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  1. I don't live in the area, but I would be willing to skype call if you want the players?
  2. I would be up for a game. My email is woodliffethan3@gmail.com
  3. Hello everyone! So I have been interested in maybe doing a game online over skype or something like that. I guess I just wanted to gauge the interest, and possibly get a group together to run said game. Any tips, suggestions, or interested parties?
  4. Hello everyone. I have had this question since starting to play edge of the Empire earlier this year, and figured with force and destiny that it might be a good time to ask. So Im guessing force push/pull are considered under the move power. Can someone explain how this works in the move power? I guess Im looking for like what the narative would be, and damage. It addresses throwing objects at others, but not like using the force to like throw someone into a wall or stuff like that. I know this isnt the best worded question, but any insight or pointing out something Ive missed in the rules would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I guess the only thing that I am trying to say with this thread is that yes, adding in possible crystal colors is fluff. But they already have fluff in for example in the AoR book, under Holdout Blaster it lists different models to choose from. Is listing the models necessary for the game? No. But adding them in makes it more interesting. The same can be said about crystal colors. Is it necessary to know that you got a pink, or a black, or even a rainbow crystal? No, but it does open up doors for storytelling. Besides, since the Legacy lore is already out and relatively known, theres no harm in tapping that resource. Also, I am looking forward to more crystals and seeing the attributes that are attached to them. I really like the idea of a larger variety in mods, and gear because it gives the players more room to make their own unique character.
  6. First off, I just wanna say I'm really into the lore and I have never heard of changing the color of the blade by "purifying" the crystal. The reason the sith blades are red is because they generally choose to make synthetic crystals with the dark side. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jaden_Korr's_third_lightsaber That. Ah, thank you. I did not know that until you pointed it out. Ya learn something new all the time.
  7. The one thing that Im a little confused about with this update, is the "This may only be used once." Is that once per encounter, or once per check? I get the feeling its not once per session because otherwise it would have said that. So for the move power, does it mean you can use it once per action in combat, or once per round of combat? Same thing with the Heal/Harm power? If someone could explain to me the freqency of use now with the update. Or is it the same as before, just changed the wording a little?
  8. First off, I just wanna say I'm really into the lore and I have never heard of changing the color of the blade by "purifying" the crystal. The reason the sith blades are red is because they generally choose to make synthetic crystals with the dark side. Next, I already stated that it is fluff by stating the colors available to each crystal. I did also state that it would be reasonable to put this stuff in the final product since they have it for selections of blaster pistols and other items in the other books. On a side note, what do you guys think about the crystal attributes for additional crystals in game?
  9. I know it may be fluff adding in possible colors for certain crystals, but they already have the fluff in there for lets say blasters where there are different kinds of holdout blasters made by different companies and different models. It would only make sense to say that such and such crystal can be found in these colors. I also like the idea that usgrandprix brought up about doing little hints on where to find them (most likely in the expansions.) So dantari crystals have been heavily mined by imperials, or this one has been lost over the years type of thing. It adds fluf, and could even be plot hooks to get players to check out certain planets/locations. So I guess what Im trying to say is that is that finished book, id like to see the possible colors for different crystals in with their descriptions, (possibly a few more crystals in the core book), and in expansions maybe just a sentace on like "generally found here, or legendary artifact lost in the purge." Its not a lot to ask for, I mean it took me 20 minutes to find the information I mentioned above, so it would be really simple to add it in. Thats just my thoughts though. If it isnt put in the final version, Ill probably just write it in myself.
  10. So I have been thinking about lightsaber crystals lately, and one thing I have noticed is that there were quite a few crystals that had special characteristics. For example, it was recorded (in the EU) that the Barab crystal (labeled Barab Ingot in F&D book) that it burned so hot that it would actually start enemies on fire sometimes. Now I know that this characteristic is already addressed in the stats for the crystal which I really like. I am wondering how people would feel about adding in more possible crystals in the game, and maybe in the descriptions add in the possible colors for them that can be found (for story purposes). So I was thinking adding in some crazy rare crystals that would be nearly impossible to find, but it is always nice in my mind to have some items like this in the game to keep the players working toward finding them (maybe in future quests as a sort of plot hook.) Here are a few crystals with a general rarity that I thought they would have and possible characteristics. 1. Bondar (8)- stun 1 2. Corsuca Gem (7)- Breach 3 (to show that it gives a very focused blade) 3. Damind (7)- Ranged Defense 4. Durindfire crystal (10)- There is no characteristic that is in play at the moment, but maybe something like Coordinated Assult, or something like that. 5. Eralam (10)- gives the weapon Superior quality 6. Firkrann (9)- Ion (passive) 7. Heart of the Guardian (10 unless you can go higher lol)- gives the weapon Superior quality and something like Coordinated Assult. Deffinitely a plot hook and super hard to obtain. 8. Hurrikaine crystal (8)- do something like "Anti-defensive" where it makes it negate some melee defense. 9. Jenruax (7)- Requires some time of meditation on the crystal to give have it give +1 agility (up to 6) and 1 ranged defense. 10. Mantle of the Force (10 unless you can go higher)- Increase your force rating by 1, gives the wapon Superior quality. Deffinitely used as a plot hook and super hard to obtain. 11. Opila (7)- Not sure on a characteristic for this one. 12. Stygium crystal (10)- add 2 bonus dice for all stealth checks. Now I'm sure that there are more crystals out there that I havent mentioned but these are the ones that I thought really stood out. Just because the rules say right now that the lightsabers listed in Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire are "maxed out versions", it gives more variability to the game if they change that idea. So what do you guys think about adding these crystals into the game as plot hooks for the super rare ones, and just more crystals in general? Also, do you think it would be a good idea to maybe list in the descriptions what possible colors there are just for story purposes?
