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  1. I adore playing Drop Troops with the Spec Ops element to it. I also love hijacking every vehicle I can get my grubby hands on. =D I've yet to actually play as anything else but, I've been asked to run a game for a group of Adeptus Arbites Motorbike Rough Riders; "Task Force 62", which could be interesting. I will have to get back in touch about the Motorbike Rough Riders. Given I seem to be perpetually stuck wearing the GM hat, it may be a while before I get to actually play in any others.
  2. Clipped Wings After a short joh through the forest, the group founda clearing where there hadn't been one earlier this morning - trees having been shattered and reduced to kindling by the Valkyrie as it came screaming down from the heavens, ploughing a deep scar into the land beneath it as it buried it's nose into the earth, compacting it & spraying debris everywhere. Wasting no time, they walked over to the debris, hopping into the trench that the Valkyrie had dug in it's crash. Cutter and Jonah clambered into the aircraft, checking it over for any remaining equipment, and moving into the pilot's cabin where they discovered the Navyman who had flown them out here slumped dead at the controls, his head lolling freely and his heart impaled upon a tree branch that had punched through the glass of the cockpit and no doubt ended his life. The Medic's pronunciation of death upon impact was hardly necessary for any who laid eyes upon the sight, but formalities had to be observed before Jonah liberated the corpse of it's laspistol sidearm and gathered the man's dog-tags. They'd honour his memory properly later if any of them made it back to base. As Jonah disembarked, and Jase clambered into the Valkyrie with Cutter, he noticed Matthias had frozen, his head turned toward the gunfire, as he raised a hand and gestured for everyone to quiet down and listen, and sure enough, they soon heard it. The sound of engines - and they weren't human engines. Too loud, and they were deep behind enemy lines. Probably Ork looters coming to strip the remains of the Valkyrie, and if they were mounted then their hopes of outrunning them were slim. Their best odds were to dig in and use the spontaneous trench to their advantage. "Orks incoming! Down! All of you, into the trench and ready your weapons! I want overwatch on either side of the trench. They'll be on us soon. Remember the doctrine!" barked Jonah, co-ordinating the startled team, gesturing Matthias to one side of the trench, whilst Repta & Faye fell against the other, readying the Heavy Stubber against the trench dirt, whilst Jonah hopped out of the Valkyrie and took position next to Matthias, while the Ratlings heding for a smaller bit of the trench to compensate for their lack of height, bracing the sniper rifle as they kept watch, the Medics falling in and pressing down in cover against the Valkyrie's bulkheads, the entire squad waiting with bated breath and tension mounting as the engines got ever closer. Sure enough, the threat soon presented itself as a squadron of Ork Warbikes came roaring into view around the flanks of the Valkyrie, and in a moment of reactionary fire, the Orks were taken by surprise as the hail of gunfire erupted, the barrage opening up on the leg flank as Repta's heavy stubber spat slug after slug into the bike's front, striking the handle and causing it to veer off course as it sped past into the treeline, followed shortly after by the screaming of fire from the Stormtroopers' hellguns, and the Sniper Rifle laying fire into another bike coming around the right flank, though the shots seemed to do nothing, much to the amusement of the Ork rider, who revved his engine in response, crying out that war cry the Guardsmen knew so well; "WAAAAAAAGHHH!!!" The squad stood unflinching, however, in the face of these monsters and continued firing, attempting to hit the riders as they rode about them, ducking for cover in the trench as necessary as bullets sprayed about them, but the Orks swiftly grew frustrated and began to pull up facing the trench. One from the west, one from the east and two lined up straight down the trench from the south - flanking the human soldiers with no easy way out. It was at this point that things started to seem somewhat desperate for the guardsmen, as the Orks began to spray them with intensified storms of bullets, several striking Repta in the arm and Jonah crumpling in a heap as several rounds struck his helmet. Meanwhile the riders from the