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  1. While I'm not ready to talk publicly about what Plan B is, I came up with one and it is still in the works. Expect some good news over the summer.
  2. Hi, I'm the creator and owner of swsheets.com. While I'm looking to transition the site to someone else, SWSheets isn't going down.
  3. Since it's been awhile, let me make clear that I'm no longer looking for a new maintainer for the site. Instead, I'm working on that "Plan B" mentioned above. Stay tuned.
  4. That's extremely kind. I appreciate the willingness to contribute but I have to politely decline. Even if the site were free to run, I don't have the time to add new features. Donations aren't going to fix that I'm afraid.
  5. Over 2,000 characters have been created on swsheets.com since it launched in May of 2015. When I built it, I just needed a simple tool to help my local group track their heroes. I never expected to see the adoption from the PbP and online community, but it has been thrilling to watch unfold. I love the site and the community around it, but I no longer have the time to show it proper TLC. The time has come for me to find a new owner and caretaker for SWSheets, someone who can take on the expenses of running it and spend more time on new features. Requirements You are capable of adding new features. I will only consider transferring the site to folks who have submitted at least a couple of pull requests. The site is written in Elixir and Javascript, and deployed via Ansible. See it on Github. You are willing to take on the expense of running the site. It’s about $85/year between the domain name and the server fees. If you’re interested, there’s a number of open issues on the SWSheets Github issues page. One you’ve had two pull requests against these issues merged (with at least one not marked as “Beginner Friendly”), I’d be happy to talk about transferring the site, domain, etc. to you. Deadline If I haven’t found anyone by March 31st, 2018, then I’ll figure out a plan B. FAQs Q: Why not take donations instead? A: I don’t have the time to work on the site. Taking donations would require time to integrate with PayPal / etc but would also create an expectation from donors that I would spend further time improving SWSheets. It wouldn’t be fair. Q: Does this mean the site is ending? A: No! I want to avoid that and will figure out something else before that happens.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Always fun to see another open-source SWRPG tool. Hope you're enjoying Ruby on Rails! =)
  7. I just posted an Compact NPC Vehicle Sheet as well. You can find the full info on it at http://rollcasual.com/post/121278404358/tools-you-can-use-compact-npc-vehicle-sheet Feedback is appreciated. It looks like so:
  8. I’m happy to announce that SWSheets.com has officially left Beta. No terribly serious issues were found by the first round of users. The most severe were that I totally forgot about the Medicine skill and that I had an ordering issue with large sets of talents or attacks on a character. I was thrilled to see the enthusiastic reception from folks here on the forums. This was the primary source of bug reports which were *extremely* helpful to me, so thanks a bunch. You can see a few familiar names on the SWSheets Thanks page as a result. =) Over the weekend I’ll be putting together the list of features for the next release (codenamed “Mynock”). This is your last chance to weigh in here or on the SWSheets issues page for what matters most to you. Full announcement with a full changelog and some stats at http://rollcasual.com/post/120740040833/swsheets-out-of-beta. Thanks! SP
  9. Just wanted to let you know this is now fixed. Thanks for the bug report and please let me know if you have any further issues!
  10. I really appreciate you speaking up for AoR and FaD characters. I want to add support for them, but knowing someone actually wants that feature helps me prioritize that work. I've added https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/28 as well as https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/29 to track those two requests. Ouch, you're right. I added https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/30 to track this and will correct it over the weekend. Thanks for reporting it.
  11. Don't feel obliged to use Github. Ultimately I'm thrilled that anyone has feature requests or has found bugs, so I'm beyond happy to discuss it here rather than force you to use a different tool. Those links to the Github project are just to let you track the progress of a specific bug/feature if you are so inclined. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the enthusiasm. I felt a bit like a marathon racer collapsing at the finish line when I announced this, but my spirit has been renewed by the participation of you and others. I'm back at my full strain threshold. =)
  12. Good catch! I was just about to ask for more information when I finally saw it in action. This is a legit bug that only pops up once you have 10 or more talents. I've added https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/23 to track the bug's status. I expect I'll have this fixed before the weekend. When I do, I'll alphabetize your talents for you to make amends. Sorry for the trouble, but please keep your issues coming!
  13. This is now corrected on the site, thanks again for reporting it. I opened https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/20 for this and added a link to your original post. When https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/21 gets implemented, you'll be top of that list.
  14. Heya! First, thanks for a great tool, much appreciated. Any chance of open sourcing it somewhere like CodePlex, Github, etc? I think some of the interoperability ideas that you and others have mentioned are interesting, but it's a challenge to infer the specification and contracts from the DLLs and XML files alone.
  15. Ooof, you're right, I overlooked it! I'll add that today and triple-check the other EotE skills to make sure I didn't overlook anything else. So sorry! Hmm, I thought it preserved order but I must be mistaken. I'll double-check on that later today. I'll either provide an update here or will add a proper bug to the issue tracker. There's a so-hard-to-see-its-practically-invisible "Bio" tab that switches between the stats and the biographical information. It's just below the characteristics. I'm going to make that more prominent as soon as I have a good idea on how to do so. As for your other suggestions, I added https://github.com/citizenparker/swsheets/issues/19 to track that while I ponder it. Thanks!
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