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  1. The way that I and the other DM in my group run it under the assumption of Volley Fire alone, which is incredibly lethal in and of itself. We usually make up some story explanation like hitting the dirt to avoid most of the shots, or ducking into cover. Even with single shots, a unit of 20 Orks -always- hit. And it hurts. Special weapons attatched to formations function as normal. Hence Lootas attached to shootas allow them to feel valid, give them a meatshield, and it reduces the level of pain somewhat. Hope that helps.
  2. Dark Eldar Specialisms The Dark Eldar may enter the following specialisms; Basic; Kabalite Heavy Reaver Kabalite Warrior Sybarite Support; Haemonculus Wych Incubus Mandrake Sslyth Hellion Advanced; Beastmaster Scourge Lhamean Courtesan Dracon
  3. As the title implies. I'll try to keep this one a little more structured than the last. As ever, input and feedback welcome. Much of this is borrowed directly from the Rogue Trader supplements "The Soul Reaver" and "The Dark Kin", so all due credit and copyright where it is deserved. Generating Characteristics as Dark Eldar; Weapon Skill: 20 + 2d10 Ballistic Skill: 20 + 2d10 Strength: 20 +2d10 Toughness: 15 +2d10 Agility: 25 + 2d10 Intelligence: 20 +2d10 Perception: 25 + 2d10 Willpower: 20 + 2d10 Fellowship: 15 + 2d10 Or -5 Toughness & Fellowship, +5 Agility & Perception Medical Attention - Non-Eldar Medics attempting to heal an Eldar suffer a -10 to their Medicae test unless they possess Forbidden Lore (Xenos) Alien Visage - Eldar characters have very distinctive features, and suffer a -30 penalty to Deceive when attempting to pass themselves off as members of another species Dark Eldar Knowledge - All Dark Eldar begin play with Common Lore (Dark Eldar) and Linguistics (Dark Eldar). Matchless Grace: All Dark Eldar benefit from Unnatural Agility (3) Speak Not Unto The Alien: Eldar suffer a -20 to all Interaction tests with Imperials, due to the Xenophobic distrust between them. Power Through Pain: A Dark Eldar character gains a single Pain Token whenever one or more living creatures within a number of metres equal to his perception bonus are killed, stunned, suffer critical damage, suffer blood loss, fail a Fear or Pinning Test or are otherwise subjected to excruciating pain. (at GM's discretion). Each Time a Dark Eldar character accumulates 8 Pain Tokens, he trades them for a temporary fate point for the duration of the session. This Fate Point cannot be burned. A character may not gain more than one Pain Token from any single event. If a Dark Eldar fails to gain a Pain Token during a session, he suffers 1d5 Willpower damage which does not begin to heal until they gain a Pain Token. She Who Thirsts: While the Eldar understand the threat of all the Chaos Gods as being dire, no single entity poses a greater threat to Eldar existence than Slaanesh. With the Dark Eldar, this manifests itself as a leeching of their spirit, a perpetual drain upon their fundamental essence that cannot be stopped, only delayed. Dark Eldar gain Corruption Points as normal, but do not gain mutations or malignancies; instead a failed Malignancy Test adds +1 to the number of Pain Tokens the character requires in order to gain an additional Fate Point. This is accompanied by a greater appearance of age and greater frailty when not able to feed - for every failed Malignancy Test, a Dark Eldar Explorer nominates a single characteristic other than Willpower or a Characteristic that he has nominated in this way before. At the end of any session in which the Dark Eldar character did not gain at least one Pain Token, he suffers 1d5 Willpower Damage plus 1d5 Damage to any other characteristics that he has chosen from failed Malignancy Tests. This damage does not begin to heal until the character has gained at least one Pain Token in a subsequent session. Depraved Psyche - Unlike Corruption, Insanity is of no concern to the Dark Eldar. The concepts of sanity and insanity are no longer a consideration for these twisted Xenos. For them, the indulgence of desires and the unnatural hunger within their souls are primary concerns. Dark Eldar characters do not gain Insanity Points - their outlook on existence and their normal behaviour are already beyond the realms of what a human would consider sane. As a result of this trait, Dark Eldar also gain the Jaded talent freely at character creation. Dweller of the Dark - All Dark Eldar characters gain the benefits of the Dark Sight Trait. On Dark Eldar & Fate; When a Dark Eldar character dies, should their remains be returned to a Haemonculus, he can resurrect them - at a cost. This process involves regrowing any lost limbs or organs in a tank, which would be handled as an Extended Care test. The role of Fate for a Dark Eldar character will be to act as a payment for the Haemonculus from the character's soul energy to restore him to life. When a player character with no fate remaining dies, they are unable to pay the Haemonculus for his services. At this point, GMs can choose to either have the character die permanently, or have the Haemonculus exact some other cost from them. Ultimately, this is at the discretion of the GM, even if the Haemonculus in question is a player character.
