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  1. It's more the principal of the fact. They gave our TIE fighter away, yet again, while simultaneously removing a bunch of our TIE pilots. If if they kept Backstabber, Dark Curse, and Juno Eclipse at least we'd be closer in scale to the other factions. They needed to ADD to our options, not take them away while rubbing lemon juice infused salt into our wounds.
  2. Scum: 80 options for ships, 41 faction upgrades Rebels: 79 options for ships, 32 faction upgrades Empire: 69 options for ships, 21 faction upgrades
  3. It would be cool if the empire could get some enemy tech to use rather than just giving up our own... ****, it would be cool if the empire could have as many releases/options as a newer faction...
  4. And soontir isn't paying for an EPT? Possibly even an expensive one?
  5. Well, if one ship has a mechanism dependent on a simple and easy mechanic, compared to one with a far more difficult and situational mechanic, the simpler mechanic being more reliable is (or needs to be) inherently more expensive. You're paying points for the reliability or you're saving points for the inconsistency.
  6. If something is blatantly off balance, why wait months to point it out and fix it when you can point it out now and get a fix by release?
  7. Does Vader not have an EPT?
  8. Well, the scene is obviously based on the large scale bombing runs in WWII, which makes sense, so are all the fighter and capital ship battles. Except, I can't find any examples of one B-17 being shot down, and causing a chain reaction across the rest of the formation... How the bombs are dropped is pointless, when the design of the ship is so unbelievably faulty, the designer should be executed as a first order spy. As for most emotionally satisfying scene, that was the credits, because you realized the movie was over and you didn't have to sit through any more Mary Sue fanfic....
  9. The worst part is they may be trying to retcon rudor into being a member of black squadron, because that's his new art, in the deathstar trench, replacing backstabber. They didn't even bother to use his callsign of Black Three like with Mauler, just "Braggadocios Baron." As an aside, whoever came up with that awful line.... My contempt for you and your family lineage can't be written online without flagging the FBI...
  10. Backstabber and dark curse.... They've killed Vader's own black squadron....
  11. Wish it was that easy, and if it helps I'll accept the blame. I've never brought down an entire game before! But when a game no longer has industry support, it dies. As a community, it may still see play, even new rules/models, that just means the community is alive, the game however is still dead. Example, right now a star destroyer is ~$50? What would it cost for an unpainted 3D printed equal, with stand, tokens, and cards? $100? $150? more? (I know, star destroyers will live on cheaper through eBay and the like, but new ships won't have that luxury). At those prices it's not likely Armada will see many new players, or old for that matter. I do however wish the community a long and successful life long after Armada has died.
  12. It does for all intents and purposes. I've already moved on to legion for my star wars fix. I can't even remember my last game of Armada. Also, any money saved for their "something big", has gone to 40K Tzeentch.
  13. I've been looking to convert some Snowtroopers to carry DLT-19s and HH-12s so I can use them as normal stormtroopers but in a Hoth theme. However, everything I've tried converting so far has proven less than satisfactory and more effort that the results are worth. After seeing all the threads about the large number of 3D printers among you, there must be a few modelers too. So, are any of you 3D modelers up to the task of creating conversion kits that allow Storm and Snowtroopers to swap heavy weapons upgrades?
  14. "But we're definitely NOT giving them an article?" "No, they can all go **** themselves or play X-Wing 2.0."
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