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  1. lol TheCreepingDark was GM for the first campaign I was in and this was when we were defending a farm from Orks, and again later in a shallow trench we'd franticly dug waiting for VTOL extraction. Bit late to the party, friend, but thank you for the attempt at clarification nonetheless.
  2. The Rapid Reload one I can agree with wholeheartedly. The shooting from a vehicle stuff I'm not so sure of. Is it going faster, or is it just driving further? In the former case, which I would have thought the "gun it" manouver or whatever it's called would suffice. If it's just the driver moving further, I'm not sure it should count.
  3. No, is the short answer. It is not a piece of his Standard Regimental Kit, nor is it a Favoured Weapon of the Regiment. It is specialist's equipment, and is expected to be returned in the condition it was given to the character.
  4. If it's Orks, I'm a big proponent about bringing out the Beamy Deffgun (Orky Lascannon) as an all purpose anti-vehicular solution. After all, one doesn't need to abide by the book 100% in terms of story content either. Nothing will have your players shitting themselves and trying to lay down suppression / sniper fire in self-defence like a Lascannon. It maybe doesn't answer your current dilemma, but it certainly prevents the players feeling unstoppable =P I guess in the end it depends what you want to do. Stay true to the adventure path as written to the word, or, mix things up to create certain responses in your players. I'm just throwing out a variety of ideas at this point with no direction.
  5. Armour facing is determined by which side of the vehicle you're shooting at, rules as written. The problem with giving wheels reduced armour is that it will rapidly deplete the vehicle's structural integrity, meaning that they could plink the wheels to death and kill the vehicle purely by small arms fire at the tyres - even if it isn't actually moving. Makes sense for immobilisation, but not so much the ensuing ball of flames by the next stray shot that hits the vehicle at -10 SI due to wheel plinking. If you want to stop the vehicle with motive shots, either house rule something in that the motives have a separate SI pool, or have them bring bigger guns to the battle. Alternatively, allow me to suggest something radically beyond the scope of many a DM's thoughts. Have you considered purely cinematic effect? When all else fails, you are the DM and if the group doesn't appreciate a little dramatic fudging, then you may possibly be playing with the wrong group. Naturally, it's down to your discretion what you do at the end of the day.
  6. Due to the sheer number of Kabals active in Commoragh, I cannot be bothered to come up with stats for them, and it's hard to gauge which beyond the Black Heart and the Poisoned Tongue are actually of any significance. I'll leave it to individual gaming groups to conceive their own stats for Kabals and warrior groups within them as they please. It doesn't take much, beyond a little creativity in gear and vehicles. I would recommend that all players, however, receive as a minimum; Kabalite Armour, Splinter Pistol, two clips.
  7. On the subject of the Dark Eldar armoury, you can find all of the Dark Eldar equipment listed here in their entries in the Only War Core Rulebook and the Enemies of the Imperium rulebook. If there is anything I've added missing from these, or you feel that I'm missing something that should be added to these rules, feel free to give feedback, but otherwise I don't really want to copy-paste things out of the readily available rulebooks for this very system.
  8. I forgot the Eldritch Mastery Trait that Eldar Psykers get, so here it comes. Eldritch Mastery - When making a Focus Power Test, an Eldar Psyker chooses to use the Fettered, Unfettered or Push level for the test: Fettered: The Psyker counts his Psy Rating as half of it's normal value (rounded up) for the Technique but automatically succeeds on the Focus Power Test (he need not roll), and is considered to have scored a number of Degrees of Success on the Test equal to his Psy Rating minus 1d5 (to a minimum of 0). Unfettered: The Psyker uses his full Psy Rating for the Technique. If he rolls doubles or fails his Focus Power test, he must roll on the Psychic Phenomena Table. Push: The Psyker uses his full Psy Rating for the technique, plus a number of his choice up to 4. If he rolls doubles or fails his Focus Power Test, he must roll on the Perils of the Warp table, adding +15 per point by which he increased his Psy Rating when he decided to Push.
  9. Dracon Prerequisite - Must be a member of a Kabalite Specialism, or the Sybarite Specialism. New Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Fellowship, Leadership, Social, Strength, Offence. New Talents - Disturbing Voice, Air of Authority OR Into The Jaws Of Hell Specialist Equipment - Ghostplate Armour, Agoniser or Venomblade, Blast Pistol Advances - Might Makes Right (As Commander's Born Leader), Back Them Up! (As Commander), Flank Them! (As Commander), Lord Of Terror Lord of Terror - The Dracon may choose to expend his Pain Tokens in a horrific display of his skill, gaining the Fear (X) trait for the duration of the encounter, where (X) is the number of Pain Tokens spent, up to a cap of 3.
