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  1. Chimera engines will run on any combustible material also. Same can be said of a lot of Guard vehicles.
  2. I'm totally a backseat GM ^.-;
  3. Nids can be found in Only War - Salvaging Solace, or in the Deathwatch books.
  4. I'm guilty of being incapable of taking off my officer hat. Even when I'm not team leader, I lead.
  5. No idea. I check in daily, but I don't really have much in the way of conversation to start. Perfectly happy to add to things, but I mostly just homebrew rules on here =P
  6. What happens to comrades if a player has to take a one-seater bike then, or two players in the bike with sidecar?
  7. Unless your average squad is fighting Leman Russ MBTs or similar units, a Heavy Bolter up the arse usually does the trick. Even in the case of the Russ, HB in the rear works wonders.
  8. We are fighting Orks lol, so that does colour the picture a bit.
  9. Okay. Awesome. Someone please GM a regiment with these bikes so that I can play? XD
  10. I'd say Heavy weapons on the front of a bike is a little ridiculous. Maybe twin-linked bolters or autoguns or something?
  11. I wanted to nip any spree of ratling psykers in the bud on the basis of a rules misunderstanding. =P You're quite welcome to waive anything you want in your own game.
  12. I'm the squad's command character as well. It just so happens that I had the sense to get Suspensors to halve the weight of the Lascannon and remove the need to brace it, meaning that given my 5 TB and 5 AgB, my 3 SB is less of a concern, given I can still hoof it around as if I was AgB 4. Again, there're ways and means to make it happen. As is, lower base weight (which is meant to be a balancing factor), the heightened damages of the assorted payloads, though I did notice the increased rarity, I would be comfortable in making the leap of logic to assume that these are Regimental Favoured Weapons and thus not actually all that difficult to acquire. If the Drop Troops can get there, so can their Vulture air support. If Creed was in play, well.... And the inflexibility of the guard, and the difficulties faced with tech, are a fairly intrinsic part of the setting, though as we all know already, I suppose, "there is no canon".
  13. Ratling World precludes the use of the Psyker specialism. Ratling specialism does not grant the Psyker trait. This combination is not possible to use under the official rules as written.
  14. I was posting under the impression that disengage was being used with the meaning of retreating. Backing out of melee combat in order to bring your gun to bear seems perfectly acceptable to me.
  15. I've got my Lascannon as a Signature Item with my GM's permission due to having used it to perform heroic deeds. Officially it belongs to the Navy, but nobody wants to take it off me - I'm too damned good with it.
  16. This post confuses me somewhat, because I play a Drop Troops Stormtrooper that totes a Lascannon into battle as his signature item, complete with a 25kg backpack ammo pack. Rather than creating cheese weapons out of thin air, your players could alternatively build their characters accordingly, or, to suggest a novelty aspect of roleplay, they could approach the problem with intelligent alternatives. Most Airborne (Drop Troops) Regiments contain a core Air-To-Ground Assault Squadron of Vulture class gunships. The players could either attempt to board the vehicle and attack the crew manning it, as we often do in our squad of drop troops, or call in an airstrike to destroy the hostile Armour so that they can proceed onto their objective. While enemy Aircraft are a slightly more difficult proposition to destroy (though usually lighter armoured than their land counterparts) due to the inability to board them with any degree of convenience, it should again be noted that this is why Anti-Air equipment like Hydras are fielded in the Imperial Guard. Your players are part of an army and have a myriad of allies to call on in the field, not to mention relatively leisurely access to weapons reliably capable of killing both tanks and aircraft. Not normally me to discourage creativity, but, I'm inclined to believe that this is creativity for the wrong reasons.
  17. I refer you to my stopgap House Rules entry - "The Tempest" - in the appropriate board. It's not official but it's something.
  18. That...is exactly what I didn't want to hear from WoD T_T; Damnit, why on earth do they think this a good idea? They changed it FROM that in the transition from Old World to New World for a reason. *Headdesk*
  19. Being serious now, I personally would only make it the one Willpower test to do it, but, I find it very unfaithful to the character you're playing to retreat from battle.