south came roaring down the trench with their "choppas" in hand, attempting to strike the guardsmen before veering off at the last second and lining up for another run, which prompted Vin & Sylvia to heft the sniper rifle they carried, running free of the cornered trench, using their chameleoline cloaks to fade into the the trees as they returned fire, a round catching an Ork in the shoulder and jarring it's attempts to manoeuvre it's bike, while in the chaos of the fight, Matthias hefted his Hellgun to open up... ...and heart a resounding crack, as the surge protection in his hellgun's charge pack failed, destroying the clip and rendering his gun incapable of firing. Alarmed, he dropped into the trench, releasing the now useless weapon and producing his backup shotgun and leaping back out of the trench, firing & pumping, firing & pumping, as he advanced on the Ork. Back in the trench itself, Repta managed to bring down the first kill of the battle, as his stubber erupted for yet another salvo, riddling the Ork bike ahead of him with rounds and hitting the fuel tank, the Ork's eyes widening in surprise as it burst into flame, howling in pain as it was thrown from the vehicle. Managing a savage grin, Repta turned about, barking out "Quill, steady it. Time to mark me off another!" prompting her to release the ammo belt and help steady the weapon so that additional barrages would fly true. Jonah managed to heave himself out of the dirt with a groan, evidently still breathing despite the salvo of the rounds which hit his helmet - the armour likely having saved his life - and hauling himself out of the trench after Matthias. He took on a moment's desperation, and launched himself into a run, tackling the Ork rider, leaving the beast somewhat at a loss as the human wrapped himself about it, dumbfounded as Matthias moved in, taking a shot with the Shotgun- CLACK - which jammed suddenly, the cartridge of shot cracking and becoming lodged in the firing mechanism. The Scion looked down at his weapon in pure disbelief, and tossed it aside in favour of a laspistol, as an Ork rode down into the gap in the trench where the scions had just been, attempting to spray fire at Cutter & Jase, who retaliated with lasfire of their own, striking the creature in the head, causing it's flesh to melt over it's eyes and blinding it, leaving it forced to spray bullets blindly in a vain effort to survive Meanwhile, the Ratlings moved from tree to tree, supporting their comrades with calculated sniper fire, hurting the Orks bit by bit as the group strove to survive. Their break came when two Orks dismounted their bikes, having ran out of ammunition with the bikes' mounted guns, to charge into melee, to which the two Stormtroopers did the unthinkable - they leapt onto the abandoned vehicles to gain the mobility edge they needed, beginning to circle the Orks and blast them, while Repta worked tirelessly to destroy the remaining hostile Bike, the Orks eventually dying screaming and aflame before the clearing slowly grew quiet. The wounded guardsmen pulled the bikes up near the Valkyrie and gathered themselves with a quiet sigh after having executed the last of the Orks. Wordlessly, the group eyed the bikes, and then nodded to each other, as the Stormtroopers gunned the engines up, turning them about and heading south.
  3. Ah well in that case it's an entirely different story and your numbers don't look too bad at all.
  4. Bionic refers specifically to the limbs generally for in-game purposes. Losing your legs doesn't mean losing all three ;P Your cybernetic limbs retain your natural TB.
  5. Cybernetics already have an effective UT 2 anyway and legs come in pairs so that you don't have to measure it to fit the soldiers existing legs. The other leg would be taken in surgery so that they match, otherwise a bionic leg would leave you mostly crippled still due to size differences. The Imperium's stuff follows STCs remember I'm of the mind most of it is kind of unnecessary but the durability improving with craftsmanship isn't a bad idea but needs balanced way better than that. Otherwise, techpriest is God.
  6. I still make them make the Armourer check if they want the customisation before game start ;P
  7. I've been using my freetime to hammer out the racial rulesets over in the homebrew section ^^; I promise I'll do the next chapter of this soon.
  8. Not by RAW but I allow it, personally. Makes sense that they'd have had the wargear for a while before game start and have some time to tinker with it.
