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  1. Never actually ran the adventure. I'd need to know more to give an opinion.
  2. See Enemies of the Imperium Chapter 5, Veterans of the Spinward Front. It has rules for formations, which I use to organise infantry into appropriately sized squads.
  3. For formations I treat the degrees of success on the ram as the number of formation members hit, allowing my Operators to actually feel useful with their vehicles when they're drowning in rebels hehe.
  4. Being on fire in Deathwatch was endlessly amusing. 10 TB. Fire? What fire? It's disappointingly ineffective a lot of the time.
  5. If I may indulge in Necromancy, this is something I think I would very much like to explore, and managed to find some foundation work on in a Dark Heresy -> Only War conversion pack someone was putting together. I'd link it here but I don't seem to be able to so, when I have a little more time, I'll type up what they already have and start figuring something out.
  6. Ehhh... Wouldn't it effectively be the same as just...starting a new campaign in the system that they're wanting to move to when the campaign ends? Seems a little contrived for something that could be rectified by closing out the game and starting a new one.
  7. The plot thickens! So to speak! The gang have decided that when they play Severans they want to play as a Basilisk/Manticore based Artillery Regiment in defence of whichever world they end up on. Tehehehe. I almost want to turn it into cities of death, but no. We already done forge/hive, time for a change of scenery with that one I think.
  8. It actually makes the initial phase of getting troops planetside probably all that much easier, using the natural weather phenomena to mask your approach. The difficulty then is sustaining troops on a hostile planet occupied by hostile forces, and pressing them forward in a meaningful way.
  9. Planetfall; In the darkness of the hold, the squad rocked back and forth in their seats, remaining seated only through the assistance of the harnesses that held them there, as turbulence caused the aircraft to buck wildly as it soared over the battlefield. For the majority of the squad, this was to be their first mission together. Their trial by fire to see if they would make it work, or break under the heat of enemy fire. They were a test in and of themselves - an irregular formation of combined arms, contrary to the standard organisation of an Imperial Guard regiment, courtesy of their somewhat wild and experimental Colonel. Toward the front of the Valkyrie sat the Medicae team - Cutter & Jase - with the more veteran medic, Cutter, attempting to reinforce Jase's training one final time before they hit the ground. They all knew, however, that Jase would eternally be the "New Guy", even if he survived and other squaddies were cycled in. Some people always were. Cutter was a small, somewhat mouse-like man, with relatively unremarkable and somewhat angular features, and blue eyes that belied an unusual intelligence in a grunt, with Jase seeming somewhat youthful and weedy, the Medic-in-training looking on at the world with green eyes alit with a certain optimistic wonder that had yet to be shattered by the horrors of warfare. Meanwhile, a rather unusual looking pair came next. Ratlings, the both of them, Vin & Sylvia were sniper auxiliaries assigned to the squad to support them on the ground, which raised some eyebrows among the other squaddies, who had no idea how that was supposed to help them. The Elysian 13th Helldivers were famed for their tactic of jumping out over enemy formations armed with shotguns and other close quarters equipment, right in the thick of the fighting. Nonetheless, the Ratling abhumans were there, and an oddity they were indeed, being only three feet in height and swaddled in their chameleoline cloaks, shaggy and oil-slicked hair hanging down over their faces as they silently polished their gear. Following on came the Heavy Weapons Team, the infamous Repta & Faye, noted for their choice of Heavy Stubber, a weapon typically favoured by lower tech worlds than Elysia, and Faye's incessant habit of taking notes and writing in her Primer-come-journal, earning her nickname of Quill, though none knew the words she put on that page - such was her quiet, private nature, though she was still quick to cut at others with her razor-edged tongue. Repta was a towering specimen of humanity, well over six feet in height and with corded muscles from a hard life pirate-hunting in the Elysia sector with his heavy weapons. His blocky features lent well to the profession, and it was rumoured by many that his flak armour had to be adjusted to accommodate his muscled bulk, his short blonde hair spiked back with some grease and a bloodlust grin plastered on his face. Meanwhile, Faye was a more athletic figure, with oak brown hair tied back in a practical ponytail to keep it out of her face and under her helmet for the most part, her angular features somewhat hawkish in nature with a pair of glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose which appeared to have been repeatedly put back together with tape, her vivid green eyes highlighted by the