  10. Lhamaean Courtesan Prerequisite - Female. New Aptitudes - Agility, Intelligence, Knowledge, Fellowship, Social, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill New Talents - Light Sleeper, Leap Up OR Assassin Strike Specialist Equipment - Blade of the Sisterhood, Splinter Pistol Advances - Blessings of Shaimesh (300xp), Sister's Kiss (250xp) Blessings of Shaimesh - The Lhamean can enhance up to her Intelligence Bonus in weapons, which must possess the Toxic quality, with the following improvements; Toxic quality is increased by 2, Felling (4) OR the Weapon's existing Felling quality is improved by 2, Crippling (4) OR the Weapon's existing quality is improved by 2. These enhancements cannot be stacked. Sister's Kiss - If a Lhamean Courtesan is successfully able to kiss her chosen victim, be it either a voluntarily accepted kiss, or a forced kiss during battle (Through the use of Grappling), they can impart damage as though their lips had the Toxic Quality, ignoring toughness, or they can hold a manner of crude control over the victim, prompting a Willpower Test or be controlled as per the Dominate Psychic Power.
  11. Hellion (Support Specialism) Characteristics Bonus - +5 Agility Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception, Weapon Skill, Offence Starting Skills - Operate (Aeronautica), Navigate (Surface), Intimidate Starting Talents - Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Catfall Or Hard Target. Specialist Equipment - Skyboard, Hellglaive. Starting Wounds - 6 + 1d5 Advances - Flurry of Death (300xp) - The Hellion is death afloat on his Skyboard. Such is his speed that he can make an additional attack per round. Decapitation (300xp) - If the Hellion manages to decapitate an opponent, he may spend a Pain Token in order to gain the Fear (1) trait.
  12. Scourge New Aptitudes - Ballistic Skill, Agility, Finesse, Perception, Offence, Defence New Talents - Hip Shooting Or Bulging Biceps & Weapon Training (Heavy) New Traits - Flyer (8)* Specialist Equipment - Shredder OR Splinter Cannon OR Dark Lance. * Due to the surgical nature in which a Scourge gains their wings, this is a permanent enhancement and is retained even if the Scourge changes specialisation. Comrade Note - Due to the difficulty a normal Kabalite would have in keeping up with a Scourge as it flies above the battlefield, Scourges eschew their original comrade permanently in favour of a fellow Scourge. Mechanically, the only difference is that the Comrade also gains the Flyer (8) trait. Advances - Elusive (300xp) - The Scourge can make a number of extra reactions equal to half it's Natural Agility Bonus. Distraction (250XP) - The Scourge orders it's subordinate to distract the enemy, breaking cohesion and making an Opposed Stealth Test. Should it succeed, the enemy become unaware of the Scourge, but are still able to direct fire toward it's comrade. Enemies are considered Unaware of the Scourge for this round.
  13. Beastmaster New Aptitudes - Strength, Perception, Leadership, Willpower, Offence, Fieldcraft New Talents - Combat Formation, Catfall OR Fearless Specialist Equipment - Electrocorrosive Whip, Splinter Pistol, Skyboard Comrade Note - The Beastmaster changes his standard warrior comrade for a Beast minion from the following list; Clawed Fiend, Kymera, Razorwing Flock. (See Only War Core Rulebook) Advances - Poacher, Warbeast Warbeast (300xp) - The Beastmaster may make a Challenging (+0) Command or Intimidate test in order to drive his creatures toward the enemy. Use the degrees of success on this test to determine the number of successful hits by the creature. Poacher (250xp) - The Beastmaster has developed comprehensive knowledge of the art of capturing individuals, and may instead deal non-lethal damage when armed with a melee weapon. Any weapon damage which passes the target's armour and toughness bonus is instead dealt as levels of fatigue. Damage from additional traits (such as from the Toxic quality) remains lethal damage.