  9. If you'd read No Surrender it actually has recommendations for using it following on from Final Testement and 11th Hour. It also has an obscenely hard final boss (no spoilers beyond that here). I'd put it in the following order. Old Soldiers -> 11th Hour -> Against the Savages -> Final Testement -> No Surrender, and consider tossing Old Soldiers to the winds entirely. Doesn't fit the progression particularly well no matter where you put it.
  10. Killa Kan / Deff Dread Grots who enter this advanced specialisation become Killa Kans. Orks who enter this advanced specialisation become Deff Dreads. This specialisation is permanent. Killa Kans / Deff Dreads lose the benefit of Comrades. New Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Offence, Toughness, Defence, Tech, Strength New Talents - Blind Fighting & Ambidextrous OR Independent Targeting. New Traits - Walker, Enclosed, Ramshackle. Specialist Equipment - Two weapons from the lists provided on Page 55 or 57 respectively of Enemies of the Imperium. Special - Becoming vehicles in their own right, Killa Kans / Deff Dreads lose their Toughness and Unnatural Toughness values (and Unnatural Strength if they have it). In exchange, they receive 20 armour on all facings, a Tactical Speed of 9m, a Cruising Speed of 30kph, Manouverability bonus of +10. A Deff Dread's weapons are mounted to it's body and must be fitted and removed using a Trade (Armourer) test when a change is desired in loadout. Advances - Due to the powerful nature of this specialisations, they may not receive additional advances.
  11. Flash Git New Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Offence, Perception, Toughness, Defence New Talents - Munitorum Influence OR Technical Knock & Weapon Training (Heavy) Specialist Equipment - 'Ard Armour, Choppa, Single weapon of choice. Advances - Stabilise (As Heavy Gunner), Armsman (As Weapon Specialist)
  12. Big Meks have been scrapped. A "Mekboy Nob" will essentially fulfil the role of Big Mek.
  13. Nob Any Non-Grot can become a Nob, with the exception of Weirdboys, but this does not serve as a prerequisite to move into other specialisations. New Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Offence, Defence, Leadership, Strength, Intelligence New Talents - Air of Authority & Heroic Inspiration OR Combat Master New Traits* - Size Increase, Auto Stabilised, Unnatural Strength (2), Increased Unnatural Toughness to 4. * Nob traits are retained on leaving the specialism. When a Nob dedicates to the Nob Specialisation, he increases an additional Size category for each Dedication, and gains an additional point of Unnatural Strength and Unnatural Toughness Specialist Equipment - Nobz retain their specialist equipment from their last non-Nob specialisation. Advances - Monster, Get Da Boyz! Monster (400xp) - The Nob increases the value of their Fear rating by 1. If the Nob did not already possess a Fear rating, he gains Fear (1) Get Da Boyz (400xp) - The Nob adds another Boy to his retinue of comrades. This advance may be taken a number of times equal to the Nob's Natural Strength Bonus. Nobz may also purchase the Commander specialism's orders.
  14. Grot -10 Weapon Skill, +15 Ballistic Skill, -15 Strength, -10 Toughness, +10 Agility, +10 Intelligence, +10 Perception, -5 Willpower Starting Skills - Dodge, Stealth, Survival, Awareness Starting Talents - Heightened Senses (Hearing), Street Fighting, Unarmed Warrior, Weapons Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile) Starting Traits - Size (Weedy), Reduced Unnatural Toughness (1) Specialist Equipment - Tools, Knife Special Comrade - Grots pair up with other Grots, rather than larger Orks. Advances - Grot Luck, Nuisance Grot Luck (300 x Grot Luck level, minimum 300) - The Grot gains what is effectively an additional Fate Point per each time this advance is taken, to a maximum of 5. However, these fate points behave as though temporary fate points, and cannot be burned. Nuisance (xp) - One of the few benefits of being a Grot is that people tend to underestimate you. A Grot may make a Stealth Test during combat to appear as only a minor nuisance in comparison to it's larger kin. This stealth test is opposed by Scrutiny. Should the enemy fail to outdo the Gretchen, he dismisses them as a lesser threat, and instead attacks a larger target nearby.