  4. At this point I believe that the Eldar content is finished. If anyone feels that more should be added for PC Eldar, feel free to express themselves here on the topic. I may come back and make a new, tidied-up threat some time when I can work up the willpower, but I think for now I intend to leave it. Apologies if the layout is at all confusing. From hereon, I intend to begin work on a Dark Kin Conversion, and beyond that, ONLY WAAAAAAAAAAAGH. As always, input welcome, and I'm happy to take requests within reason.
  5. Eldar Armoury Weapons; Ranged; Shuriken Catapult - (Basic, 60m; S/3/10; 1d10 + 4R Pen 6; Clip 100; Reload 2 Full; Reliable) Shuriken Pistol (Pistol, 30m, S/3/5; 1d10 +2 pen ; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full, Reliable) Ranger Longrifle (Basic, 200m, S/-/-; 1d10 + 3 Pen 2; Clip 40; Reload Full; Accurate; Reliable) Eldar Missile Launcher (Heavy, 250m, S/-/-; Clip 15, Rld 2 Full) Plasma Missile (2d10 + 7E Pen 8, Blast 8, Concussive 2, Overheats) Shuriken Cannon (Heavy, 120M, S/-/10, 1d10 + 7R Pen 6; Clip 60, Reload 2 Full.) Plasma Grenade (2d10 Pen 8, Blast 4, Concussive 2, Overheats.) Prism Cannon*1 (Vehicle, 500m; S/-/-; 3d10 +5 Pen 6; Clip 20; Concussive (2), Blast (5) Scatter Laser (Heavy; 100m; -/-/12; 1d10 + 7E; Pen 2; Clip 120; Reload 2 Full, Reliable, Storm) Starcannon (Heavy, 120m; S/3/-; 1d10 + 6E Pen 12; Clip 100; Reload 2 Full) Bright Lance (Heavy, 120m; S/-/-, 4d10 + 10E Pen 13; Clip 35; Reload 2 Full.) Doomweaver (Vehicle, 750m, S/-/- 4d10 +5 R, Pen 2, Clip 100, Blast (8), Snare (4), Razor Sharp, Tearing, Twin-Linked) Reaper Launcher (275m, -/-/6; 2d10 + 2X Pen 7, Clip 60; Reload 2 Full; Accurate, Reliable). Fusion Gun (20m; S/-/-; 2d10 +9E Pen 13; Clip 6; Full Reload; Reliable) Mandiblasters (Pistol (Helmet), 3m, S/-/-; 1d10 +3 Pen 2; Clip 30; Reload Full; Reliable.) Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack (Range: Special, S/-/-, 1d10 +5X Pen 4; Blast (3); Clip 10; Reload 2 Full; Reliable, Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack*5) Death Spinner (Basic; 30m; S/3/-; 2d10 +8 R Pen 0; Clip 20; Reload Full; Blast (1); Reliable) Wraithcannon (Heavy; 50m, S/-/; Special Damage; Special Penetration; Special Clip; Special Reload; Reliable, *7 Wraithcannon) Pulse Laser (Vehicle, 750m, S/4/-; 4d10 + 10 Pen 15, Clip 200, Reload Full, Reliable) *5 This small pack can be used to make one free attack per turn on any target flown over as part of the user's regular move, counting as being at Long Range. *7 Wraithcannon - When a target is hit by a Wraithcannon, roll 2d10. This is the amount of damage the Wraithcannon inflicts, ignoring armour & toughness. In addition, if the damage result is 19-20, the Target is destroyed outright, regardless of the number of wounds it possesses (Fate Points may be burned as normal). If the damage result is 2-10, the target takes Damage and is teleported a number of metes equal to the result in a random direction. If the Target is teleported into the same space as another object, move the target into the closest available space, the target then takes 1d5 additional damage, ignoring armour & toughness (as can the object). As long as the Wraithguard is active, the weapon never runs out of power. If removed from the user, it falls silent forever. Melee Weapons; Singing Spear (Melee/Thrown, Psy Rating x2 Range, 1d10 +5R Pen 5, Power Field, Force) Void Sabre (1d10 +8 R Pen 2, Balanced, Tearing.) Witchblade (1d10 +5 R Pen 0, Power Field, Balanced, Force) Banshee Power Sword (1d10 + 9E Pen 6; Power Field, Balanced) Biting Blade (1d10 +6R Pen 3, Tearing, Balanced) Diresword (1d10 +5E Pen 5, Balanced, Power Field, Dire*3) Laser Lance (1d10 + 5 Pen 5, Lance) *1 - Prim Cannons have three settings. Standard, Focused, Dispersed. Above is the Standard setting. Focused removes the blast quality, but doubles the Damage die, Raw Damage, Penetration). Dispersed doubles the blast quality but removes one damage die, halves penetration.) *3 - The Diresword ignores damage reduction from Toughness