  11. This is just a thought, but isn't it safe to say that if you are playing the Consular healer, that you will also get the heal/harm force power? How about instead of trying to rework Healing trance, you change Healing trance as is to just a universal ability because in the EU, I'm fairly sure that every force user could use it. So Im thinking about just having it be something like the narative stuff where "Oh, Im stuck on the ship for 55 hours while we are going to Endor. Might as well go into a trance and heal up." So the force users can heal up faster than non force users. I know it seems to take it off balance, but when you think about it yes they gain the benefit of healing faster, but they are also being hunted down by bounty hunters, the Empire, and just about anyone during the time period. So I think that faster healing is reasonable. You can keep the Improved Healing Trance in there because I think that signifies that this person is a specialist. Now to replace Healing Trance in the skill tree I can think of 2 possibilities. 1. Add in another Force Rating. Lets face it, the Healer is generally going to turn to the Heal/Harm skill more often than not when healing, so why not increase their force rating to accomodate the healing? 2. Make a new passive ability saying that you double the effects of the Heal/Harm force power. So basically, you are just trying to encourage the Healer to get into the Heal/Harm tree. (The second option is overpowered, but something along those lines.) I also think that by doing this you open up the door to temptation for the Healer. They can get these bonuses if they decide to heal their companion, or they could just strike out at the enemy and be done with it at the cost of morality.
  12. Yea, I know they already stated that in the week 5 update, but this is my idea of an alternate fix instead. Right now the specialization just isnt very apealing to me so I thought Id try to make it more of what I thought an aggressor would look like. Besides that, what do you think of my suggested fix?
  13. I guess everything I have read in the EU says that shatterpoint can be learned (very difficult to train, but it is possible) otherwise it is an ability that you are born with. So that was my reasoning with that, and I think it would work in well seeing as how saber throw is sitting closer to the bottom of the skill tree. Could always rearrange the tree as well to put it on the bottom as well. My reasoning behind making the difference between the melee and unarmed is just thinking that since the character is not "master" level like Mace Windu or something, that the character can percieve the shatterpoints, but not influence them easily if that makes sense? So basically thinking that if you struck at a shatterpoint with just your hand probably isnt going to do as much as striking at it with a blade. That was my thinking behind it though. I agree with you on the armor shattering ability though. Maybe go with the pierce set, but lets say you roll a triumph or set some high threshold like a crit to destroy the armor or something? I think that would make it more true to the concept of the character levels that to destroy their armor would be something very very very lucky to do. I do still like my idea on using shatterpoint to improve your armor for the session though, and in the context of the career, I think it makes sense. What do you think?
  14. While looking at this class I got the impression of a character that enjoyed getting up close and personal. This means to me melee, and hand to hand type of combat, real fight club stuff. So I was thinking, "what could be used instead of reflect and saber throw with this?" Then it hit me, if this class is more melee and hand to hand, why not give an ability to enhance these qualities such as the shatterpoint force ability. So I propose one of 2 solutions. 1. Replace reflect with Shatterpoint view (outside of combat, do a hard perception check with additional foce die equal to your force rating. Add advantage equal to amount of foce pips rolled adding 1 conflict for each darkside pip used. If sucessful, add soak equal to advantage to armor for the rest of the session. Useable once per session.) Then replace saber throw with shatterpoint strike. This shatterpoint strike I know needs some tweeking, so lemme know which sounds better here. (Add pierce 1 to any unarmed attacks and pierce 2 to any melee attacks.) Or (once per session (or encounter not quite sure which would be better) you may strike out at an opponent, destroying their armor. This would require you to do some sort of check, but im not sure what yet, and rolling force dice equal to your force rating to add advantage again, kind of the same as ahatterpoint view.) 2. Or alternatively you could just replace both reflect and saber throw with shatterpoint strike ( add pierce 1 to all unarmed attacks and pierce 2 to all melee attacks.) 2 would be easier, but I think 1 would make the class more appealing to players. I would like to do something with the force dice with #2 above (the pierce version) since it is a force technique. So something like add advantage equal to force pips rolled, take conflict equal to darkside pips used. Id also like to make the character take strain for using this ability, but Im not sure how much to make it. Any ideas on these changes, and suggestions?
  15. There is one way I can see them adding vaapad into the game and having it work with the lore. A holocron. There is nothing stating Mace never made a holocron, so there could be one out there. So the only way I could even see it coming into play is if they make specific holocrons that can be found or awarded. So for example, adding in exar kuns, or yodas, or hell even revans holocron in game. Then set up different levels of research, so on hitting lets say level 5 of delving into the holocron, you can learn this form, or a force ability, or whatever. Sorry about spelling, my tablet doesnt really work well for this lol. Does this make sense though?
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