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  1. Warlock Characteristic Bonus - +5 Fellowship Aptitudes: Fellowship, Weapon Skill, Perception, Psyker, Willpower, Leadership Starting Skills: Command, Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Tactics) Starting Talents: Weapon Training (Shuriken, Low Tech, Force), Up to 400xp worth of Psychic Powers, Air of Authority Starting Traits: Psyker, Psy Rating 1, Eldritch Mastery Specialist Equipment: Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade. Ghosthelm. Runic Armour. Starting Woubds: 8 +1d5 Advances Increase Psy Rating Bodyguard (As Overseer) Combat Seer - May use Willpower as the test characteristic for the purpose of Dodge or Parry tests. (250XP)
  2. Ranger Characteristic Bonus - +5 Agility, +5 Perception, -5 Willpower Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception, Toughness Skills: Stealth or Awareness, Deceive, Survival. Starting Talents: Deadeye Shot, Paranoia or Light Sleeper, Weapon Training (Shuriken) Specialist Equipment: Chameleoline Cloak, Ranger Longrifle Starting Wounds: 6 + 1d5 Comrade Advances; Spotter (As per Ratling) Terrain Expert (As per Scout)
  3. Thinking largely to keep the doctrines much the same albeit with xenotech versions of the gear in them. I recommend copious use of your imagination if you're using this WIP resource. Today we're going to make a start on the far trickier support classes; Ranger, Warlock, Farseer, Bonesinger.
  4. For Commanders I'm thinking keep them the same for the most part. Change Phlegmatic and Supine to have Eldar relevant Lores. Divisions will serve as the Eldar equivalent of Regiments, in the interest of keeping the game structure working smoothly, even if it isn't entirely fluffy. Armoured Division -3 Weapon Skill, +3 Intelligence Starting Skills: Operate (Surface) Starting Talents: Technical Knock Standard Kit: One Fire Prism per squad. One Eldar toolkit per player character. Suit of Xeno-Mesh Armour per player character, Reconnaisance Division +3 Perception, -3 Willpower Starting Skills: Awareness Starting Talents: Combat Sense Standard Kit: One War Walker per squad, and one set of Magnoculars per player character. Suit of Xeno-Mesh Armour per player character. Hunter-Killer Division +3 Ballistic Skill, -3 Strength Starting Skills: Operate (Surface) Starting Talents: Resistance (Fear) Standard Kit: One War Walker or One Vyper per Squad. One suit of Xeno-Mesh Armour per player character. Light Infantry +3 Agility, -3 Toughness Starting Skills: Navigate (Surface) Starting Talents: Sprint Standard Kit: One shuriken catapult with three reloads per player character, one suit of Xeno-Mesh Armour. Two plasma grenades, two Krak Grenades Mechanised Infantry +3 Agility, -3 Perception Starting Skills: Operate (Surface) Starting Talents: Rapid Reload Standard Kit: One Shuriken Catapult with four reloads. One suit of Xeno-Mesh Armour. Two plasma grenades. Two krak grenades. One Falcon Grav Tank per squad. Artillery Regiment +3 Ballistic Skill, -3 Toughness Starting Skills: Operate (Surface) Starting Talents: Bombardier Standard Kit: 1 Shuriken Catapult w/ 4 Clips. 1 Night Spinner per Squad, 1 pair of Magnoculars, 1 Vox-Caster)
  5. My first campaign I played in was as the Elysian 13th Helldivers. Gives you a good opportunity to really sink your teeth in and enjoy some awesome opportunities at spec-ops style action. If you feel really bold for your first time as an Only War GM, you could try running a fully custom built regiment using the rules detailed in the Regiment Creation chapter. If you have any questions regarding the game, or possible homebrew, I'd be delighted to help. Got years of experience as a Dungeons & Dragons DM, and I have coming up 6 months experience with Only War and already sinking my teeth into system conversions and what have you. It's an absurdly robust system, man. Go wild. It can take the abuse!
