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  1. I ran this during the Paris SoS and went 4-2. Definitely worth trying for triple Jedis. While it is great fun to fly and provides plenty of "clench" moments when throwing green dice, I felt the lack of regen on the CLTs. Proccing CLT was also actually way easier than I thought. The bid never came into play so I'd not be afraid to up the points a bit.
  2. 3 Gold squadrons, Regen Sense Obi in D7 and young Ani with juke. 200 on the dot.
  3. Will you be writing that up as well? I'd be interested in the Ani/Obi build. Got to have balls to play a small 2- ship list.
  4. Excellent write-up. I appreciate the in-depth analysis as I am running a very similar list (3-0 now) and it's great to get another's perspective. Looking forwards to your next game.
  5. Great write-up! Do you think your choice of Lumi over Ashoka was worth it? Did you get proper use of her ability?
  6. What would you do with the points if you drop R2? Increased bid?
  7. I've got 7 games in now with Anakin, Mace or Ashoka and 2 torrents. I've varied the load out to try to find the combos that "click" the most for me. So far my thoughts are that R2 on Anakin is a must. On Ashoka I prefer the same, while on Mace I find R2 or R4 both can be good depending on how aggressively you play him, due to him wanting to do reds to top up his force (force management is the key to getting these ships to really shine). To be honest I've yet to use the full regen potential in more than one game, but just knowing I can run away and regen makes me more relaxed and daring to push the ships a bit more to get my damage in. I look at Sense as a worthwhile investment too. I put it on Anakin (though Mace would be a more efficient carrier) as my thinking is that he will be my end ship and if I'm facing another PS 6 moving after me I'd really be using that Sense. It is expensive though and the paradox is that if I don't equip it I could have a 6 point bid...then again I can think of several lists with PS6 that would have a deeper bid. This goes both if I have Ashoka or Mace. Being able to get a good block in or allowing my lower PS ships to dodge is golden. I think that if I was going to run Ani, Mace and Luminara as you suggested I'd use this https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v6!s=200!273:75,2,201,:;314:72,5,201,:;274:,,,:&sn=Unsaved Squadron&obs= Anyways- glad to see you on this tread too Green Dragoon.
  8. Could you give some more description of the game and why you'd say that?
  9. Why of course she is :). She still is great fun to fly though.
  10. I've gotten in 5 games with Anakin, Ashoka and an arc. I've run Wollfe with TS, Jag, and one game with a 104th pilot. As have been stated already, the Arc burns down really quickly, but it forces your opponent to focus a couple of rounds of fire on it first so my Jedis can zoom around (and boy are they fast). Two games I've been able to take out all my opponents ships with only Ani and Snips. My observations so far is that Delta title is essential on these ships. R2 on Anakin is fantastic, and on Ashoka if there are points. No other upgrades required. I'm iffy on using Wollfe over a generic Arc simply because I could use the points better on the Jedis. I get that PS 4 Wollfe has a better chance to get his shots off, but still...I'll try 2 V-19 torrents too. Force management is key to getting these ships to be effectual, so it is tempting to go for Mace over Snips, but that Twilek is just so fun with her crazy action options. I'm torn here.
  11. I got my first game with the As today against the Dirty Y-wings list. I brought it home 125-106, but is was down to the wire. I started up like RStan exemplified, but I got too aggressive too soon and did a couple of bad calls manouverwise. He messed up with selfbumping on a crucial turn which helped me. It's a winnable match-up, but range control and patience is key here. Dice variance is too scary on range 2. The list was fun though, so I'll definitely keep running it.
  12. I've just picked up my 5th A-wing and look forward to fielding them. I wanted to ask if you thing 5As (like Rstans list) is preferably used in HS tournaments or are they viable as top tier in say a System Open?
  13. This is absolutely great stuff. Thanks!
  14. Is the new hotness Han/Wedge or Han/Poe? I'm confused.
  15. I'd think perhaps debris gambit on Palob would be better than elusive?
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