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  1. You’re right, I was speaking about the Hammerhead and as such answering quotes & questions about this, (probably the answer should had been gone to Ruusmarev instead Benderisgreat) I had understood they were speaking about 3D prints and I was explaining the possibility of making them trough other ways like scratch built, I think the context is easy to understand. What I do not understand well is the change of the conversation from Hammerhead to YT-1300s (specially when he started this topic) and also your correction (or at least how does it aport to the point of this).
  2. I think I did not had explained well, this hammerhead is as scratch built version no a 3D printed one, but some colleagues an me are trying to make a model cast to make some copies of it...
  3. indeed I made some blueprints and drawings to help making more... ...I have to improve them to make easier to use them, once I finish them I’ll try to upload them on my topic
  4. ...I’ve got one... https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/243448-scratch-build-hammer-head-corvette/?tab=comments#comment-2707238
  5. I prefer the flarestar shuttle, it has a nice look
  6. I thought it had something more but is just a flying saucer!!
  7. this might be great!! let me find some detailed pictures and layouts and I’ll make it...
  8. that’s a hard job, anyway I Had prepared several decals and pinup girls for this purpose, I think doing that won’t be a big problem, before I put the decal (as I do not have a trully decal printer what I do is make two decals of the design I like to make I deploy the first one and dry then with a Hair dryer, so this one is hard attached to the surface, second I cover it with a slightly core of white ( quite acuous one) and then pt the secon decal over it, for this the design should be more vivid and won’t loose color, for making it also more colorful what I do is apply again the hair dryer. The process is not so hard and get very good results as you can see here on a Pez Mani on my hammerhead corvette
  9. very nice!! Why didn’t you put far star in aurebesh? anyway the finish is great.
  10. meanwhile we can keep making our epic ships and rules by our own.... 😉
  11. And why not about the same with the YT-1300, instead of removing it from the list yo have now a configurable design...
  12. I saw here someone making several of them and the finished was really good
  13. might be but by scratch built the gozanti is not a very difficult ship and can be obtained with very good results...
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