  15. Runtherd Starting Aptitudes - Weapon Skill, Offence, Strength, Leadership, Toughness, Fieldcraft, Perception Starting Skills - Intimidate, Survival Starting Talents - Air of Authority OR Heroic Inspiration, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile, Power) Specialist Equipment - Grot Prod, Slugga Starting Wounds - 12 + 1d5 Special Comrade - At creation, a Runtherd must declare whether he is specialised in herding Grots or Squigs. On making this decision, his Orky comrade is replaced with a Grot or Squig. Squigs cannot make ranged attacks. Advances - Moar!, Pile On! Moar! (400xp) - Every time this advance is purchased, the Runtherd gains another Comrade of his chosen type. Pile-On! (500xp) - The Runtherd bellows at his charges and gives encouraging swipes with his Grot-Prod. He makes a challenging intimidate test, and uses the degrees of success to determine the number of attacks made by his minions. This is a half-action.
  16. Mad Dok Characteristics Bonus - +5 Intelligence Starting Aptitudes - Intelligence, Fieldcraft, Knowledge, Weapon Skill, Strength Starting Skills - Medicae, Trade (Chymistry) Starting Talents - Jaded, Orthoproxy, Weapon Training (Low-Tech) Specialist Equipment - Dok's Tools, Medkit Starting Wounds - 10 + 1d5 Advances - Orderly, Malpractice Orderly (250XP x Number of Orderlies, Minimum 250.) - In addition to his normal comrade, Mad Doks travel with a number of Grot Orderlies. Each Orderly assisting a Mad Dok on a Medicae Test grants a +5 Bonus. This assistance is only usable with Orkoid Patients. Malpractice (400xp) - Such are the tales of Malpractice and experimental sadism of Mad Doks, that even Orkz are terrified of these Oddboyz, and their malicious glee has an overbearing horror toward other races as well. The Mad Dok gains Fear (1).
  17. Weirdboy Characteristic Bonus - +5 Willpower Starting Aptitudes - Willpower, Psyker, Defence, Ballistic Skill, Offence Starting Skills - Psyniscience, Awareness Starting Talents - Warp Sense, Weapon Training (Low-Tech) Starting Traits - Psyker, Psy Rating (1), Perils of the Waaagh!, Da Power of Waaagh! Specialist Equipment - Psy-Focus Wounds - 8 + 1d5 Wounds Advances - Increase Psy Rating (As Sanctioned Psyker), Lightning Rod Lightning Rod (300xp) - The Weirdboy may use his Psy-Rating as the penetration value of his attack if it is higher than the weapon's innate Penetration value. *Please consult the Rogue Trader book, "The Navis Primer" for Perils of the Waaagh!, and Da Power of Waaagh! and available Weirdboy powers and talents. GM discretion is advised in assessing their compatability with Only War.
  18. Mekboy Characteristics Bonus - +5 Intelligence Starting Aptitudes - Intelligence, Tech, Defence, Knowledge Starting Skills - Tech-use, Two Trade Skills of player's choosing, Operate (Surface) OR Operate (Aeronautica) OR Operate (Voidship) Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Pick 3), Orthoproxy, Technical Knock Specialist Equipment - Shokk Attack Gun, Big Wrench Wounds - 10 + 1d5 Advances - Worky Gubbinz, Kuztomization. Worky Gubbinz (250xp) - Mekboy counts all Ork weapons as Reliable. Kuztomization (250xp) - The Mekboy can improve the quality of a firearm temporarily. It goes up a grade in quality until the next time it needs to reload, in which event the weapon breaks and needs to be repaired. Both the Kuztomization and the Repair take a number of minutes equal to the number of half actions taken to load the weapon.