  20. Your GM slaps you and tells you to move your mini back into place.
  21. Love playing Hunter, and I prefer the existing model for NWoD. But White Wolf dropped a while back. It's Onyx Path now.
  22. Following some good work on the part of one of my players, the talented Khornedog, we can present to you the rules for Vespid Auxiliaries. For a Vespid character, please generate characteristics as you would for a human auxiliary, and then apply the following Support Specialism; +10 Toughness, +5 Agility, -5 Intelligence, -10 Fellowship Aptitudes - Agility, Ballistic Skill, Perception, Toughness, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Defence Skills - Acrobatics, Awareness, Dodge Talents - Catfall, Cold Hearted, Exotic Weapon Training (Neutron Blaster), Weapon Training (Fire Caste) Traits - Alien Physiology (Vespid), Dark Sight, Disorientation*, Flyer (10), Natural Armour (1), Natural Weapons (Claws), Non-Imperial, Speak Not Unto The Alien, Wings*, Vespid Hovering* Equipment - Neutron Blaster (See Deathwatch), Communion Helm (4 Armour, Head, Scarce) Wounds - 10 + 1d5 Advances - Elusive (As Eldar Swooping Hawk, see The Dying Race), Hardened Chitin* Disorientation - When critical damage is done to a Vespid's head (this does not include effects induced by a Righteous Fury), the Vespid loses the ability to communicate fluently with non-Vespids, and suffers a -10 penalty to all tests until a new Communion Helm is acquired. Claws - A Vespid's unarmed attacks have the damage profile d10 pen 4 Wings - A Vespid's wings count as limbs in their own right for the purpose of Called Shots, and cannot be protected using manufactured armour. Vespid Hovering - Given Vespids use their wings to hover across the ground most of the time, rather than walking, a Vespid may ignore difficult terrain similarly to the use of Maglev Coils by a techpriest, and hover over reasonably sized obstacles at the GM's discretion. Any greater feat of flight, however, requires use of the Vespid's Flyer trait. Hardened Chitin (300 x Natural Armour value) - Increases the Vespid's Natural Armour, to a maximum of 4.
  23. At the risk of contradicting you, Commerce is Intelligence based in Only War, not Fellowship based like it was in Rogue Trader, because it's about manipulating Munitorum paperwork, meaning Medics can buff intelligence and commerce fairly easily and cheap without a significant detriment to their medical skills. Which is why I suggested, given it's an opposed test, an intelligent, commerce trained quartermaster NPC. Considering his job, it makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, everything you said is perfectly apt.
  24. Commerce is an opposed test. Medic is cheesing the skill? Give the NPC that handles requisitions commerce on a similar par. Not a difficult fix if you're willing to actually engage your brain. The rulebook is not perfect, no, but given perfect is impossible, I'm kinda happy with the compromise we have.
  25. The rulebook wasn't just made to cater to your style of running a game. The Logistics system is an effort to compromise in a way that can work for any given scenario if used correctly, and can go as far as the GM is willing to allow and no further. Grunts get a low base Logistics Rating, usually 5-10. Special Forces would arguably be at a 30 or so equivalent, with likelihood modified by the theatre of operations they're based in (obviously), and a Company Commander has 40-50 Logistics typically. The system accounts for ranks perfectly well in every capacity except enforcing literal limits on the gear you can acquire (although it has a practical limit based on war conditions, the ball busting rarity modifiers of high end gear, and so on and so forth). Referring to some of the scenarios you addressed; Sharpshooter has a Sharpshooter specialism. That's what he has the auto-acquire specialist gear for, so no ****. Kasrkin? Sure thing. Clearly important commando assets, give them an appropriately elevated base logistics rating. Commissar? Aw man. Sample logistics of 50 listed in the rulebook for a Commissar. Looks like the guy's pretty high priority in the eyes of the Munitorum already. What I mean to say is, the system's fine provided you have the gumption to read the book and then act accordingly on the information and mechanics presented. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mechanic for the Imperial Guard, but one of humanity's greatest assets is our ability to adapt to suit our needs. You should try it sometime.
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