT since his birth. The RT is 30 now and considers the Seneschal to be family.
  8. I'm under the idea that he likes killing things like our Arch-Militant. I'll ask if he wants to be a kroot or Ork? Do you know where I can find their stats?
  9. Yeah. My Explorator has little to no knowledge on 40K lore and im not sure if he listens to me when I give out lore bits. Im lightly knowledgeable about the lore myself. More than my players but less than most others. Mabye I should ask him to play a different role?
  10. Lol. My explorator is not a fighter, I have Pcs, Rogue Trader, Arch-Militant, Voidmaster and a NPC Seneshal that gives "key" information to the players or helps "build" story. The first mission we did was secure their profit factor (influence with a hive gang) and while they did this the VM and EXO were on the ship "tuning" it. Long story short, Criminals are on the ship and are attempting to take control. VM is trapped at the bridge while the EXO is down in the Engerium. Exo gets knocked out so criminals leave him for dead and rig the plasma generator to blow. VM defends bridge against criminals and nearly dies. EXO awakes and disarms the generator. But alot of time was spent on the RT and AM "fixing" the gang. I don't want my players to feel to left out. But Im not sure how to morph most encounters for all members.
  11. Hello. After my first session my one of my play ended up left out of the game a little. While he said nothing an does really apply himself. I care that he get some attention. How can I better make up encounters so he can have a hand in them?
  12. Hey. My session starts today and was just wanting tips and advice for my first Rogue Trader session. Wish me luck. =)
  13. There's not alot of things on Profit factor in the books but plenty of talk about it. More homebrew or house rules than set in stone rules. My question is how do you play profit factor in your session's? Im going to make my players spend profit factor on large things, like buying a mining company, BUT since they bought it they will get a yearly increase to profit factor. +1 or +2. To fix a ship they captured I'll have then spend profit factor to repair it and so on and so forth. What do you do though?
  14. Ok so ita not extremely long but nor is it short. So what are the rules for warping out when in system? Is there a solid fact behind it or is just because?
  15. I was going to hand-wave most navigation checks besides the ones where they are going somewhere not charted or when I think they need to be reminded the warp is not their friend. I was also thinking they could be sold charts and maps by all kinds of people from nobles to pirates. They just have to find them. Also. How fast are ships in the game (Non-Warp) A example would be like travelling from Earth to Mars. Is it hours, days, minutes? Is it slow like it normally would be or do we have 40K science here?
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