glass. Bringing up the rear so that they'd be the ones to land deepest in enemy territory when they jumped, came the auxiliaries from the Ordo Tempestus - the Scions, Corporal Jonah Antioch, whom had received an impromptu promotion to Squad Sergeant, and Corporal Matthias Kaltrass, both of whom had served together as auxuilaries to the Adeptus Arbites on Tenebris prior to their transfer to the Helldivers. The Scions' appearance was a mystery to the others in the squad, the two of them having arrived wearing their iconic carapace armour that marked them as members of the Imperium's Stormtrooper Corps. Still, their arrival had raised some hackles within the regiment and the squad itself, as word stood out that problems with the Tau on Tenebris has led to the pair receiving a black mark as mavericks, and being assigned somewhere out of the way of their peers. At least they had experience with Valkyrie Jumps, given the nature of combat employed by the Ordo Tempestus was so similar to the Elysians' own. The microbeads installed in all of their helmets crackled to life, prompting them all to look up from their activities to listen, as the Pilot's voice sounded in their ears. "Boys, hate to tell you but we aren't going to make it to the drop site. Anti-Air clipped our wing. This bird is cooked. Hope you packed your grav-chutes because I'm popping the doors..." He paused for but a moment's hesitation, resolving in his own mind what was about to come before finishing "...Green light to jump. Kill a few in my memory, boys." "You bet your arse, Jonah quietly murmured into the helmet comm, his lips concealed by the enclosed helmet-respirator combination, as the squad unclasped themselves from their harnesses, pulling themselves up using the ceiling mounted handles and turning to face the Valkyrie's doors, as the group ran down the ramp, launching themselves from the blazing aircraft into a hail of gunfire, smoke and the foul taste of missile propellant. They began to spread out about the impromptu drop site, their gear canister whistling past them and taking out a tree in the wooded area they had leapt out over, each member of the squad silently counting down until they deployed their grav-chutes, the backpack-mounted devices flaring to life, slowing their plummet toward the ground. At least, most of them did. Repta and Jonah were not so lucky, plummeting to earth with terrifying speed and praying to the God-Emperor fervently as their lives flashed before their eyes, trying franticly to remember their training as they tried to brace themselves. Jonah managed to pivot himself about to land into a combat roll, dissipating the worst of the crash landing as he rolled out of it, silently thanking himself that the Valkyrie had been flying so low as he pulled himself to his feet and glanced around to where Repta had landed, his leg at an awkward angle - threatening to jeapordise the mission before they had even started. "Brace it, Rookie." Cutter snapped to his assistant, pulling the medkit from his backpack and drawing a splint and bandage for it, looking to the pained grimace on Repta's face. "No time for anaesthetic. We'll get this splinted and I'm afraid you'll have to grit your teeth and bear it, mate." "Shut up and do it, Cutter." the Heavy growled, handing the stubber off to Faye so that the Medics could work with him unobstructed. "Aye, make it quick." chimed in Jonah. "If we don't move in and halt those AA guns, then more of our boys run the risk of being shot down like we were. There's no time to lose." "Jonah." Matthias uttered softly, tapping the powerpac that fed energy to the Hellguns that the Stormtroopers were armed with. "Yeah?" the appointed Sergeant rounded about at his name, canting his head and gesturing for Matthias to explain. "Our drop canister fell elsewhere in the forest along with all of our gear. We need to retrieve that or we're going to be shot, even if we do win." "That's a good point. Did anyone see which way it went?" With the Medics straightening up, and Faye helping pull the now-braced Repta to his feet, the group stopped to take a look at their surroundings - a fairly nondescript area of forest that had been, as yet, largely unmarked by the treads of tanks and machines of war. Eventually, it was Cutter that spotted it, shouting out to his companions and jogging over to the ruined tree in which the canister had embedded itself. "Hopefully they're not too bothered about the canister, but the rest of it we'll need." "Good spot", several members of the group said, nigh in unison, moving over to pat Cutter on the back before taking their respective shares of gear out of the canister and loading them into their backpacks. "So where to now?" asked Cutter, handing Jase his share of rations, looking over the group at large. "First off, I want to go see where the Valkyrie went down. If the pilot survived the crash, we should get him out of there, along with any of the gear that didn't drop with us. From there we go to the AA guns." said Jonah, gathering himself and his breath as he looked about the group for any objections, and with none forthcoming, he nodded and set off jogging westward, after the trail of smoke and sounds of gunfire.