Bonus. Armour; Mesh Armour (Head 3, Body 4, Arms 4, Legs 4) Runic Armour (6 All round) Ghosthelm (6 Head; Willpower test to negate Psychic Phenomena/Perils) Dark Reaper Aspect Armour (7 All,Includes Omni Scope, Scanner, Omni-Scope, Rebreather, Photovisor, Microbead) Fire Dragon Aspect Armour (6 All, Scanner, Rebreather, Photovisor, Microbead.) Howling Banshee Aspect Armour (5 All, Includes Rebreather, Scanner, Photovisor, Microbead, Banshee Mask *2) Striking Scorpion Aspect Armour (6 All, includes Rebreather, Photovisor, Scanner, Microbead, Mandiblasters) Shining Spear Aspect Armour (8 All, includes Rebreather, Photovisor, Scanner, Microbead) Swooping Hawk Aspect Armour (5 All, includes Rebreather, Photovisor, Scanner, Microbead, Swooping Hawk Wings *4) Howling Banshee Aspect Armour (7 All, includes rebreather, photovisor, microbead, scanner, Warp Jump Generator *6) *2 Banshee Mask; When a Howling Banshee makes a Charge Action, she may choose to activate her mask as part of that action. The object of the Howling Banshee's Charge must pass a Difficult (-10) Willpower Test or count as Surprised (even if possessing Rapid Reaction) and suffer 1 wound for every two degrees of Failure. Targets with Resistance (Psychic Techniques) may use this talent against the attack. Wounds received in this way ignore all armour except fully-enclosed helms with auto-senses. In addition, while the Howling Banshee wears her helmet, she gains the Disturbing Voice talent) *4 Swooping Hawk Wings; These allow the Swooping Hawk to glide safely down from any height and make an unlimited number of short jumps, doubling his base movement in any direction and ignoring all intervening terrain and obstacle. The Swooping Hawk must normally land at the end of his turn, but may use maximum power to gain the Flyer (12) trait for up to five minutes before the wings require a minute to recharge. *6 Warp Jump Generator - This wargear allows the Warp Spider to make small controlled jumps through the warp, disappearing with a soft clap and reappearing many metres away with a rush of displaced air. The Warp Spider may double its base movement and ignore intervening obstacles. In addition, he may choose to push the mechanisms of the generator to move a further 2d10 metres with no penalty, but should the Warp Spider roll doubles ones, he must pass a Hard (-20) Willpower Test or disappear forever, claimed by the warp. Should he pass the Test, he may only take a half action next turn as he staggers into the material universe. Vehicles; Fire Prism (Skimmer, 25m Tactical, 180kph Cruising, +25 Manoeuvrability, 18 SI, Massive, Armour 37, 37, 22; Enhanced Motives, Skimmer, Reinforced Hull; 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner; Fixed Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapult, Prism Cannon.) War Walker (Walker, 10m Tactical, Cruising 55kph, Manoeuvrability +15, 15 SI, Hulking, Armour 22, 21, 20; Enhanced Motive; Open-Topped; Walker; 1 Pilot; 2 Weapons; Shuriken Cannon Or Scatter Laser Or Starcannon Or Bright Lance Or Eldar Missile Launcher) Vyper (Skimmer, 30m Tactical, 280kph Cruising, +25 Manoeuvrability, 18 SI, Hulking, Enhanced Motive, Open-Topped, Skimmer; 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner, Fixed Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapult, Shuriken Cannon OR Scatter Laser OR Starcannon OR Bright Lance OR Eldar Missile Launcher) Falcon Grav-Tank (Skimmer, 25m Tactical, Cruising Speed 180kph, +25 Manoeuvrability, 18 SI, Massive, Armour 37, 37, 22; Enhanced motives, Skimmer; 1 Pilot, 2 Gunners; Transports 6; Fixed Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults, Shuriken Cannon OR Scatter Laser OR Starcannon OR Bright Lance OR Eldar Missile Launcher) Night Spinner (Skimmer, 25m Tactical, 180kph Cruising, Manoeuvrability +25, 18 SI, Massive, Armour 37, 37, 22. Enhanced motives; Skimmer; Reinforced Hull. 