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  1. He was asking for stats relating to the Taurox and Taurox Prime vehicles that first appeared in 6th edition Guard as a dedicated transport, most notably for Scions.
  2. I would actually go so far as to suggest starting your players at 3100XP, if you're prepared to, and then it can be a case of everyone can get acceptable Operator abilities and then 600xp within a specialism they would like. Means everyone could be at least competent in handling fighter craft and allow comrade gunners. Then you have players pairing up to take the 4 seats manning a Calixis-Pattern Fury Interceptor during space battles. Of course, then there's dropships etc. Plenty of opportunities.
  3. In my game there was an Ogryn Character, and there was a Techpriest character, within the same organisation. As it turned out, the Ogryn wasn't nearly as hideously overpowered as the Techpriest, having only half the damage reduction, and lacking the 2d10 + 14 instagib punch that the Servo Arm brings into the equation. From a balancing perspective, while Ogryns -can- get out of hand, I genuinely believe there're much worse mixes out there. From a fluff perspective, it's reasonably to just make **** up. The wonderful thing about the "40k Canon" is that it's so murky that it allows everyone to do their own little things. For the most part there really isn't one right or wrong answer.
  4. I once ambushed a squad with a gang of Mandrakes. Crippling was so horribly debilitating that in the first encounter of the mission, some members of the PC squad were incapable of continuing given they were deep into critical wounds, and thus opted to stay behind. Putting something like the Crippling property in the hands of players seems like a really bad idea.
  5. I'm not sure how good your Priest will be with regards to their combat capabilities, given that the general bent of their aptitudes are slanted toward interaction and support, but I would sincerely recommend dual wielding chainswords with lightning attacks and the chainsword expertise and mastery feats. The Weapon Specialist in the game that I'm running uses that combination to devastating effect.
  6. I'd say the answer to a character wielding a plasma gun was fairly simple. Throw out one or two really heavily armoured enemies with good damage soaking abilities to force the plasma to be directed where it's needed, whilst sending in an escort of weaker gentlemen for your fellows to fight. Of course, that is all GM centric. Which really, it's his job to mitigate if he feels your character is causing issues. I know that when the Techpriest in my own game became too powerful, I proceeded to slap him back into humility by drowning him in plasma fire. I'm not sure you should feel the need to change your character, though, honestly. Not your place to mitigate it. For what it's worth though, I'm glad to see people who are concerned about the enjoyment of their fellow players. *Thumbs up.*
  7. For my first campaign that I have been, and continue to run, in Only War, I threw it all onto the floor as a mad-ass playtest to see just how robust the system would be and how to mitigate for powergaming run amok. I'd say thay mixed regiments is acceptable if you can find a way to work it into the story, and are good to keep your players interested and with a varied cast. The interactions between the characters from all the different walks of life actually makes for some riveting storytelling. However, that said, when everyone is a special snowflake all of the time, it ceases to be special, so I would encourage moderation among your games, if that makes sense.
  8. Something decidedly undervalued with Sergeants is that when properly constructed, they make amazing melee fighters, and competent ranged fighters as well. Their Toughness and Defence aptitudes lend well to their durability, making them able to take the punishment while their squadmates lay down the hurt, or in the event of oncoming enemy melee units, get in their way and tie them down to buy time for their forces. I encourage you to look at ways to apply a character's aptitudes beyond the established metagame of "Sergeants are buffers" etc. No disrespect intended, of course, to the views of others. You'd just be surprised what you can do if you think outside of the box.
  9. I'm intrigued, but unfortunately my microphone doesn't seem to be overly good for actual chats, and I have a housemate I'd potentially disturb. If text based were perhaps an option I'd be more open to it.
  10. In the TT, a Chimera is 12, 10, 10. Comparably, a Taurox is 11, 10, 10. Assuming 12 Armour in TT = 30 Armour in Only War, using the Chimera as a basis. 30 / 12 = 2.5 11 x 2.5 = 27.5. Assuming we round up because we're nice. Taurox would become, as a theoretical armour value at least, 26 or 28 front armour, 22 Side Armour, 16 Rear Armour. It's special rule All Terrain Vehicle allows it to reroll Dangerous Terrain Tests in TT, so, Tracked Vehicle would be an appropriate special quality to give the vehicle. I would also suggest the Enclosed Trait, and possibly Environmentally Sealed. Standard Taurox Weapon Loadout is a Twin-Linked Autocannon and troop fire-points. Taurox Prime comes equipped with a Battle Cannon and a Hotshot Volley Gun, which could maybe be replaced as Hotshot Lasguns in the fire-points. I hope you find this helpful.
  11. I ventured briefly into the realms of this. I'm currently in the process of running my first WH40K RPG system game, using Only War as the primary system. So, what do I do in my first campaign in the system? Dig out the Rogue Trader books. You boys are going to do the Imperial Navy's job for a few days. Based on my own minimal experience with the crossover, the place for blending Only War and Rogue Trader comes in the form of fighter pilots and boarding actions, ala Star Wars Battlefront 2. Worth a shot, I say.
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