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  1. @ Terraneux And given that my statement called out both explicit circumstances, and even came with an addendum of practical experience at a gaming table referring to a "what you could do" type scenario, it's still perfectly valid, and answers the question. To make it more clear; apply Rule Zero as and when it suits you to do so, otherwise nominally it is indefinite, yes. Suitably explained now?
  2. @Robin Graves; We were playing Hunter: The Vigil as the primary game, but I permitted a Vampire and a Mage in the party on the understanding that they were supernaturally endowed agents of the Conspiracy that the cell worked for, hunting other monsters. The party pulled itself apart because no one player was co-operating with any other player, and in fact they were usually actively working against each other whilst being sat at the same table, with the same objective and a government agency over their heads, because I gave them too much freedom as a Storyteller.
  3. When I ran World of Darkness, I found that without impetus from their agency, the characters split up constantly, and actively worked against each other, which pretty much tore the campaign, and the group sat at the table, apart. I'm not sure it's the kind of thing I'd encourage on the whole.
  4. Well, I'm not sure I have the time anymore to continue working on this project now that I'm starting my new job so what I'm figuring to do is take the time shortly to type up what I have onto the forums as pure mechanics, with the understanding it isn't complete, but, provides people with some resources to play with for the more airborne / naval oriented regiments.
  5. It's entirely a matter of GM and story discretion as to whether or not things get returned at all, much less when they do. Usually my GM has us requisition things for a given mission, and hand it in when we're done with that mission. It can lead to the players trying to find ways to get their hands on gear more permanently.
  6. Yeah it depends really on what scope a GM wants for a given game, on what mechanics to use, tweak and so on and so forth. I sometimes build house systems for the ground up to suit what I want to do in a given campaign, though if an existing mechanic covers it, I don't see a whole lot of point.
  7. Amen, brother. Edit: I'd just like to add that I felt they scaled too quickly using the recommended model, is all.
  8. Adeptus Arbites are sourced from the Schola Progenium, so...I use that every time I build an Arbites regiment.
  9. The Necromunda gangers work perfectly well in either bloody system. There is no one right or wrong way to handle it, although I don't even have a passing interest in Dark Heresy 2nd Edition, so I know where my sympathies would lie were I to choose.
  10. SgtLazarus


    Did you even read any of the three threads you posted in...?
  11. Give us a common enemy and we got each other's backs. The rest of the time we're busy kicking each other around. Still, I like what you have here. I guess what's next is that you really need to just get stuck in and run it, and roll with whatever it is the PCs choose to do. The one serious problem you will need to consider is how are you going to replace characters that die during the course of the campaign? Only War is not too forgiving on that front, and with the Regiment destroyed in the crash landing...
  12. I'm kinda stuck for ideas, but I recommend looking through the history of Dark Ages to Medieval Britain, and associated folklore (such as the legend of King Arthur.) And you're right. We redcoats like the Americans even less. Apparently they fight back, though, what with all this revolution talk. There's a thought. What level of Tech do the natives have access to? Are we talking bows and arrows or muskets?
  13. I believe you mean the Machinator Array from back in the days of Dark Heresy & Rogue Trader. Not quite the same shtick but could be easily adapted.
  14. Bonjour from across the channel, monsieur. I like what you've got so far, but I would like to ask what kind of scale you want to approach this from? Are we talking Game of Thrones backroom politicking? Risk style army management? Potential for custom antagonists? (Turns out Merlin is actually a Sorcerer of Tzeentch, gasp!) I'd like to know more of what you're looking for with respect to our feedback, so that we can tailor our responses to be as helpful as possible. Question I have to ask though, and do forgive the tongue-in-cheek nationalism, is the Regimental Standard a plain, white flag? =P
  15. There's the source of your problem right there. A) Minmaxing munchkin players. B) You're daft enough to run a guerrilla regiment. Did no one learn anything from Vietnam?
  16. You could just cap your players off at starting XP if you wanted, and they were cool with that. Appropriate if that's the level of down and dirty they expect. All comes down to you GM-Player Covenant at your table, really. If something is detrimental to the fun, that's the whole point of Rule Zero. I personally enjoy the progression mechanic, and don't suffer from chronic munchkin players.
  17. Yeah the Dominate used buildings in the Hab-area of the Forgeworld to ambush the players' armoured convoy, destroying their 3 vehicles, their 3 formations of NPC Guardsmen, and laying low the players with several fate points burned. Any side played with sufficient intelligence will win in Only War. That's what I love about it.
  18. For mine, I assumed that they were integrated prior to the campaign start. I'm running an Armoured Regiment & a Mechanised regiment merged. It's generally better to keep similar styles of regiment together. It varies for me on equipment, but I prefer to allow the smaller regiment to keep their equipment. Complications would depend on the regiments being melded.
  19. Idk. I had a party that managed to kill a Warpsmith in Terminator Armour with little difficulty, but when faced with 65 Severan Dominate footsoldiers armed with 14 special weapons between the lot of them, they were overwhelmed and captured.
  20. I'm not sure why this is a problem. It's that or gun them down through liberal use of the Formations mechanic.
  21. I just build the NPCs as if they were comradeless PCs. Watch the serious hurt that follows.
  22. When I ran a game with that method of XP awarding, the players got to ludicrous heights of power in little to no time at all. I tend to do achievement based XP now, based on Deathwatch's mechanics. Guardsmen get scary at 10, 000xp. Even 7, 500xp+
  23. Personally, I quite like the Militarum Tempestus. Made of win. But, I have a terrifying prospect for you. Death Korps of Krieg firing line with Lucius 98 Lasguns on Overload with a Sergeant and assorted Lasgun talents. d10 + 20 pen 2? Yes please.
  24. You know you're playing Only War when you can't read a logbook without the Medical Officer stressing "No explosions this time."
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