  10. I'm going to be posting here some of the narrative write-up from the first Only War game I played in, which was my first experience of the Warhammer 40, 000 system - in fact, our whole group's. Now, I am going to apologise in advance because I work full time, and general have a very busy life, so this will probably update very slowly when I have the time and energy to actually write, but for the time being I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.
  11. I think you might be right. Ultimately there're too many factors to just make a generic "one-size fits all" guidance for a planetary invasion. Instead we would have to compile the Tactica Imperialis. o_o Alright then, in that case, I need to decide what world the Severans should be holding. Sorely tempted by the Ice Planet that's contested despite being of no actual value, given that my first game took place on a Forge-come-Hiveworld. Barren tundra would make a nice change.
  12. Well I was aiming at some kind of generic breakdown, assuming that the guard would send a Battlegroup composed of sufficiently skilled and varied regiments to ensure success, but maybe I'm being overly idealistic when considering the 40k universe lol. For the Kasrkin/Stormtrooper game I'm thinking lone wetworks team on Kulth so that doesn't really fit that formula, but for the game as the Severan Dominate the players would be the defenders, so it's more about figuring out the NPC's game plan for the players to respond to. I'm just trying not to make it too specific to my campaigns in the hopes of others being able to use this thread as inspiration as well.
  13. So, given that the advice thus far has generally been "wing it", let's take a step back. How do we breakdown a planetary invasion? Assuming that the initial phase, Orbital Supremacy, has already been achieved by the invading forces, then the next step is obviously making Planetfall and establishing a Forward Operating Base on the surface. From there, though, things get a bit more murky. What steps would one take to force the defenders to capitulate? I imagine the "annihilate all enemies" answer to things can get a little dreary, so the trick here is finding interconnecting missions between planetfall and your Victory Condition, which will typically be killing the enemy commander I imagine.
  14. Sergeants are brutally good at tanking and make decent melee fighters. Toss in an advance to Brawler at a Milestone for a brief period and giggle maniacally as you dance through swarms of infantry slaughtering them. But to put things into perspective a little, Sergeants can begin play with the True Grit talent. Kind of makes Commisar look bad in the Early Game and the flexibility of guardsmen classes make it look bad in the Late Game. If you know how to use a Sergeant as more than solely a buff bot they are terrifying engines of destruction.
  15. To be fair, that's kind of why Commisars exist. What's a more probable danger is "What use is a Commisar if a Sergeant can do everything he can do, but better?"
  16. As far as I can tell most people seem to play Commisars as being "Soft", and going for the inspirational archetype. While the Commisar has the authority to execute player characters, he mechanically cannot just go ahead and do it, which leaves the Commisar rather vulnerable to "accidents" occurring. So all in all, I find that most Commisars aren't willing to hand out executions left, right and centre despite the fact that they have the authority to do so, because it generally means the party will turn on them - often at the worst possible moment.