  19. 'Eavy Boy Characteristics Bonus - +5 Strength Starting Aptitudes - Strength, Toughness, Offence, Defence, Ballistic Skill, Perception Starting Skills - Awareness, Intimidate, Survival Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Heavy, Low-Tech, Solid Projectile.), Rapid Reload OR Technical Knock Specialist Equipment - Rokkit Launcha with 5 Rokkitz OR Deffgun Starting Wounds - 12 + 1d5 Advances - Loota OR Tankbusta, Loader (As Heavy Gunner) Loota (300xp) - If allowed sufficient time to pick over the dead, Lootas have a knack for finding the best gubbinz discarded on a battlefield. The Loota may make requisitions as though they were at a camp, with an added step of difficulty due to the difficulties in picking out items among the dead. Tankbusta - The Tankbusta has become adept at hunting his favoured prey on the chaotic and war-torn battlefields of the 41st millennium. When targeting a vehicle, he knows where to aim to hit the sweet spots, and may make an Awareness test to hit the desired facing regardless of actual direction. If the opponent has Crack Manoeuvring, then this becomes an Opposed Test.
  20. Stormboy Characteristics Bonus - +5 Agility Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Fieldcraft, Weapon Skill, Offence, Toughness, Strength Starting Skills - Operate (Surface), Navigate (Surface) Starting Talents - Ambidextrous OR Lightning Reflexes, Frenzy, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile) Specialist Equipment - Choppa, Slugga, Rokkit Pack Wounds - 12 + 1d5 Advances - Ork's Away!, Watch My Back! (As Brawler) Ork's Away! (300xp) - When making a charge attack, the Stormboy may declare "Ork's Away!", using himself as a fleshy missile. He collides with the victim, adding 1d5 damage to the damage dealt for every 5m travelled as part of the charge, in addition to his normal attack damage.
  21. Kommando Characteristics Bonus - +5 Agility Starting Aptitudes - Agility, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Weapon Skill, Offence, Perception Starting Skills - Stealth, Survival, Navigate (Surface) Starting Talents - Unarmed Warrior OR Blind Fighting, Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile) Specialist Equipment - Orky Knoife (1d10R, Tearing), Slugga Wounds - 8 + 1d5 Advances - Ambush Strike (As Scout), Ded Sneaky Ded Sneaky (500xp) - An Ork Kommando who emerges from concealment to attack an enemy with an ambush strike gains Fear (1) for the duration of the round on which it emerged, or if it already has a Fear Rating, it counts as one higher.
  22. 'Ard Boy Characteristics Bonus - +5 Toughness Starting Aptitudes - Defence, Strength, Toughness, Weapons Skill, Ballistic Skill, Willpower Starting Skills - Intimidate, Trade (Armourer) Starting Talents - Weapon Training (Chain, Solid Projectile, Low-Tech), Die Hard OR Frenzy Specialist Equipment - 'Ard Armour, Shoota OR Slugga & Choppa Wounds - 14 + 1d5 Advances - 'Ard Bro (As Ogryn Little'un), Get 'ere! Get 'ere! (As Sanctioned Psyker Overseer) - The 'Ard Boy, in typical Orky fashion, proves how 'ard he is, by grabbing his comrade and dragging him between himself and the bullets.
  23. Orky Boy Characteristics Bonus - +5 Weapon Skill or +5 Ballistic Skill Starting Aptitudes - Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, Offence Starting Skills - Athletics OR Survival, Navigate (Surface), Common Lore (Orks, War) Starting Talents - Rapid Reload or Ambidextrous, Weapon Training (Choose 3, excluding Heavy & Exotic.) Specialist Equipment - 4 Stikkbombs, Shoota OR Slugga & Choppa OR Burna Wounds - 10 + 1d5 Advances - Armsman (As Weapon Specialist), Grab 'im! Grab 'im! (300xp) - The Comrade may spend it's turn attempting to sieze an individual using the Player Character's Weapon Skill and Strength scores as appropriate. The player character determines when the comrade releases the victim, if at all. The victim is considered grappled for all intents and purposes.
