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  1. I personally don't allow instakills as per GM fiat. If you do enough damage to kill them, then you kill them. If you want to assassinate people, play a Scout or a Marksman who have class features and equipment to enable this in my games. I don't like devaluing classes like that. The exception is probably the execution of a helpless captive.
  2. I haunt the forums regularly. People just aren't really discussing anything that I feel I have anything to add to for the most part. I'd like to see more Only War content but at this stage, having played Only War for 18 months without a break, I intend to take a step back and play Star Wars, World of Darkness, Shadowrun and other goodies for a while, before I end up loathing 40k lol.
  3. I use GMPCs all the time. The trick is that I restrict them to the specialisms that the players don't want to play. This usually means that I end up bringing in GMPC medics and operators to pick up the slack on the skills front due to the fact that my players tend to be kill happy. I would recommend, however, that you limit it to one and you never actually volunteer they do anything beyond general combat input. Always have the PCs ask for their support. For the most part, I try to keep it to one GMPC whom I can then use as a form of direct input on the game. So if the players start being daft or have no clue how to proceed, the GMPC occasionally pipes up with a suggestion to set the ball rolling.
  4. What gets me is that there's a Specialism dedicated literally to the use of abilities like this.
  5. You may wish to take a look at the work I did for my Sisters of Battle house rules. Save yourself some legwork, potentially.
  6. There are stats for Rokkitz in Only War. Check the Wartrukk also. No harm in giving the Orks a bit extra mechanised oomph and options to upscale to counter the players.
  7. This game actually just ended so I should probably use some of what free time I have actually catching this fic up to date lol. So much of it is missing.
  8. As far as I know, yes. I've allowed a player to do so, when there was a hull breach and the majority of the party got sucked out into the void. The techpriest used it to collect people and fly them back to the ship.
  9. You know you're playing Only War when... ...Your Death Korps Armoured Regiment encounters zombies, and the Operator fails his Fear check, and shoots the Stormtrooper in the back from the driver's seat of the Leman Russ. The Stormtrooper then power axes the Operator, setting him on fire, then tries to pick up the body, catching fire. Another Stormtrooper then catches fire trying to assist, before the flames eventually spread to the tank, resulting in a catastrophic explosion, destroying the ancient, Mars-Pattern Leman Russ with Artificier Hull & Armour. Meanwhile, the Centaur drives around the courtyard with a flamer, toasting zombies and wondering what the hell is going on inside the Leman Russ.
  10. Been playing an Operator myself. They are the god-tier support guardsman. Grab yourself a sniper rifle, some equipment to aid your work, and cybernetics to grab the Flesh Is Weak to improve your durability in the field. Commerce is obscenely useful - I was dual wielding plasma pistols in carapace armour, to give you an idea of how crazy a powerful intelligence based character with good Commerce can be. Ultimately though, what you want is to keep out of the line of fire, keep some distance between yourself and the enemy, and crank your value to the squad as a support character to the maximum so that they go out of their way to defend you.
  11. I didn't want to reference any of the Heavy Weapons in Only War because of the tendency of Heavy Gunners to carry them everywhere, but in essence, yes. Though I'd go so far as to say that you probably want a Heavy Stubber if you're worried about depressurising / flooding the city as a factor. Vehicle weapons can be used as emplaced turrets that manpower can't lift, so maybe an Inferno Cannon position would work on that front. Set up similar to the rebel turrets on Hoth. Also double up on the horror as the Genestealers just rush through the flames, making all their agility tests. If you want the paranoia of friendlies to set in, I recommend that you have NPCs around the area, and occasionally have some that were previously friendly and helpful turn on them. Eventually they'll start to question who's trustworthy and who's a traitor.
  12. The way we run it is that the Grenade Launcher only ever comes with frag grenades as extra ammo for DoS. if you want anything more specialised, you have to requisition it. Same goes for Missile Launchers.
  13. Tarantula isn't really practical without some kind of vehicle to move it from site to site. If they are going to be in a stationary position, I strongly recommend using the SABRE defence platform or emplaced weapons akin to the E-Web turret of Star Wars fame. If you really want to play up horror, though, you want your players to feel like they're armed with wooden sticks. There is no shame in putting the players up against opposition that they can't defeat in a straight up fight, provided you leave the players with an avenue of escape so that when Specialist Timmy gets impaled to the wall, they can flee. Of course, it depends on what kind of horrific atmosphere you want to set up. For tension, you want opposition that behave like the Dark Eldar. For straight up, in your face horror, then something like a Tyranid Warrior makes a pretty suitably opponent as the players need to flee or fall, likely. Essentially, how heavily do you want to mess with their heads? I find the best kind of horror comes from the feelings of isolation and not knowing what's in store. My WoD players have been growing increasingly more paranoid in my game because they've convinced themselves that a member of The Gentry is bearing down on them, along with an unscrupulous corporation that they can't hope to match for firepower. They're isolated, don't trust each other, and all have secrets to keep from one another. Only the threat of destruction keeps them unified now that the threat has revealed itself, destroyed their homes, and kidnapped their loved ones. Different kind of horror again.
  14. Ryza Pattern Stormtrooper Carapace Armour is the armour worn by the Tempestus Scions, more commonly known as "Stormtroopers", as standard. The armour retains the 6 ALL armour rating of regular Stormtrooper armour as detailed within the official Only War Core Rulebook. The armour contains a number of features, as listed in Codex Militarum Tempestus. Mounted on the left wrist is a Dextera Configuration Slate Monitron, a device which allows a Scion to monitor his lifesigns, or those of his subordinates in the case of a Tempestor. The Omnishield Helm features an integrated Respmask Array and Occulum. When sealed and actively engaged, the Respmask allows the Stormtrooper to operate in airless environments for a limited time, whilst the Occulum compensates for low-lighting and occluded conditions. The Monoscope doubles as both a focused light beam and Vid Relay, used to feedback visual information to the Stormtrooper's superiors. It is common practice for a Stormtrooper who obscures the view of his monoscope deliberately to be subjected to intensive electro whipping. ----- This is copied from my thread "The Tempest". I just sub these additions onto the existing statblock as it works, but is incomplete.
  15. Same principle still applies. Remove the leadership, disorient the mob. Slip away and repeat each time a clear command figure becomes apparent.
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