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  1. Interesting list. I'm prepping for hyperspace and was thinking this could work in that format perhaps better than in Ext. You'd have to replace crack shot and impervium plating on Grevious though, but give him either outmanouver or marksmanship and hull upgrade, and you might be good. What's your take on that approach?
  2. Yeah that self-pressure to keep up the winning streak is horrible. That's why I switch lists semi-often and just use the "good" list for competitions. Fearless on Fenn is my choice also. Could never get outmanouver to work on him. The second game mistake you describe is understandable- once you tilt due to a loss it takes a lot of mental energy to get back to neutral.
  3. Enjoyable write-up ,thanks. Are you running Fenn with outmanouver still or did you change the EPT? I can't get my head around how you've lost like one match in 25 games. I mean the list is good (5-0 myself, not being able to play these last couple of weeks), but you seem to have really understood how to play it. Keep it up
  4. Great play. That move with Guri in turn 6 was brilliant and ballsy. I really thought Guri would have to disengage there due to being so “trapped” in the asteroid field.
  5. Got my second game in against Soontir, Vader, Fifth brother. 200-0. This list is just too much fun. I wanted to ask about bid. You run it at 179? Both my games have had adv proton on Fenn for 185 and both games saw it do lots of damage. Have you had any games where it was necessary to have a bid under 180? I can imagine a boba/Fenn list having a bid down to 182, but other than that..? I guess an argument could also be made to conserve points should Fenn die.
  6. I tried this list for the first time yesterday against a janky imp list with 4 Reavers and force crew galore. Fenn had incredible red dice and Guri was not too shabby in the dice department either, but I still think I would have won with more average dice. I put Guri out to dry a couple of times (as judging distances and angles on TTS is hard), but she is just amazing. Every throw of green dice was a clench moment, but so much fun. I can't imagine how you've won so many games with it as you have to fly almost perfectly. Fearless on Fenn triggered 3 times, so I think that is the best bet. Big ships with turrets and especially high I like Han sounds just terrifying against Fenn and Guri...I guess it is a case of dodging that pairing in a tournament. Thanks for all the good bat reps- keep it going as I need to learn more from you
  7. I really enjoyed the bat rep. Very well written with good observations and self criticism that I can use to reflect on my own ace play. I do so prefer these in-depth reports, so please keep it up.
  8. Thanks. That is real clever. I had,'t considered that application of Kanan.
  9. Great reading about your success with this list. I've always loved running Lando/Wedge, but this seems even better. Can I ask what obstacles you bring?
  10. This is actually a good point. Every HS list I consider, I think will this be able to beat Boba/Fenn? If not then I'd rather just go with them. I obviously disagree a little with Blail Blerg here- I do think B/F is super super great, especially in HS, but even in Ext. Granted Fenn can (and will often) die horribly, but a kitted Boba will still be able to carry the day.
  11. I've run these guys a good couple of games now and I would recommend list C every time. Drop Fearless on GR and drop some of your bid to give Boba a hull upgrade and you are golden. GR is certainly useful in match-ups with lower I ships and can do some damage to aces if you're lucky, but in this list Boba is the star and the others are there to distract, block and occasionally do some actual damage. An ion cannon is a constant threat that the opponent really can't ignore (and remember against droids-of which there seems to be a lot around-GRs ability does nothing, but his Ion can do wonders). Giving Boba the hull upgrade raises his half threshold and keeps him in the game longer letting him close the deal. In HS I do not believe there is a better ship. My point is- keep him fat and the others light.
  12. I wanne give your list a go- do you have a recommended set up?
  13. I ran this during the Paris SoS and went 4-2. Definitely worth trying for triple Jedis. While it is great fun to fly and provides plenty of "clench" moments when throwing green dice, I felt the lack of regen on the CLTs. Proccing CLT was also actually way easier than I thought. The bid never came into play so I'd not be afraid to up the points a bit.
  14. 3 Gold squadrons, Regen Sense Obi in D7 and young Ani with juke. 200 on the dot.
  15. Will you be writing that up as well? I'd be interested in the Ani/Obi build. Got to have balls to play a small 2- ship list.
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