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner. Fixed Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapult, Doomweaver. Eldar Jetbike (Skimmer; 35m Tactical Speed, 300kph Cruising Speed; +30 Manoeuvrability, 10 SI, Hulking, Bike, Enhanced Motive, Open Topped, Skimmer, 1 Pilot, Fixed Twin-linked Shuriken Catapult) Nightshade Interceptor (Spacecraft, 40m Tactical Speed, 4000kph Cruising Speed, +30 Manoeuvrability, 12 SI, Enormous, Armour 22, 22, 22, Enclosed, Enhanced Motive Systems, Environmentally Sealed, Orbital Deployment, Reinforced Armour. 1 Pilot, 2 Fixed Bright Lances, Pulse Laser) I borrowed heavily from SynfulJester's work with the unified 40k bestiary, though given it appears to be balanced for Space Marines, I have taken the time to nerf a number of items down to more manageable levels.
  6. Spiritseer Prerequisite - Warlock Aptitudes - Willpower, Psyker, Fellowship, Leadership, Defence New Talents - Air of Authority & Combat Formation OR Into The Jaws Of Hell Specialist Equipment - Runic Armour, Ghosthelm, Witchblade. Advances - Increase Psy Rating Wraithguide (500xp) - The Spiritseer adds a Wraithguard to his retinue. This advance can be selected a number of times up to your Willpower bonus. The first time you select this advance, your Guardian Comrade is replaced with a Wraithguard. Army of the Dead (500xp) - The Spiritseer co-ordinates the Wraithguards he leads in unleashing their assault. The Spiritseer makes a Difficult (-10) Willpower Test, and for each degree of success achieved, a member of the retinue may make a single ranged or melee attack, up to a limit of one attack per Wraithguard.
  7. I did specify Reactions. That means things like Dodge and Parry. Not attacks. As far as only one attack per round goes, in the case of reactionary attacks, you wouldn't get any more attacks than before. The rule of one attack per round still applied unless otherwise specified.
  8. Wraithguard Prerequisites - 0 Fate Points, 5000xp, Must have performed a suitably heroic deed (GM discretion). May not be a Psyker. Wraithguards lose their comrades. Aptitudes - Ballistic Skill, Weapons Skill, Offence, Defence, Strength, Toughness Talents - True Grit OR Sound Constitution (6) New Traits - Auto-Stabilised, Size (Hulking), Sturdy, Weight of Years (Wraith), Wraith, Wraithsight, From Beyond, Unnatural Senses (Sight, Sound), Improved Natural Weapons. Specialist Equipment - Wraithcannon OR Powersword & Shield Or Poweraxe & Shield Advances - Hardened Wraithbone (200 x Machine Level) - Increases the value of the character's Machine trait by one each time this is purchased. Regeneration (300xp) - Whilst Wraithbone is a naturally regenerative substance, it typically requires the assistance of a Bonesinger to heal at any rate worth mentioning. The Wraithguard cannot be given First Aid, but will regenerate it's Machine trait's worth of damage per day unless it has been fully destroyed. Traits; Weight of Years (Wraith) - On attempting to make an Intelligence or Fellowship based skill test, regardless of degrees of success, the Wraith character must make roll less than his Willlpower Bonus on a d10, in order to plumb the depths of his unearthly conscience accurately enough to function. Wraith - On becoming a Wraith, the character gains the Machine (1) trait. He may only advance as a Wraithguard. He cannot suffer from Blood Loss or Fatigue. He cannot receive the benefits of Non-Psychic Healing. The Character loses their Unnatural Agility trait. The character gains Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2) The character also is subject to the following Characteristics Modifiers; -15 Agility, +15 Toughness. Wraithsight - When there is no allied Eldar Psyker present, the Wraithguard must make a Challenging Perception test in order to act normally. Otherwise, it spends it's turn wandering aimlessly in a random direction. (Use of the Scatter chart is advocated).
  9. Very good question, and one which indicates people are actually reading this thread ^.- I honestly hadn't taken it into account, but I would have thought that this would be a Free Action with the Concentration subtype, if that helps. Thank you for puling me up on that.
