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  1. Hi. I think two of them have been reprinted from the version 1.0 (the cornelian corvette, an the Scum C Roc) but the rest are willing to be printed as they are included on the expansion/conversion pack. I f you like this models (and huge ship models you may find many other more on this scale, made by fans and collectors ( Indeed I can be included on this pack...) I los have made a hammerhead corvette and I’ve seen someone has made an imperial light cruiser like the ones in rebels, Neville B frigates (yo can see it on The Empire Strikes back...) and rebel gunboats... You can see many of them here on this blogs, if you like I can give. You a link for the hammer head corvette. hope you may enjoy with this
  2. Yes, I had designed it, draw and printed it in adhesive paper, sticked it over the plasticard sheet an the cut an carve the details...
  3. I did not had finished due to Covid crisis I was not able to finish it, but I hope I’ll retake it sooner, I’ll keep you informed about
  4. if you’re goin to make a scratch built model, and having a look on the Spirit of Jabba I recommend to use adhesive paper for drawing the pieces and plastic sheet. here below is an example with a G9 freighter (short hauler) hope this helps
  5. Hi Did you had a look on the YV-330? I have designed For printing on 3D, the size is similar than the YV-666 and it has more resemblance with the Huttese ships... here below you have some pictures about the design, in case you may be interested in it... The size is 11,3 mm
  6. It has been printed on resine. the level of the details gets higher and the resine is easy to paint it
  7. That’s great, I see yo use some kind of 3D matrix for the model kit and then you finish making the details with plasticard sheets and so on..., this is very original and a very good idea, I was thinking on doing something like this in the past, but I didn’t try it, is nice to see this has very good results, I have to make a try with this technic, I see you use filament 3D printing due to the size of the models for the matrix, I think we can go further if we make some special details (turrets, cockpits...) on resin 3D print, provably we can get better results. now I had started to make designs of several ships (small, medium and big sized ones) and details for 3D printed (in STL documents) one colleague prints them out in resin, having a very good results, I also has started to make othe details, such as turbo lasers, cockpits propulsion units... they are big enough to be printed in resin, getting very good results at the end, keep me informed if you need or were thinking in something like this. very nice job!! Let
  8. That’s great too I made one with high detail scratch builded here below is the link anyway I had designed a 3D print with high detail and separated parts to print it on resine... I’ll keep you posted once I start printing it on 3D
  9. The Hammer head is a 3D printed one or is scratch build??
  10. Many thanks, I hope FFG shall launch this ship,
  11. Sorry but I can’t sell neither give the STL files, but what can I offer is a copy of this print, if you’re interested you can contact me by e mail, my contact mail is decanmabu@hotmail.com
  12. We can make some print/or prints if you want, my colleague uses it as a proxy of the fire spray
  13. And we started to make some painting tests.
  14. Here are more pictures once finished:
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