  17. Well, the Ork Battlewagon was in our first deployment, which was literally the whole group's first time playing the WH40K RPG. I actually have that battle written up in Narrative form thus far if you'd like me to go post that over in War Stories or whatever it's called. The rest I'll go over here Prior to the Gargant incident, we were scouting out a Vox Tower that the Techpriest had been sent to "cleanse". I went all out using a stolen Ork choppa to assassinate the Gretchen sentries before we stormed the place, eviscerating the Orks within using Heavy Bolter fire (We are behind enemy lines, but hey, the more damage we do the better). Once the place is cleared out, I have the Techpriest do his investigation before planting the demolitions charge at a structural weakpoint within the building, then order the squad to take the map and fall back to the forward operating base while I lured some Orks in and brought the building down on them. So I stay behind, wait for the Orks to come investigate, and when a throng of them are in the tower and Deffkoptas are flying nearby, I blow the charge. Down it comes, killing every Ork inside the Vox Tower, and taking out a Deffkopta on it's way down. Magnificent. Using the distraction, I move to the other end of the building I'm hiding in, jump out the second floor window, roll out of it and run off into the night. On escaping, I realise that there's no chance in hell that I can find my way back to the squad - I'm not trained in navigation, and they have the map. I go to ground and wait until dawn, thinking we can work something out then - the other stormtrooper has the Magnoculars and I can microbead them. They can find me and direct me back to the FOB. Doesn't seem to work out quite that way. Dawn comes and we go to our respective rooftops, but it turns out the guy's Awareness score is abysmal, as are the dice rolls. So after a laughable rinse-repeat failure to spot me, I ask the DM if he will allow me to pop red smoke to give him an automatic success. He agrees, but points out that the Orks will also get an automatic success to find me. I agree to that, and pop the smoke. Then the guy starts repeatedly failing Navigate checks to guide me back as the Orks close in on my position, and I'm forced to go hide in the basement. He finally gets the route as they corner me, so I do the insane thing, and draw the chainsword I looted from the Commisar, and charge. Takedown soon discourages the Orks from their stance and they get out of my way, allowing me to dive through the window and into the street, sprinting as the other Stormtrooper feeds me directions over the Microbead, leading me into Ork ambush after Ork ambush that I'm forced to weave through as bullets spray by all around me. After a long and tense chase to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Alert theme, I come barrelling out into the open. A straight 100m run across open ground to reach the squad. Orks all around me and closing in, so I scream out "COVERING FIRE" to the Heavy lying in wait with the Bolter. Two Orks go down in the first salvo, and the others scatter, as I run into the building shouting at everyone to pack up and go. Has to be one of my crowning moments that. Got a Fate Point even lol. Edit - I'll save the Gargant incident for another post, though it's much smaller.
  18. The GM had the NPC pilots reveal to us that there was a Lascannon stored aboard the Valkyrie in a footlocker, so, the squad unboxes it and loads it while the Heavy and I hold off the Fightas chasing our craft as we're trying to outrun this thing using a Heavy Bolter and a Hellgun. So the Lascannon is primed and the pilots take us around for a shot at the engines. Naturally, the Stormtrooper has Sharpshooter, Deadeye Shot and Marksman, allowing him to be lethally accurate with that Lascannon at ridiculous ranges. I hit the engine, and it's engulfed in flames. Cheers go up as the Helicarrier slows down. Everyone cheers - we can escape now, right? Wrong. It bleeds. We can kill it. So in my probable lunacy, I order the other Stormtrooper to take the Valkyrie controls because he's a better pilot than the actual Navy jockeys, and get into position on the landing ramp with the Lascannon as we fly around to the left hand side of the Helicarrier. Things get quite tense as the Orks try to blow us out of the sky, the Techpriest flailing around repairing the Valkyrie to the best of his abilities in mid-flight, tamping down damaged fuel lines et cetera. Precision shot after precision shot against the propellers comes in from the Lascannon, utterly obliterating the motive systems holding it up in the air on the left hand side. Evidently not RAW, but Rule of Cool kicks in here, as it begins to fall out of the sky, unable to support it's own weight with no propulsion on one side. Suffice to say by the time we actually landed back at base, there wasn't an awful lot left of the Valkyrie.
