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  1. I ionised Guri the other day , and was like you don't have Focus on your action bar so no action for you. However my opponent argued that the wording "During the Perform Action step, the ship can perform only the [Focus} action." actually allowed his ship to do an action it wouldn't normally have. I know there is a few examples of upgrades allowing ships actions that aren't on their action bars, Afterburners for example, so couldn't point to a definitive rule to dissuade him. Though an Ionised droid pilot thematically should be more distracted than a organic pilot! So what should it be, no action, focus, or calculate?
  2. Dash can still take actions if he lands on a rock right? His old text specifically stated he could. The new text is less clear.
  3. What? Netrunner? Yes. Has been for some years. If you mean the Android board game, not on OCTGN. Maybe Vassel...
  4. I would be pretty wary of putting my 7g character into play during set up. If the other player has Marched to the Wall in his plot deck you are going to be a sad puppy!
  5. What happens if the plot Heads on Spikes hits a copy of a character you already have marshalled?
  6. You have to be careful marshalling the big guys in Setup. One Marched to the Wall and you are in big trouble! You probably don't want it as a two-of in Night's Watch! I think the Old Bear is the only Lord in the faction, at least until Slynt shows up. Other than that it is solid. I'm liking: Summons - good first turn plot to plug any gaps in your opening setup A Noble Cause - both for paying for the 7 gold big guns, and just general econ Wildfire Assault - reset Filthy Accusations - Kneeling people is good Power Behind the Throne - Standing people is also good The Winds of Winter - to greater press an advantage in board state 7th slot tech for what ever faction you are playing as. A Game of Thrones is good for Lannister. A storm of Swords for Greyjoy or Targaryen
  7. A Noble Cause gives 5 gold and reduces the cost of the first Lord or Lady marshalled by 2; that is the Red Viper right there.
  8. Last night I ran a very similar list: Kath + Opportunist; K4 Droid; Seismic charge Palob + VI; Blaster Turret; RecSpec N'Dru + Lone Wolf; Cluster Missiles; Deadman's Switch It completely took apart a Decimator + Boba list. Boba went down in one turn of shooting, taking 4 hits and 2 crits from Kath alone! I think N'Dru synergies well with the other two as it is easier to keep him at range 3 of this squad mates if they are constantly retreating from the enemy. Plus 1 turn of 8 attack dice from him with two rerolls is brilliant! Regarding Palob versus Isard, it came up in that game too. P16 of the rule book states, if you abilities would resolve at the same time the player with initiative resolves his or hers first. So if the Imps have initiative then he places his evade token first, then Palob can steal it. If the Scum have initiative then the evade token isn't on the table to steal and he has to steal someone else's.
  9. Ok, question about timing. Isard allows a free evade action at the start of the combat phase if no shields and at least one hull damage. Can Palob use his ability to steal this evade for himself? Both abilities have the same trigger - the start of the combat phase. Looking at the rulebook, p16, if multiple abilities resolve at the same time the player with initiative resolves his first, I'm assuming if the Imperial player has initiative then the Scum player can steal his Isard evade, but not the other way round. Does that sound right?
  10. The bottom of my drawer seems better so far! Just picked up my shiny new VT-49 this morning, just in time for tomorrow's tourney! Thinking Oicunn + PTL, Mara Jade, Ysanne Isard, Rebel Captive, Engine Upgrade, Seismic Charges Obsidian Squadron Pilot x3 100 points Could drop 2 Obsidians down to Academies and lose the bomb to afford back stabber maybe.
  11. Cool, must have missed something on the vids.
  12. Interesting. Why do you figure your friend's approach to the game is different than yours? Does he just not trust his instincts the way that you seem to do? I'm not sure to be honest, it could be that he is more risk averse. On games we have been spectating he is very quick to suggest a good solution but when in the driving seat he checks and rechecks the most likely options. He does get incredibly upset when after all that deliberation his first roll is double skulls, reroll, double skulls! In regards to X-Wing, the strategic play for me is all about the asteroid set up and first 3-4 turns. I'm usually trying to set up the ideal first engagement for my squad. Stuff like trying to approach swarms through asteroids so their whole formation can't easily k-turn behind me. But after that first pass it is all flying by the seat of my pants.
  13. Ok, I'm 98% sure I know the answer to this one, but watching a number of Youtube videos has got me confused. If a runner runs on R&D say 4 times in a turn she just gets to see the same top card 4 times right? Unless that card was an agenda in which case she steals it or has something in their rig that allows them to see more. It is just in a couple of videos I seen the runner access more without noticing if there was anything specific on the board that allowed this.
  14. I read that in Chess a novice player's thought process is 90+% calculation and ~10% pattern recognition, while a grand master was more like 40% calculation / 60% pattern recognition. There is a bit in one of my chess books about a grand master finding the solution to a chess problem faster than a super computer just because of pattern recognition! I can only assume this game is the same, in that after so many games, you have run the calculations so often that just looking at a situation you can spot the pattern and quickly play the best move. Though you also have to consider peoples' personality types; what side of the sensory - intuitive axis on the Briggs Myer scale they are on would indicate if they are more likely to internalise their thought processes or not. I see this a lot playing Blood Bowl where the crazy amount of games I've played and my intuitive nature means an optimum solution just seems to present itself to me, while my friend, with an equal amount of experience, goes through all the options individually. He usually takes longer ( a lot longer!) to play his turns but the plays are usually just as good as mine.
  15. I think with Greedo you have to build to just not get hit. Maybe Engine and PTL on Boba is a fun build. Turtle and\or arc dodge at r1 and have fun!
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