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  1. In all seriousness, Scum does have the advantage of being able to pull from any era with ease. Other factions are a little more limited in that sense, but Scum has sequel trilogy ships, OT-era ships, and will probably end up with prequel-era ships sooner rather than later, if they haven't already. *hasn't watched Clone Wars*
  2. It's a sign of the times, really.
  3. *sigh* It falls to me, then. NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!
  4. Shouldn't that picture have, I don't know, TIE fighters photoshopped in where the helicopters are?
  5. Or you can wait until it comes out in something you want to buy. Or you can proxy. What's that? Proxying isn't tournament legal? No one's forcing you to play tournaments.
  6. Funny how good pilots apparently can't be crack shots in your proposed fix.
  7. Just spitballing, but what if R3-A2 read: "When you would gain a non-Lock red token, you may spend one charge to gain a different non-Lock red token. You may not gain a token you already have." It's not quite the same sort of role as in 1E, but it does keep the stress/red token theme. Unless that's already a thing, in which case never mind. EDIT: Wait, forgot disarm tokens. Should probably re-write it to exclude those, too.
  8. The problem with the Lancet is that it feels too much like a specialized air-to-ground platform (I'm assuming the TIE Bomber's torp/missile capability was always a thing from the start, even if we never see it employed in the films; I'm not the most knowledgeable about the early days of the EU).
  9. For me, it's all about the last point. Ideal X-Wing, for me, is where every ship – every pilot even – has a reason to exist, not just the soulless, joyless garbage mathematically optimal stuff.
  10. Now that's the Star Wars TV show we need.
  11. The clear solution is don't depend on tournaments for your X-Wing fix.
  12. Might work as an end-game superboss for some sort of weird cooperative campaign thing.
  13. No need to apologize. It's the perfect topic for it.
  14. That might be, but it's still an interesting thought experiment.
  15. I had an idea for something similar, but it was a crew upgrade instead.
  16. In my experience, the tournament crowd inevitably takes over discussions of any game that has any kind of competitive scene.
  17. Squadrons is an EA project and frankly I don't trust it not to be garbage. Most of the Star Wars flight simulators are at least a decade old. Also? I don't enjoy flight sims enough to drop so much as a penny on one. I do, however, enjoy turn-based strategy both on the tabletop and in the digital realm.
  18. From a strictly thematic perspective, wasn't the E-Wing supposed to be an X-Wing replacement as something of a multi-role fighter? From that perspective, removing the torpedo slot wouldn't really be appropriate.
  19. Not saying you said that, it's just a bit of a trend I've seen recently. Mostly with videogames, but it comes up in the tabletop scene too.
  20. How did it come to be that if there isn't a constant drip-feed of content for a game, that it gets considered dead and should just be abandoned?
  21. I fail to see how a meta where the optimal strategy is spamming the cheapest ship of a given chassis is better.
  22. I didn't have much luck getting the Vassal module working the last time I tried it, and I've found Vassal a little cumbersome with other games I've played on it. Thanks for the input, though.
  23. Every time I open the Steam Workshop page for TTS, I see a whole raft of X-wing related things by different authors and I honestly can't tell which ones I actually need to get something that will work correctly.
  24. Technically, the black joker's not an auto-lose; its just a value of 0, so you can still win a duel if you have a high stat and the opponent flips low enough and can't or won't play a card from their hand.
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