  10. A note on Eldar and Corruption. Due to the nature of Eldar and their historic background, I'm considering the following rule for Craftworld Eldar and She Who Thirsts; Craftworld Eldar are unaffected by Malignancies, however, at each major mutation phase, they must test willpower or lose 5 to all stats across the board. Any thoughts?
  11. Warp Spider Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility, Perception, Willpower, Offence, Finesse Talents - Hard Target or Leap Up & Lightning Reflexes Specialist Equipment - Warp Spider Aspect Armour, Death Spinner* *Exarchs can select to take an additional Death Spinner instead of a Best Quality Death Spinner Advances - Group Teleport (250xp) - A Warp Spider with this advance can choose to take individuals in physical contact with him on a short trip through the Warp using his teleportation wargear. Should he opt to push it and the group becomes lost in the warp, any individual from the group may opt to Burn Fate in order to navigate the Warp Spider back to the Materium. Surprise Attack (300xp) - If the Warp Spider uses his Warp Generator Backpack to teleport a half-move distance, and thus retain a half-action, he may then follow through with an attack, for which an enemy who has not readied an action in anticipation of such a manoeuvre is considered "surprised" by the Warp Spider.
  12. Swooping Hawk Aptitudes - Agility, Perception, Ballistic Skill, Willpower, Offence, Fieldcraft, Finesse Talents - Sharpshooter & Lightning Reflexes OR Marksman Specialist Equipment - Swooping Hawk Aspect Armour, Lasblaster, Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack, Swooping Hawk Wings Advances - Elusive (300xp, credit to SynfulJester) - The Swooping Hawk can make a number of extra reactions equivalent to half it's Natural Agility Bonus. Distraction (250XP) - The Swooping Hawk can send his comrade to distract the enemy, drawing their fire to himself. The Swooping Hawk makes an Opposed Stealth Test with the enemy to escape into the air unnoticed, and the enemy care considered unaware of the Swooping Hawk for this round. However, this breaks cohesion with the Hawk's comrade.
  13. Shining Spear Aptitudes - Agility, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Strength, Perception, Weapon Skill Talents - Unstoppable Charge OR Push The Limit & Takedown Specialist Equipment - Shining Spear Aspect Armour, Laserlance, Shuriken Pistol, Mono Sword Advances - Monster Hunter (Base idea borrowed from SynfulJester) (300XP) - When charging an enemy, a Shining Spear's weapon gains the Felling (4) property. Crack Manouvering - As Tank Ace
  14. Dire Avenger Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility, Offence, Defence, Perception Talents - Combat Formation & Double Team, OR Rapid Reaction Specialist Equipment - Dire Avenger Aspect Armour, Shuriken Pistol, Avenger Shuriken Catapult, Diresword Advances - Bladestorm (250xp) - The Dire Avenger rushes forward at full speed, sliding to a halt at the end of a Double Movement with a spray of fully automatic fire from his ranged weapon. (Credit to SynfulJester and co for this one) Kin's Aegis (300XP) - The Dire Avenger is able to lend his reactions - up to as many as his normal total - to his fellows. The Dire Avenger may use this ability as a free action (of the Concentration subtype) during his own turn, requiring him to think tactically about which allies he may need to assist in the coming flurry of activity.
  15. Due to what we felt were difficulties in allowing a Crimson Hunter to fulfil his role, and the dependency on Shadow Spectres on operating in squads -of- Shadow Spectres, they have been cut as specialties from this system conversion for the sake of saving workload and practicality.
  16. In that case, split them into groups of Five led by Lootas with Overseer. The bigger the magnitude of the squad, the more dangerous it is. Naturally. But smaller squads retain squad squishiness without forcing it through the roof.
  17. I would include a couple of Loota Boyz in formation with Shoota Boyz. This gives the Lootaz a little more durability unless the PCs have snipers. If they do have Snipers, perfect for validating their class choice. Less Looty more Shooty. Do two squads of Shootas with a Lootaboy with the Overseer trait acting in place of a Nob
  18. Striking Scorpion Aptitudes - Agility, Fieldcraft, Strength, Perception, Offence, Weapon Skill Talents - Sure Strike & Quickdraw or Ambush Specialist Equipment - Striking Scorpion Aspect Armour, Scorpion Chainsword, Shuriken Pistol Advances - Silent Ambush (As Scout), Two Against The Odds (As Brawler)
  19. Howling Banshee Aptitudes - Agility, Finesse, Strength, Offence, Toughness, Weapons Skill Talents - Ambidextrous & Streetfighting Or Blademaster Specialist Equipment - Howling Banshee Aspect Armour, Banshee Power Sword, Shuriken Pistol Advances; Brutal Encouragement (As Bone'ead) Wail of the Banshee - The Banshee may, once per combat encounter, loose a soul shaking keen, granting her Fear (1) for that battle. (300XP) Credit to SynfulJester for the Banshee advance idea.