  14. Sslyth Foreword - I understand ahead of time that the Sslyth is an incredibly powerful creature for a Player Character, and advise that GM discretion be used in allowing players to take on this role. Characteristics Bonus - +5 Toughness, -5 Perception. -10 Willpower Starting Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Offence, Defence, Agility, Finesse Starting Skills - Awareness or Stealth, Intimidate, Parry. Starting Talents - Ambidextrous, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) or (Ranged) Starting Traits - Auto-stabilised, Multiple Arms (4), Hulking, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2), Natural Armour (1) Specialist Equipment - Shardcarbine, Mono Sword. Starting Wounds - 25 + 1d5 Comrade Note - Sslyths do not travel with a Comrade. Advances - Hardened Scales. Terrifying Presence. Terrifying Presence (300xp) - The Sslyth gains Fear (1) as a trait. Hardened Scales (300xp x Natural Armour Rating) - Increases the Sslyth's Natural Armour rating by 1.
  15. Mandrake Characteristics Bonus - +5 Agility Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Finesse, Fieldcraft, Weapon Skill, Offence Starting Talents - Cold-Hearted, Sure Strike OR Takedown Starting Traits - Phase, Frozen Flame, Daemonic (1), Nightstrider. Specialist Equipment - Wicked Blade Starting Wounds - 4 + 1d6 Comrade Note - Mandrakes are solitary hunters in the dark. They do not travel with a comrade. Frozen Flame - A Mandrake that has slain a living being within the past 24 hours can use the Baleblast attack (Basic; 50m; S/3/-, 1d10 +6E Pen 4; Clip -; Reload -; Crippling (3), Corrosive) Nightstrider - As a full action, a Mandrake can slink into one shadow only to emerge from another one up to his double-move away, filling the air within 10m around it with an icy chill. Make an opposed Stealth Test to shake your enemies' sight. Advances - Silent Ambush (As Scout), Daemonic Resilience, Daemonic Strength Daemonic Resilience (300xp x Daemonic Rating) - The Mandrake increases their Daemonic Trait Rating by 1. Daemonic Strength (300xp x Unnatural Strength Rating, Minimum 300) - The Mandrake increases their Unnatural Strength characteristic by 1. The first time the Mandrake purchases this characteristic, it gains Unnatural Strength (1).
  16. Incubus Characteristic Bonus - +5 Toughness Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Weapon Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Offence, Toughness Starting Skills - Awareness, Dodge or Parry, Intimidate, Scholastic Lore (Tactics), Stealth Starting Talents - Quickdraw, Takedown OR Counter Attack, Weapon Training (Power, Low-Tech) Specialist Equipment - Klaive, Incubus Warsuit. Starting Wounds - 10 + 1d5 Comrade Note - Incubi are incredibly insular and distant, separating themselves from the Kabals of Dark Eldar society. As such, they do not travel with a Comrade. Advances - Shield, Weapon Master Shield (250xp) - Incubi are often hired to protect persons of significant importance or wealth within Dark Eldar society. Should the Incubus wish to protect a nearby ally, they may choose to take the hit on their behalf instead. Weapon Master (300xp) - Such is the Incubus' mastery of their chosen form of murder that they excel at it above and beyond lesser mortals. The Incubus may choose, once per encounter, to activate this ability as a free action. For the duration of one round, the Incubus may double the number of attacks he may make (Twice if wielding a single weapon, or four times (twice per weapon) if dual-wielding.)
  17. Wych Characteristics Bonus - +5 Weapon Skill Starting Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Agility, Strength, Finesse, Offence, Defence Starting Skills - Dodge, Acrobatics OR Stealth Starting Talents - Ambidextrous OR Hard Target, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Power) Specialist Equipment - Wychsuit, Splinter Pistol & Razorflail OR Hydra Gauntlets Wounds - 8 + 1d5 Advances - Watch My Back! (As Brawler), Two Against The Odds (As Brawler)
  18. Oh, please do. Save me the trouble lol. I want to see how much abuse the rules can take and if any rebalancing needs to be done, but frankly, my players and I have our schedules absolutely packed for campaigns at current, and we wouldn't be able to run any playtests for long unless I incorporated them somehow into an existing game. Besides, it would give me some pride in my work ^.-; Even if a fair amount of it is built on the foundations of others'.
