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  1. I've always liked the Blade-32 from Starfighters of Adumar.
  2. To be fair, how much of Fel's Wrath's problem came from being a lowish-PS TIE Interceptor with no elite slot? If that ability had been on a ship less dependent on moving last to be effective, it'd probably have shown up a lot more.
  3. But think of the sitcom potential of two Imperial bigwigs who loathe each other immensely, but are continually forced together by strategic necessity! 'Wilhuff and Orson'...they fight crime Rebels and trade barely-veiled snark! Coming soon to a holo-channel near you!
  4. Except if you can get people who want to play missions, you can do a normal size mission game that takes up half the space and likely less than half the time. Like, you'd never have gotten Epic going up here in Vancouver back when I played, because the go-to X-wing spots are small stores with relatively small playing areas, and we met up on Thursdays and only had about three hours of gaming. Epic sounds great...as the occasional "Let's get together Saturday for something different" thing, but I think it's too logistically intensive to be the main "thing" in the community. TLDR: Given a choice between two to three regular games or four-fifths of an Epic game, I'll take the former any day.
  5. Slap PTL and Engine Upgrade on Zeta Ace, then 1-turn/boost/barrel roll and end up behind where you started.
  6. I entered this topic hoping to see valiant Rebel or disciplined Imperial pilots facing the menace of the Giant Space Kitty. I leave disappointed.
  7. I've always wanted to use this mission to reenact that time Tycho Celchu helped the rebels steal a Decimator. Tycho in the Decimator would be the bounty, of course, keeping his pilot ability and, for simplicity, PS7...not sure what an appropriate point cost would be.
  8. Meh. Sometimes I 'm just in the mood for good sausage.
  9. Because no one hates Star Wars as much as Star Wars fans.
  10. To be honest, I never really got past my first couple experiments with it, and I'm mostly a Rebel and Scum player anyways. I just like the concept a lot.
  11. All named TIEs is my kind of TIE swarm.
  12. On which ship would you use Lando crew? And you have to use it...can't say "don't use it 'cause it's crap."
  13. I'm not saying it needs rust and stripped paint and scorch marks like you might see on a Scum or Rebel craft. I just think it would look better with an Imperial insignia on the central fin, or maybe on the folding wings.
  14. I've always thought the shuttle looks a little too clean with the white paintjob.
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