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  1. This must be the best post It have ever read on painting minis!
  2. At first I thought what a strange idea to paint sides of boards and tokens.. Then I actually tried it and it's awesome!!! Thanks for posting this!
  3. My copy was also not perfect - one droid completely off the base, one is only attached by one leg, the other - by two legs out of three.
  4. thanks for help! i did try to find any existing threads on this but failed somehow..
  5. I just purchased my copy of Imperial Assault and I have to say that the quality of minis is just outstanding! However my copy had problems with probe drones - one was completely broken off of the base, while others had only one leg attached to the base. So the question is - how do I fix this? What kind of glue (if any) is best to use in this situation? I'm not familiar with miniature modifications, so would really appreciate any and all advice.
  6. Hi, everyone! I'm rapidly getting into this great game and loving it. But those elusive equipment cards are just nowhere to be found.. Does anyone know if there are scans or PDFs available so that I could at least print them out myself?
  7. Also pretty late on the comment, but I just recently faced the same problem. The best solution I came to was cannibalizing a cardboard box from Mage Knight expansion. I did have to cut out tokens using scissors, but they come out just as thick as the original ones. after gluing the printouts on both sides the tokens look very fine.
  8. It is really a shame those cards are nowhere to be obtained... I would print them out myself if I could at least get the files for them..
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