  19. My first campaign was much the same. I can empathise entirely.
  20. Haemonculus Characteristic Bonus - +5 Intelligence Starting Aptitudes - Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Knowledge, Fieldcraft, Tech, Toughness, Defence, Willpower, Weapon Skill Starting Skills - Interrogation, Tech-Use, Medicae, Trade (Chymistry) Or Intimidate Starting Talents - Cold-Hearted, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Splinter, Power, One Exotic) Wounds - 6 + 1d5 Special Comrade - Haemonculi are not escorted into battle by normal Kabalite troops, but instead by a Wrack. Treat as an Ogryn comrade (See Shield of Humanity) Advances - Bodyguard (As Sanctioned Psyker's Overseer), Warped Flesh* Warped Flesh (250 * Natural Armour Level, Minimum 250) - The Haemonculus' horrific experiments upon his own flesh have led to it developing into a natural armour in it's own right. The Haemonculus gains the Natural Armour (X) trait, or increases the value of (X) based on the number of times this advance has been purchased. For example, a newly created Haemonculus who purchases this advance for 250xp gains Natural Armour (1). A Haemonculus who purchases this advance who already has Natural Armour (3), purchases it for 750xp, and gains Natural Armour (4)
  21. Sybarite Characteristics Bonus - +5 Strength Starting Aptitudes - Defence, Fellowship, Leadership, Perception, Strength, Weapon Skill, Toughness Starting Skills - Intimidate, Navigate (Surface) or Scholastic Lore (Tactics) Starting Talents - Air of Authority OR Disturbing Voice, Weapon Training (Splinter, Low-Tech, Power) Specialist Equipment - Neural Whip, Splinter Pistol Wounds - 8 + 1d5 Advances - Covering Fire (As Sergeant), Get Them! (As Sergeant), Snap Out of It! (As Sergeant), Example* Example (250xp) - The Sybarite uses their comrade as a whipping post, striking them viciously in an effort to galvanise the warriors that follow them into battle. The Sybarite may substitute Intimidate for all Command Tests.
  22. Kabalite Warrior Characteristics Bonus - +5 Weapon Skill or +5 Ballistic Skill Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Weapon Skill, Offence Starting Talents - Athletics or Survival, Navigate (Surface), Common Lore (Dark Eldar, War) Starting Talents - Rapid Reload, Weapon Training (Choose 3, excluding Heavy) Specialist Equipment - Good Quality Splinter Rifle OR Common Quality Shardcarbine Or Poisoned Blade Wounds - 6 + 1d5 Advances - Armsman (As Weapon Specialist), Hail of Fire (As weapons specialist)
  23. Reaver Characteristics Bonus - +5 Agility Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Tech Starting Skills - Navigate (Surface), Operate (Surface) or Operate (Aeronautica), Tech-Use. Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Splinter), Technical Knock Specialist Equipment - Scanner, Mind-Impulse Unit, Combi-Tool Wounds - 4 +1d5 Advances - Gunner (As Operator), Put That Out! (As Operator) Comrade Note - Though Reavers are accompanied into battle by other Reavers, this comrade is mechanically identical to the Kabalite Warrior for all intents and purposes beyond those specified within the specialism.
  24. Kabalite Heavy Characteristic Bonus - +5 Toughness Starting Aptitudes - Ballistic Skill, Offence, Perception, Toughness, Agility, Tech Starting Skills - Athletics or Survival, Common Lore (Dark Eldar, War), Intimidate Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Splinter, Heavy, Low-Tech, Choose 1), Bulging Biceps Specialist Equipment - Splinter Cannon Or Dark Lance Advances - Loader (As Heavy Gunner), Stabilise (As Heavy Gunner) Wounds - 8 + 1d5
  25. Ah, well, against a Chimera that's entirely different lol. Against a vehicle I'd be quite happy to unleash concentrated death against it ^.- In the end, go ahead and fudge it to suit the situation. Against a tank, I'd even be inclined to have one of the Lootas produce a Rokkit Launcha or a Beamy Deffgun (Lascannon). Depends entirely on how much of a threat you want them to be to your players. Even then, five Lootas is +25 to their Ballistic Skill right there. Easily raises the potential for hits. I was just using the 20 Orks as an example I've seen. Hell, I used Orks in such obscene numbers that my players go to ground on seeing them. Always bring the right tools for the job, definitely. Maybe one of your Lootas could start digging through a bag looking for the Beamy Deffgun to "open dat kan"? Might give the players a scare and get their sharpshooters, if they have any, franticly trying to line up a shot.
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