  6. Eldar Homeworld/Origins Alaitoc - +3 Ballistics Skill, +3 Perception. Skills; Stealth. Linguistics (Low Gothic), The Hunted: The Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc are very strict in their ways, which results in an inordinately large number of Outcasts from their world. Due to the frequent torture and persecution of these outcasts by the Imperial Inquisition, Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc have acquired a burning Hatred for the Imperium of Man and benefit from the talent Hatred (Imperium), but must make a challenging Willpower test to resist the desire to attack Imperials on sight. Biel-tan - +3 Toughness, +3 Strength, Skills - Survival, Scholastic Lore (Tactics) Linguistics (Low Gothic). The Cleansing; Eldar of the Craftworld Biel-Tan are dedicated to retaking the Maiden Worlds the Eldar reared in the hopes of renewing their fallen Empire - an objective made infinitely difficult and complex by the Ork scourge. Eldar of the Craftworld Biel-Tan gain the benefit of Hatred (Orks), but also must make a challenging Willpower Test to resist the urge to assault Orks on sight. Iyanden - +3 Toughness, +3 Willpower. Skills: Linguistics (Low Gothic), Psyniscience. Ghostworld: Due to the sheer number of the unliving housed within Iyanden - both in it's Infinity Matrix and the Wraith constructs that occupy much of it - the Eldar that occupy the Craftworld must make every effort to support their dead bretheren in this new existence. All Eldar of Craftworld Iyanden increase their character's starting Psy-Rating by 1. Saim-Hann - +3 Agility, +3 Strength. Skills: Operate (Surface). Navigate (Surface), Linguistics (Low Gothic). The Bold; Eldar of Craftworld Saim-Hann are brave and daring, trying their skills against one another. They gain the benefits of the talent Resistance (Fear). Feudal; The Craftworld of Saim-Hann enforces a strict, feudal hierarchy in which answer to a Chieftain and blood-born nobility. Eldar of Saim-Hann must make a challenging willpower test to disobey the orders of their superiors. Ulthwe - Pick two characteristics to increase by +3. Due to Ulthwe's reliance on the tactical flexibility of their Black Guardians, they have a varied force able to work together and adapt to face their chaotic foes. Skills: Linguistics (Low Gothic), Forbidden Lore (Chaos, The Warp, Daemons). Shield Against Corruption: Eldar of the Craftworld Ulthwe are regularly exposed to the madness of Chaos and the Warp and must be steadfast in their resistance against it. Ulthwe characters reduce all Corruption Points gained by 2, to a minimum of 1. Ulthwe characters gain the benefits of the talent Jaded.
  7. Guardian Comrade Upgrades Heavy Defender - Loader, Stabilise (As per Imperial Guard Heavy Gunner) Healer - Medical Assistant, Field Treatment (As per Imperial Guard Medic) Pilot - Gunner, Field Repairs (Gunner as per Operator ability) Field Repairs; The Pilot's comrade may attempt to assist the Pilot by conducting minor field repairs using the Pilot's Tech-Use skill. (XP Cost as per Put That Out!) Storm Guardian - Watch My Back!, Hardy (Watch My Back! as per Brawler.) Hardy - The Storm Guardian's comrade gains an additional wound state. (XP Cost as per Little'un) Weapon Specialist - Armsman, Set-Up Shot (Armsman as per Imperial Guard Weapon Specialist, Set-Up Shot as per Ratling)
  8. If there's no official ruling then naturally, it's an in-house ruling by the DM in question. Personally I would allow them to fire on any setting in melee, other side sidearm is a whole lot of XP expenditure and snuff all in the way of return.
  9. I personally use huge Ork formations that make them ridiculously lethal if handled wrong, using the official rulings and all. Suffice to say when a mob of 50 Shoota Boyz led by a Nob with a Deffgun appeared, the PCs all dived for cover.
  10. Here I was digging for answers and it was right there under my nose. Thank you for your insights sirrah.
  11. After some discussion on Skype, it has been decided that instead of a +10 when dedicating to an Aspect Path, people who Dedicate to an Aspect Path and become Exarchs will be locked into the path but receive good or best (to be decided) quality versions of their specialist equipment.
  12. Didn't really feel deceive was appropriate for the Heavy but I'm not sure really. I'm of half a mind to say Acrobatics but that really doesn't make sense using grav platform mounted heavy weapons. That said, maybe remove the skill due to the additional specialist equipment of starting play with a grav platform.
  13. I'm entirely open to suggestions. I thought intimidate was still reasonable considering the guns these guys operate. Maybe tactics would be more appropriate?