  20. Fire Dragon Aptitudes - Agility, Finesse, Willpower, Toughness, Tech, Intelligence. Talents - Jaded & Technical Knock, or Hipshooting Specialist Equipment - Fire Dragon Aspect Armour, Fusion Gun, 2 Melta Bombs, 5 Demolitions Charges Advances: Dragon's Breath (250xp) - The Guardian Comrade accompanying the Exarch into battle is issued a flamethrower, which he can use as a full action to force enemy infantry within the flamethrower's normal range to make a Challenging Pinning Test, the intention of which is to provide cover support to allow the Fire Dragon to close on armoured targets unhindered. Blaze of Glory (300xp) - The Path of the Fire Dragon is inherently incredibly dangerous, and many Fire Dragons accept that their lot is to die gloriously for the Eldar people. A Fire Dragon who purchases this advance may engage in a Charge action toward a target - that does not need to bring them into melee combat - and make an attack action against that target using their fusion gun. If the Fire Dragon opts to draw Melta Bombs during this action, they may instead plant the Melta Bomb upon the side of an adjacent vehicle at the end of their charge.
  21. Dark Reaper Aptitudes - Ballistic Skill, Finesse, Perception, Offence, Agility, Strength Talents - Weapon Training (Heavy) & Combat Sense or Rapid Reload Specialist Equipment - Dark Reaper Aspect Armour (Includes Omni-Scope), Reaper Launcher Advances; Guiding Fire (As Gun Lugger), Hammering Storm (As Sentry)
  22. Having studied the Dark Eldar rules for Rogue Trader, I've decided on a number of base modifications for the Eldar stats. Eldar Characteristics vs Human Characteristics To generate characteristics, Humans roll 2d10 + 20. Eldar will be slightly different. Eldar generate characteristics using the following table Weapon Skill - 2d10 + 20 Ballistic Skill - 2d10 + 20 Strength - 2d10 + 15 Toughness - 2d10 + 15 Agility - 2d10 + 25 Intelligence - 2d10 + 20 Perception - 2d10 + 25 Willpower - 2d10 + 20 Fellowship - 2d10 + 20 Or if its more comfortable, think of all Eldar having -5 Toughness and Strength, + 5 Agility and Perception, before other modifications. Medical Attention - Non-Eldar Medics attempting to heal an Eldar suffer a -10 to their Medicae test unless they possess Forbidden Lore (Xenos) Alien Visage - Eldar characters have very distinctive features, and suffer a -30 penalty to Deceive when attempting to pass themselves off as members of another species. Eldar Knowledge: All Eldar begin play with Common Lore (Eldar) and Linguistics (Eldar). For the sake of interaction in a mixed game, consider giving Linguistics (Low Gothic) as an Automatic. Matchless Grace: All Eldar benefit from Unnatural Agility (2). Speak Not Unto The Alien: Eldar suffer a -20 to all Interaction tests with Imperials, due to the Xenophobic distrust between them.
  23. Page 252 explains that pistols can be fired at any of their settings if being used as a Sidearm.
  24. Farseer Characteristic Bonus - +10 Willpower, +5 Fellowship, +5 Perception, -10 Toughness, -5 Strength. Farseers are powerful Psykers with a grasp on the future, but this level of dedication to the mind leaves them physically more fragile than their kin. Aptitudes - Willpower, Perception, Fellowship, Intelligence, Psyker, Social, Defence, Knowledge Starting Skills: Psyniscience, Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Charm or Deceive Starting Talents: Foresight, 400xp worth of Psychic Powers. Starting Traits: Psyker, Psy Rating 3, Eldritch Mastery Specialist Equipment: Runic Armour, Ghosthelm. Starting Wounds: 6 + 1d5 Advances: Increase Psy Rating Runes of Witnessing (250xp) Runes of Warding (300xp)
  25. //After some deliberation, decided that Bonesingers are not appropriate for the Only War game, and would be better suited to an alternative theme. I would delete this post but I have no idea how.
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