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  1. Battlelore is a very enjoyable two player game with deep tactics and a high production value. Every faction uses different tactics and the balancing is nice too.
  2. I read it as every hero recovers hearts and fatigue equal to the remaining health of the fairy so max. 8 HP + 8 FT for each hero.
  3. Fairy Pact is by far too strong for a tier 2 skill. Even for 3 exp I find it too powerfull. Oblation seems gamebreaking to me. In Combination Fairy Pact it becomes downright ridiculous.
  4. Logan and Lindel by far. Their hero abilities are not just phenomenal, they have the stats to back them up.
  5. There is actually a clear ruling that the OPPOSITE is true. A space is definitively NOT adjacent to itself. Adjacent spaces are exactly 1 space away, while a space is 0 spaces from itself. If you wanted to say "1 or 0 spaces away" that would be "within 1 space." All that being said, I have heard of a group or two house ruling the stalker trap to work when a monster steps ON it as well. However, that is not how the traps work, RAW. Thank you as always for your help. Still kind of strange that a traps does not trigger when something steps on it.
  6. In our recent gaming session the question arose whether the traps of the stalker only damage monster in adjacent spaces but not the the space containing the trap itself as stated on the card. I would argue that any space is adjacent to itself, is there a clear ruling?
  7. That is a good example thank you. I still like the plot card though
  8. That means damage is always calculated in a single step although fatigue and damage are two different things? The damage-step is only explained as part of combat. I would argue that both are seperate triggers and therefore have to be calculated seperatly. Especially since the damage is not the result onf direct attack on the hero but an effect from his class card.
  9. Aloha, I have another question revoling around pins and needles. If an mirror image from a conjurer is killed, he suffers 1 damage and 1 fatigue. He is therefore eligible to be the target of pins and needles. Can pins and needles trigger when the conjurer is at max fatigue? I hope you can explain the reasoning behind it. Greetings Funkfried
  10. Wow that opens many new tactics. Never played it that way.
  11. The flock is a great way to harass heroes. It is its own monster group and is allowed to perform the same action as any other group (e.g. open doors). It works really well with low health monster who reinforce at the beginning of your turn and as it spawns adjacent to a monster it sometimes gains the additional step deciding upon win or lose. In conjunction with heal it means sometimes an additional monster for free. I like the flock but dislike the way the other unkindness cards have to be drawn to come into effect and are discarded upon death of the flock.
  12. Exceptions to those rules are explicitly stated in the quest description. Something like "X can not recover hearts by any means".
  13. ooops, sorry Im missprinted interlude with prologue. mind lag Happens all the time
  14. Items allow you to perform skills printed on them, in contrast to your class skills these are transferable by transfering the item to another player. Netherless they represent skills, so no, you can not suffer a damage to activate the Bloody Dagger skill.
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