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    Hexes Question

    Me and my player group struggles to get rid of the hexes from Hexcraft school. Basically, if somebody places a hex on only way leading to treasure, nobody can collect it. Can I get rid of it any other way than dispel or negate neutral? I cannot attack the hex itself right?
  2. I have purchased Wiz-War recently. I wanted to get it before, but I was never sure if it as worth it, due to low popularity of this game. Basically there aren't to many reviews or websites describing it, I play board games 1-2 a week with people that had played like 300 different board game titles, and non of them saw Wiz-War in action. Nevertheless, last week I got it and we decided to give it a go. We were very surprised, the game is GREAT, fast, a lot of action, and THE spells. We spend whole evening playing it (and we had a could dozens other games at hand to choose from), so no bad feat. To me the game has very strong Terry Pratchett theme. It would be enough to write a short introduction, that the game takes place in Unseen University and we have a game meant for Discworld So my question is- Why?! Why is this game not popular? FFG published two expansions that increases the replayability, it is easy to explain the rules to new players, the artworks are great and the game itself is lots of fun. I simply cannot comprehend why is it not played more often or FFG marketing does not try to popularize the game more.
  3. Does Banshee really prevent flag damage on Bone Horrors? I though that if they cannot resolve retreat, they cannot be supported as well. I also like this combination, one unit of archers plus two units of necromancers can really hold the line
  4. Yes, but heroes can effectively block the path for the civilians (alone or with familiars), holding them long enough to kill the changelings (which you cannot re spawn indefinitely). On the other hand goblins can scamper through the heroes, making it fairly easy to take the shot at civilians. Nevertheless, I see your point, knocking out one hero would remove the blockade easily.
  5. Do you use this rule also in games with human overlord, or only in RtL?
  6. And which influence in your opinion favors the overlord? I too have some questions regarding the second encounter of "Widespread Panic". Can Heroes heal the wounded citizens? And if Vera is corrupted, can wounded citizens move through heroes?
  7. Really great job, the guild to overlord cards is really useful tool for any Overlord player.
  8. That is a though one, servant is treated as a minion monster, not master, so most of Alric, Trystain and Ardus cards will not work. They do not have any traits so Splig and Ariad also will not work well. Verminous cards do not work on act 2 Scourage since it has 7 hp, not 6. I would still go with Kyndrithul, since it can increase fatigue cost together with Soulbinder, but I am bias, and I like this plot deck a lot I was even thinking about Bol'goreth plot deck, since Grotesque from Soulbinder and Ill Omen from Unkindness apply conditions that can be taken by Mass Mutation plot card. Plus if you use Envenom or Infected on act 2 Raven Flock (BRY dice), you really have option to put those conditions. However, this was not tested and I doubt it would be efficient.
  9. After the Manor of Ravens we have more Warrior and Scout classes than Mage and Healer ones... I think the first thing they should do is to add those missing classes. Moreover, two classes usually come with small box expansions. They could use it as a opportunity to tune the rumoru cards missions, so they are more balanced when played during full camping.
  10. By the way, I have a question about Skarn plot deck: When an Overlord uses Delusional Path to move a hero on lava, if that hero has already spend both of his actions this turn before, is that hero defeated? That could add some flavor to this deck, as it is useful only for summoning Skarn over and over again.
  11. Yes, but if Tristayne is not there, who is your second pick? Or maybe better, which Plot decks do you think are most fun? I do not like Zachareth since he is a bit too easy and not fun to play against. For me Ariad and Alric are a lot of fun, although Alric requires a lot of gimmicks. I think Raythen can be fun as well, but I do not have this one yet, so not tested.
  12. Actually I find the option of increasing the cost of: Whirlwind, Army of Death, Plague Cloud. It is especially devastating for classes that use one basic skill all the time, Necromancer or Apothecary for example.
  13. Tristayne Olliven all the way, I love his plot card combo with overlord cards (especially with Enchanter class): Explosive Fall + Rings of Zhol'alam= Explosive Kobolds Mortal Coil + Rise Again + Rune of the Phoenix= Immortal Shadow Dragons Wild Energy + Onslaught + Dragonbone Pendant + Blood Rage= Hellhounds from Hell I currently play SoN, so I could not take Tristayne Olliven plot deck this time around. So I took Kyndrithul, and although this deck is nice and has interesting mechanic, I cannot find any good combo between his deck and overlord cards. Maybe something that takes advantage increasing the stamina cost: Broken+ Worn down+ Exploit Weakness + Mistrust + Word of Despair+ Imploding Rift Unfortunately, the Heroes have a Bard so he regenerates their fatigue all the time... I think Ariad can really shine, but I have not tried her yet.
  14. I was thinking of using Wicked laughter as well as Beffudle for a total overkill on tests, but you are probably right, not worth the money on Basic 2. However, I see most players (myself included) tend to value web traps and imploding rift. However, in time, such decks become dull, and I would love to see effective Overlord deck without them. I only miss Chains that rust in my collection to try the double servant deck. Since it's nerf, I totally forgot about Unholy Ritual, thanks for reminder, I will try it again As for Divearse means, I purchase it only near the end of the camping.
  15. Since there are so many great 1 exp cards, do you think that any of those 2 exp cards are actually worth it? For me, I only consider: Rune of the Phoenix Curse of the Monkey God Wicked Laughter Diverse Means the 3 exp ones are nice, but for the same price I can get THREE good cards that help me get rid of the fat from Basic deck.
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