  24. Orks have proven trickier than expected thus far despite the supporting material to work with from Rogue Trader as a base. Again, as I did with the Dark Kin, I've severely nerfed the Orks from the standard presented in Rogue Trader, primarily to put them on a more even playing field with the other races present in the event I should ever choose to run a mixed game. You may find that some of the penalties that Orks receive are incredibly severe and limit them to a small niche in terms of characteristics, but it does rather reflect Orks in that respect. Much of this is justification for some of the incredible benefits their traits convey. Stats for Ork equipment can be found by perusing the Only War rulebooks, though I encourage you to remember to subtract the NPC Ork's strength from it's weapon. Other versions of the Ork armoury can also be found in the Rogue Trader rulebooks - most notably "Into The Storm". Proposed Specialisms Basic Specialisms; Orky Boy 'Ard Boy Kommando Stormboy 'Eavy Boy Support Specialisms Mekboy Weirdboy Mad Dok Runtherd Grot Advanced Specialisms Nob Big Mek Flash Git Killa Kan/Deff Dread Ork Characteristics Weapon Skill - 20 + 2d10 Ballistic Skill - 5 + 2d10 Strength - 25 + 2d10 Toughness - 25 + 2d10 Agility - 15 + 2d10 Intelligence - 10 + 2d10 Perception - 15 + 2d10 Willpower - 15 + 2d10 Fellowship - 10 + 2d10 Or (-15 BS, +5 Strength, +5 Toughness, -5 Agility, -10 Intelligence, -5 Perception, -5 Willpower, -10 Fellowship.) Orks may select talents from Rogue Trader's "Into The Storm" list of Ork talents as the GM feels appropriate. Clan stats may be found in Enemies of the Imperium. Orks are immune to Seduction and Corruption. Orks are unaffected by Insanity until they reach 100 points, at which point they become a Madboy and are removed from play - often with hilarious and catastrophic results. Orks must pass a Toughness Test to be affected by human drugs. In place of human bionics, Orks must opt to use Ork Bionics, which count as Poor or Common Craftmanship versions, should weigh at least twice as much and be covered in crude welds, bolts, pistons and the odd exhaust pipe. Orks cannot wear Armour sized for other races. Non-Imperial - Orks suffer a -10 penalty to all Lore tests relating to the Imperium of Man Speak Not Unto The Alien - Orks count all Fellowship tests as being two steps more difficult when dealing with non-Orks. This can be waived in special circumstances with the GM's discretion. 'Ard - Orks possess Unnatural Toughness 2), Sturdy, Iron Jaw & True Grit. All Medicae tests to treat an Ork's injuries receive a +20 bonus. Made Fer Fightin' - Orks gain the Furious Assault talent and are automatically proficient with all Orky weapons. Make It Work - Any Orky technology with the unreliable quality is not considered unreliable when wielded by an Ork. Might Makes right - Orks may use the Intimidate Skill in place of the Command Skill when dealing with other Orkoids. Mob Rule - Orks gain +10 Willpower for each Ork within 10m of them for Fear and Pinning tests. Brutal Charge - Orks gain the Brutal Charge trait, with Brutal Charge (1) being the initial value when the Ork is at size category (4). For each increase in size category, increase the value of Brutal Charge by 1. Refer to the Ratling Comrade rules for using Grot comrades. Regular Ork Boy comrades have an additional wound state, giving them a total of 3 wound states besides Dead, with 'Ard Boy comrades able to take an additional state of damage.
  25. I've reduced their strength down for use as player characters for what I feel are appropriate for running as characters in a mixed race game, marking everyone against a human baseline similar to the structure presented in RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. It's not intended to be a perfect reconstruction in Only War, and the nerf is entirely intentional. Truth of the matter is, that this is intended predominantly for use by my own group and I've placed it here for the benefit of the community, as well as to get convenient input from others on my propositions. If players would like a statline more akin to the one presented in Rogue Trader, they are more than welcome to add +5 to all of the Dark Eldar's attributes.
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