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  1. Hello all, I'm running my group through an old Rakata ruin complex and was wondering if anyone had/know of a place to find pre-built maps that would fit? I have already seen the map from Kotor but this is to small for what I want to use it for. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. My campaign is pretty much the KOTOR game just converted. Trying to think of a way to flesh out kashyyyk a bit more as it's pretty small(The Questing) compared to tatooine
  3. I should clarrify that my campaign takes place during the Old Republic. So there isn't any Empire to worry about, Only Malek and his Sith.
  4. My issue isn't with the Lightsaber, or even Auto-fire it's more to do with my ability to balance encounters so that they are fun.
  5. Yeah awesome, I did have it slightly off. This will make it easier to manage during fights. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I keep my encounters challenging now that four of my Group now wield Lightsabers?
  6. I think i'm missing something when it comes to Lightsaber interactions with Minion groups. Specifically Breach 1(Pierce 10) . If a player hits a minion group of 3 with 4 SOAK and 5 Wounds and inflicts 14 damage, how does the damage disseminate among the group? Please help.
  7. The way you beat the "Jedi -Turtle" defense is with gas bombs, and fire. Job done!
  8. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lightsaber/Legends Do you mean the Forcesabers? Cus those aren't really the same thing. That's literally channeling Dark side through a crystal, no batteries or mechanisms. It's hacking and slashing with frozen Force Lightning. It was the Je'daii who made the first Lightsabers as we know them today, and they were pretty much Light side (striving for balance). Did you not see my extremely useful use of " "?
  9. Hello all, So still plugging away with my KOTOR conversion and so far everyone is really enjoying it. But I'm having a few issues with the conversion of story from single player to multiplayer. 1) I'm trying to think of a plausible reason that Davik wouldn't be suspicious of Canderous bringing in 5 random strangers to "sign up" to the Exchange. 2) Also, having a few issues with the "Force dreams", I have so far had it happen randomly to a PC so they can relate information to the group but going through how the council handles this i'm looking at completely re-writing the Dantooine stage which is a massive headache. 3) What are peoples suggestions for NPC's, so far I have kept the main NPC's from the game in my conversion but I don't want to really keep them around as there could be nearly 14 people on the Ebon Hawk which seems pretty unrealistic and takes the story away from the PC's. The only NPC I really need is Bastilla. But it seems cruel to just have them all get murdered or left behind.
  10. Fun fact: Did you know that is was Darkside force users that created the first "lightsabers"?
  11. You guys probably realize the Bounty Hunter is likely to have stuff on the Madalorians
  12. Did you even read what the consequences are that I posted? The character would be deaf, blind, and dead that would require immediate medical assistance at the local med center. He would then have to pay to have cybernetics replace his eyes and ears for pulling a dumb move. If Han did this, he would have been killed. That's why he never did that in the movies or books. He's not stupid enough to use the Hero Shield. You're assuming that a Stun Grenade is the same as modern Flash Bang. If anything I would suggest that a Flash Bang has the disorient quality rather than Stun. Of course the description in the book is helpfully vague so it comes down to how you chose to GM it. Personally I see them as an energy wave that works the same way as a Stun setting on a blaster causes harm enough to knock you out but not kill or do serious harm My reading of the stun grenade -- going back to WEG -- has always been that they're non-explosive and generate a large non-directional pulse that works in a way similar to the stun-setting on blasters. Why some people are suddenly in favor of things like nerve damage... I just don't get it. Maybe I missed where these people have argued for blasters set to stun to also cause long-term nerve damage. Oh I'm not suggesting it as a normal effect but the question is about how to dissuade their player's from over using a tactic that whilst is fantastic to do once shouldn't be abused. For normal stun grenade use I see them exactly as you do. If the player keeps using it then he is unconscious.. this put a lot of pressure on the rest of the party too keep him out of harms way.......this is where he gets dissuaded from over using it. you can have his weapons stolen, his backpack stolen, he could be attacked and nearly killed.
  13. Isn't "madalorian" a clan rather than a racial thing? Wouldn't Madalorian be better suited as a class rather than a Race build I'd say that it is more a racial thing, seeing as they have their own planet, culture, lifestyle, general behavior, that sort of thing. You can't just "become" Mandalorian But if you did your research, ANY race can be a Mandalorian.
  14. Isn't "madalorian" a clan rather than a racial thing? Wouldn't Madalorian be better suited as a class rather than a Race build
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