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  1. Arkham Horror will have released 2 adventure packs in the time it took them to release 1 LOTR pack. In fact, it's still on the boat. At this rate I expect 3 Mythos Packs for every LOTR pack. They clearly are emphasizing their new product.
  2. Sorry for the delay Celeborn - 10 T Imrahil - 16 L Pippin - 8
  3. Amarthiul - 7 Beravor - 6 Tactics Eowyn - 4 Idraen - 7 Sam - 3 Arwen - 6
  4. Here's a case where Follow me! the Leadership event may be useful to pass Aragorn around the board as needed.
  5. Great idea! I've been eager to find how some of the newer quests have been perceived by the community.
  6. Is there much value in it besides in a caldara deck? I've used it on ally legolas to put Roman warhorses on him, but between narya, hero faramir there are many ways to ready allies seems superfluous.
  7. Sword-thain is a card I love in theory, because I love building super buffed up hero decks with few to no allies, but it never seems to be worth it. I mean the cost price and getting both ally and attachment in my hands seems more trouble than its worth. Anyone use it successfully?
  8. The new Lore ally from City of Corsairs can help with this, by playing him during staging after you play a trap then returning that enemy to get trapped. Then playing a 2nd trap that round.
  9. If a scenario has the NM version available for it, I play that version exclusively. Once you start playing NM and do it consistently you realize how much more appealing the game is. First off the art is always superior to the original cards. Secondly the theme of quests are enhanced because often the cards that are removed in setup are the generic cards that came in the deluxe box. For example if you play the Morgul Vale NM, most all the cards from the HON box are eliminated and it is a much more thematic experience of the current adventure in the Morgul Vale. It also means the quest itself has better combos because they have eliminated all the cards that don't synergize well with the particular focus of the chapter pack. This leads to an increase in difficulty and makes each quest unique. The difficulty in NM is ramped up, but for me if I beat a quest easily it is not worth it. NM means every card in your deck has to be effective, of course you can use cool combos and fun cards still, but just make sure they work with your deck. I play exclusively 2 handed. Best NM quests as of now, Wastes of Eriador, The Three Trials, The Druaden Forest, Into Ithilien, and The Knife in the Dark.
  10. I should have mine in the next few days! When I have played them a couple of times, I will post on here. + Wastes of Eriador
  11. I play exclusively NM for quests that have the option, yet I didn't but Nin-in-Eliph. I didn't buy the NM for this quest because it doesn't meet my criteria, of I really like the theme of this quest, or it's too easy. I don't enjoy the time and random quest stages mechanics in this quest. The theme is out then, and it is not that easy. So I passed on the NM, bought the rest of the cycle though, none as awesome as Against the Shadow NM, except for Three Trials probably.
  12. If Elfhelm hero is in play, and I put the STWB on Tactagorn granting him a Leadership icon and he has a Rohan Warhorse attached, will he get +1 att and +1 defense? SO basically does Elfhelm's ability work with songs?
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