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  1. those pesky nubs, appear now to show a poor design when game play is considered as they add more unnecessary exceptions .. if the bases were indented and the movement templates lengthened, those exceptions concerning nubs would not occur.
  2. I've also found a larger group in Columbus, GA at Moxie Games (thanks for the reply)
  3. Thanks for the invitation, I will check you out. Are you meeting the 28th, Sat after Thanks Giving?
  4. Hey, I've gotta ask .. .. after playing local trouble and rescue rebel operative, I get the feeling that a t-70 x-wing is way over balanced .. we had little issue with either mission using only 3 T65's in local trouble and 2 T65's in rebel operative .. that extra shield, engine and upgrade slots with the expanded maneuver dial, just seam like drastic Monty Hall. .. Those of you using T70's, did you also do something to make the game more challenging? .. is there something I have overlooked that would make it more difficult than what I have experienced?
  5. we are currently putting the XP's from kills into a blender .. (average all kills to all participants) .. though I am thinking every 5'th should go directly to that pilot instead.
  6. A small group (3), have just started HotAC .. we hope to pick up more players in early December, and will likely reset at that time .. I have not seen the XP rewards for completing the objectives .. did I miss that? .. please tell me where to find that in the document.
  7. I've found a group of x-wing players in Sparks, GA. - It's just under an hour and a half drive from Albany, GA - I find John and Bryan to be very polite adult gamers (very much appreciated) and the clubhouse is clean and plenty of room for more players. - playing HotAC, - Meeting Sunday afternoon/evening .. - 3 gamers first session, 2 the second, expecting more .. but they have failed to show thus far .. - two sessions in, contemplating a reset the first of December (will not happen unless more players show up prior to December). [ if reset: we are expecting to reward those that show prior to December with 2xp per November session they participated in. ] - While I believe John would not mind advertisement (this post), to gain additional players .. I have not specifically asked him, so if there is interest send me a request, I'll forward that information to him.
  8. I'm looking for players in or near Albany, GA .. (still looking .. I'd be happy to help new comers, with casual play)
  9. looking to find some gamers in the area ..
  10. other than the movement dial, it's just another b-wing w/ a HLC. .. I think it best to build a d-wing rather than using a modified movement dial for one particular b-wing.
  11. I'm not sure, but think you lost.
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