  14. Weapon Specialist Characteristic Bonus - +5 Weapon Skill or +5 Ballistic Skill Aptitudes - Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Weapon Skill Starting Skills - Athletics or Survival, Navigate (Surface), Common Lore (War), Forbidden Lore (Eldar) Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Choose 3), Rapid Reload or Quickdraw Specialist Equipment - Good Craftsmanship Shuriken Catapult or Common Flamer or Favoured Weapon, 4 Plasma or Krak grenades. Starting Wounds - 6 + 1d5
  15. Storm Guardian Characteristics Bonus - +5 Strength Aptitudes - Offence, Strength, Defence, Perception, Fellowship, Toughness, Weapon Skill Starting Skills - Navigate (Surface), Dodge or Parry Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Chain, Low-Tech, Shuriken), Ambidextrous or Disarm Specialist Equipment - Shuriken Pistol, Eldar Chainsword Starting Wounds - 8 + 1d5
  16. Pilot Guardian Characteristics Bonus - +5 Agility Aptitudes - Agility, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Tech, Intelligence, Ballistic Skill Skills - Navigate (Surface), Operate (Surface) or Operate (Aeronautica), Tech-Use Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Shuriken, Low-Tech), Catfall Specialist Equipment - MIU Equivalent? Eldar Scanner? Starting Wounds - 4 + 1d5
  17. Healer Characteristics Bonus - +5 Intelligence Aptitudes - Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship Starting Skills - Medicae, Scholastic Lore (Chymistry), Scrutiny or Charm Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Shuriken), Meditation or Total Recall. Starting Equipment - Eldar Medkit Starting Wounds - 6 + 1d5
  18. Heavy Defender Characteristics Bonus - +5 Perception Aptitudes - Ballistics Skill, Defence, Fellowship, Offence, Perception, Toughness Starting Skills - Athletics or Survival, Forbidden Lore (Eldar), Common Lore (War), Tech-Use Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Shuriken Weaponry, Heavy Weaponry, One Weapon Training of your Choice), Combat Sense Specialist Equipment - Eldar Missile Launcher with Five Plasma Missiles Or Shuriken Cannon, Grav Platform Starting Wounds - 8 + 1d5
  19. Changed the Warlock to a Support Class due to the natural way in which Only War already seems to handle Psykers, and made Wraithguard into an "Aspect" class although they'll come with a number of caveats. Next phase of development will be to assign aptitudes based on research into existing sources on the Eldar both from the Tabletop Wargame and the RPG. Input welcome.
  20. "Storm Guardians are Eldar who were once members of an Aspect Shrine which specialised in close combat...armed with a potent combination of shuriken pistol and close combat weapon..." Eldar 3rd and 4th Edition codices as source. Hence the logic of having them as pseudo "veterans" as leader figures and melee specialists. Obviously the fluff and the crunch don't totally align. Another option would be, yes, to forego a Guardian Leader specialty altogether and move Warlocks into Support with Farseer, allowing them to handle the bulk of the Leadership and Psyker duties.
  21. Proposed scenario / Progression Structure. Base/Guardian Specialties -> Advanced / Aspect Specialties And "Support Specialties" Players take the role of a Guardian (with 600xp) who is approaching the end of their required term as a Guardian. On reaching 2500xp, they decide whether or not to actively take up an Aspect Warrior role. At each milestone, the character can choose to change Aspect or become an Exarch. Becoming an Exarch would be similar to Dedicating, except it permanently locks you to your Aspect, but is accompanied by an upgrade of your Aspect Equipment to Best Quality Currently unsure how to handle Wraithguard, but possibly a support specialism would be appropriate. I'd like opinions on this. Proposed specialties - Guardian Specialties; Heavy Defender - Heavy Gunner Healer - Medic Storm Guardian - Sergeant-Like / Melee Specialist. Weapon Specialist Pilot - Operator Support Specialties; Ranger Farseer Warlock Aspect Specialties Dark Reaper Dire Avenger Fire Dragon Howling Banshee Shining Spear Striking Scorpion Swooping Hawk Warp Spider Wraithguard (Prerequisites) Will develop this more with time, reading and input. Will look into the mechanics of full balancing this later, but the likelihood of them trading Unnatural Agility (2) in favour of the Machine trait on becoming Wraithguard is pretty high.
  22. Well. The campaign revolved around the players taking on the role of a Stormtrooper regiment that had been called on to investigate a Space Hulk because the "Marines are busy". So our intrepid team of two flamer wielding specialists, psyker and sergeant board an Aquila Lander with NPCs. One of them is the designated pilot. After a botched roll, an NPC politely offers to have a go at the ship controls. Said NPC is known and demonstrated to have the Incompetent demeanour. Pilot obliges and let's her take the helm. Nat 100 on a untrained Operate Aeronautics. Lander plows into the side of the Hulk. Next 3 IC hours are spent using a deus ex machina lascutter to cut through the fused hulls following the crash. Tone of the game to come is readily apparent. One of the first thing the players do is split up. Cue vicious Genestealer attack by one Genestealer. Funnily enough the campaign ended after the first encounter, and the Psyker had the highest kill count courtesy of Perils of the Warp.
  23. I've done something similar with Stormtroopers in Only War. Those poor, poor Stormtroopers.
  24. If you'd like, I can give you my Skype details should you like advice, ideas and the like on the fly.
  25. Ork formations protecting emplaced heavy weapons hiding behind rusted metal barricades, probably using a cover value of 8 or so to represent how rotted and horrible it is. Emplscrd guns though, definitely.
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