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  1. I used Mandrakes when I wanted to bring my players down a peg. They did eventually win by grace of the fact they had a massive numerical advantage and ended up blindfiring into the darkness with full auto weapons, but they developed a healthy caution when dealing with the Dark Eldar.
  2. Correct. It's made as part of the same half action as the other swing.
  3. I gave my players a Leman Russ with a supporting Centaur APC. Comrades couldn't make attack rolls without the Gunner advance but otherwise could fill sponsons to give the Ranged Volley order or act as loaders (if the Heavy's comrade) and so on and so forth.
  4. You can give Back Them Up! and Get Them! in the same turn, I'm pretty sure. Having 5 comrades means you can buff one person massively, or everyone a little bit extra, however, Get Them! doesn't stack for multiple comrades. Personally, though, as a Commander, I usually assign my extra comrades to characters like Commissars and Stormtroopers.
  5. Back Them Up! functions as a workaround order to solve that very problem, enabling them to get +25 to their BS. The +3 damage is debatable, but I roll with it, seeing as the +25-30 BS is a thing.
  6. Mechanically the Ogryn is testing against 53, the TP is testing against 75. A maneuvre like those described is equivalently the narrative effect of winning the grapple check. You have to remember that the Servo Arm is anchored to more than just the spine - it's an integral part of the Techpriest's cybermantle and skeletal structure at this point. If anything, this is harder than ripping the Ogryn's arms out of his socket would be.
  7. I ran a Heavy Gunner with a Mace Fist. Beat an Ork Nob to death in melee straight out of character creation. Seen some obscene power builds though that you can get away with if you know what you're doing.
  8. Depends on how you rule the use of Free Actions as to whether it interrupts what you're doing otherwise. I'm not sure if there's a standard convention.
  9. You start with 20 base. 51 I could buy, though.
  10. Another would be if you use a dual wielding character you could attack, use Assassin Strike to move toward a different target, and then strike with the offhand weapon. Theoretically, at least.
  11. Check out the Scutum Pattern Bunker in Final Testament. It's a building that's handled much like a vehicle.
  12. Crimson Guardsmen can't go from Guardsman to Enginseer. They can go from Guardsman to Master Enginseer, weirdly, but I personally would refluff it as a Venatorii that had been trained to direct Servitors in a similar fashion to the Tau Drone Operator. I mean, theoretically, a Venatorii could technically be initiated into the Priesthood, it just seems a bit off. On the subject, bit of a weird question but, does anyone want me to convert over some of the gear that was added in Codex: Skitarii and Codex: Cult Mechanicus for Only War?
  13. They get their platoon's directives from the Company Commander, and in turn direct the individual sergeants as to how they are intended to act on a squad level. They are given a broader scope and determine how the resources under their command are employed to achieve that scope. Much like the Sergeant is given an objective and has to utilise the men under his command to attain it.
  14. Only War Core Rulebook, Page 168; "Weapons". The section on "Class". Paragraph 4 on Heavy Weapons.
  15. I printed off copies of them for easy reference, so that I didn't keep having to flip back and forth through the pages.
  16. Yeah, in a group of 7 regular guys, only two of us seem to be willing to GM. Been having a bit of a problem as a result, though the group is still going.
  17. Grav-Chutes can support a Drop Sentinel. I think you're fine.
  18. Single shot heavy weapons can fire without being braced anyway, but with a -30 penalty for not bracing. Heavy weapons cannot be fired semi-auto or full auto without bracing - period. The Bulging Biceps talent removes both of these concerns entirely.
  19. Due to my 42 hour a week full time job, and meeting for 4 or 5 RPG sessions a week, when it's my turn to GM you can imagine that I'm pretty pressed for prep-time. So I don't prep, I literally just get an overarching story concept like "Storming the Severan Dominate held Forge World" in my first Only War campaign, and then string together plot twists and story arcs on the fly, plucking out appropriate statblocks from the books, and occasionally adding situational tweaks to them (Most common one is adding the player character Specialisms). The campaign ran for 8 or 9 months before I ended with the finale of assaulting the core of the Necron Tomb Complex. Cpt' Everos' thing works pretty well too. Using that for my current Tyranid invasion game.
  20. Lathe World origin counts a character as a techpriest, much like the Ratling and Ogryn world origins.
  21. I like maximum Grimdark for the most part, as long as I have a character that can at least survive a few sessions so I don't feel like filling in the character sheet was a waste of my time.
  22. I'd probably apply some common sense limitations - or nuke it from orbit. It would depend on how I felt about the player in question. Some of them I would trust. Others less so.
  23. One serious problem with any sort of "cut off with no army to support us" story is thinking about how the players are going to top up on comrades and characters (in the event any should die but the squad continues on.). From what I can tell, there're three options on that front. Reconnect with some NPC Imperial Guardsmen (not necessarily superiors, just other survivors), or draw reinforcements from those factions located on the planet. Should the reinforcement characters they acquire not be guardsmen, I can direct you to any number of my rulesets for the portrayal of other races in an Only War sense, though I'm inclined to suggest that Dark Heresy 2 set-ups may be more appropriate for a non-regimental character joining the ongoing campaign. I am more than happy to discuss this at length, such as, for example, a player taking up the role of a lone Eldar Ranger who decides to assist the party for his own mysterious reasons (or self-preservation). Either way, this, and logistics for replacement or acquisition of new equipment, are things you'll need to give serious thought. I've done 3 such campaigns like this now, hence being well aware of the issues you'll encounter.
  24. I have a Commissar in my current group. When an incompetent PC Lieutenant ballsed up and angered the local Confessor, the Commissar followed the proper Primer-approved method of punishment - removal of the limbs, death by exsanguination, and then burning of the remains. The Operator was shot for driving the tank forward against the Lieutenant's orders. Tactically the manoeuvre was sound, but it was a breach of discipline. The Psyker managed to get High Command to intervene on his behalf by the burning of fate when sentenced to death for disobedience. None of the players begrudge the Commissar his actions, and in fact, all of them feel it adds to the mood of the game. Granted, we're playing the Death Korps of Krieg, so you can imagine my players are generally very accepting that their fate is likely to be bloody and unpleasant. Every time I've played with a Commissar bar once, they've added to the game. The only time they haven't, the player specifically rolled one up to bully someone else at the table. That player no longer games with us. Granted, in the Elysian game I play, my Stormtrooper is a straight up maverick and has openly admitted to Commissars that if they get between him and completion of the mission, he will not hesitate to gun them down. Any Commissar rolled up at the table is very much aware of what they're in for joining that squad. Thus far, nothing has gotten between Antioch and the mission and lived to recount the tale.
  25. True that, but, they have 20 NPC Death Korps, two player Grenadiers (Stormtroopers), 1 Commissar, 1 Ministorum Priest, 1 Techpriest, 1 Weapon Specialist, 1 Sanctioned Psyker, 3 Leman Russ Tanks and 5 Centaur APCs. Dying for the Emperor is all well and good, but they have to survive 2 months of Tyranid invasion before reinforcements are due to arrive. Meanwhile the Tau are up **** creek without a paddle, given they're Drop Troops. My campaign model at this point has become letting the players try to navigate their way through the carpet of chomping bugs to try and either get the resources they need to hold out for reinforcements, or die trying. No mission pattern, just straight up survival. My Chaos Marine campaign is following a similar bent where I've just popped them down with a small bunker on a planet contested between Orks and Imperials and left them to get on with it. You'd be surprised at how players take the initiative when presented a lack of command structure and a problem to overcome. Hoping any of this ramble helps the OP. I'm not very good at structuring my thoughts after my medication wears off.
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