  19. In one of the games I've been playing in, we field a team from the Elysian 13th Helldivers - which I keep meaning to novelise - who include myself, the Stormtrooper and Squad Leader, a fellow Stormtrooper, a Heavy and a Medic. We also gained a Commisar who died, and was replaced by a Techpriest. In this game, the Stormtroopers have, by working in tandem on the most insane plans, managed to get away with using an Ork Battlewagon to obliterate their artillery positions (via high speed ramming action), crippled an Ork Gargant by something resembling accident, and brought down an Orky Superheavy Flyer reminiscent of a SHIELD Helicarrier from the Marvel Universe armed only with a Valkyrie and a Lascannon. As well as the scene where I had to break off and sprint through an Ork infested city in order to link up with my squad after popping red smoke to get their attention, and unfortunately drawing every Ork down on me for miles. Good times lol Happy to go into more depth if you'd like.
  20. *Thread Necromancy* ARISE! ARIIIIISE! On the subject of Harakoni Warhawks we could always do some community brainstorming.
  21. Even with the advanced specialties, Stormtroopers are awesomely powerful characters both in aptitudes and starting gear. Crazy. Psykers as well. Capable of obscene things in the hands of a player who knows what he's doing with it. In my personal experiences thus far, Commisars are a bit underwhelming, so I can see why they'd be met with distaste on a mechanical level but...what on earth happened to roleplay?
  22. For Severus, I was thinking either late in the war, after a long and gruelling campaign has brought the Guard to the enemy's front door. But part of me is thinking that it may be much cooler to have them behind enemy lines, trying to take off the snake's head so that the Dominate withers without its leader and can be more easily subsumed and used against the Ork threat to the Calixis Sector. As for the Dominate I could focus on rescue missions, reconnaissance, and sabotage so as to bring out the proactive element of the game. It would also bring flavour breaks to prevent the game going stale, whilst maintaining the besieged mentality. Assistance is definitely welcome though beyond advisory posts I'm not sure what that would entail While it wont be for some time yet, I do want to get the plot written up ready and I'd be more than happy to write the game up in narrative when it happens.
  23. My advice for you is pretty simple in that respect. Grab all of the "bestiary" books like Creatures Anaethema, Mark of the Xenos etc. Endless options to harass your players with.
  24. I appreciate you taking the time to give a response. I feel like I already have the core concepts of the campaign and what the players actually are. With the one going after Severus, I don't know if I should start them at the invasion of Kulth, or several planets sooner, or operating behind enemy lines, and if so a sort of logical progression of missions to get from A to B. That said I could tell the players their objective and let them figure it out from there. As for the other example, you gave some damned nice thematic tips which are really helpful. Suppose in terms of actual mission structure, could do a phased retreat. I'm just worried about the players feeling like nothing they do matters.
  25. So I have several campaign ideas in the early concept stage and I was hoping to garner some suggestions as to the overarching structure. While Only War as a system makes it incredibly easy to "wing it", I want to help myself and other prospective DMs out by dissecting some of the structure and progression. For my survival scenario in the case of an outbreak of the Plague of the Unbeliever, I suspect I will have to resort to gold old fashioned improvisation. The other ideas I have that I'd like to explore are the following; 1 - Players take on the role of a squad of Kasrkin or Tempestus Scions. The endgame objective is quite simple - kill Duke Severus so that the 're-education' of the Dominate can begin. My key issue with this, I suspect, is not knowing where to start. 2 - Now here's one that got me pondering. I'd like to explore things from the perspective of the Severan Dominate. Life as the defenders of the Spinward Front should provide a different outlook on Only War without completely departing from the core design. How does one make a satisfying campaign about defence? Presumably considering that initial success would result in a premature end to the campaign? I also have notions around an Imperial Navy game, a Tau Gue'vesa game set in the Reach, and exploring a more militarized take on the Adeptus Arbites, but for now I'd like to concentrate on the detailed two.
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