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  1. tfw people are crying about luke when putting him on Han is going to cost 130 points, without the survivability of 3P0/Crew2D2
  2. there is very, very little that anyone could do that wouldn't make R3 less bad. Like even just totally blanking the card makes you less likely to gimp your own attack for a single evade token.
  3. ok, i don't really see what adding more decks of cardboard would add to a game famous for it's simplicity and ease to learn, but yeah, great thread, great idea
  4. i dont understand the point of this thread
  5. reinforce is the single worst thing in the game and I and any other sane person should be against giving it to any other ships
  6. precision bombing makes me want to die, please put that idea in the bin. The others are fine, but jesus **** no I'd like to actually fly Soontir for once, and not getall 3 cluster mines dropped on my face before I can react.
  7. just give TLT the unguided rockets clause. You can modify one of the shots, once, by spending your tokens. You know, like how the game used to be? ?
  8. what ships are people running that are high PS ordnance alpha strikes? Most of the lists that run Ordnance I've seen placing high in tournaments are generic ships that aim to throw an entire tree's worth of cardboard upgrade missiles at the enemy. And it's part of the game, and there's an incredible game of cat and mouse during the approach as you both try to control the range of the engagement? Remember the Rule of 11 from back in the day? Back then, any X-Wing player worth their salt should know how to fly their ships to get the best range during the initial joust. Maybe actual flying skills aren't at the premium they used to be. But I think that anyone calling their opponents "bad sports" for flying ordnance needs some advice: Git Gud.
  9. Nice, that leaves enough points for Expertise on Quickdraw, and a 1 pt initiative bid. Well that's my next Imperial list sorted >:)
  10. So what's the 3xNuQD list that's doing the rounds? I always seem to be 1 point over. Are the Gunboats not running the ordnance title?
  11. This is a MUCH better idea. TIE Swarm doesn't need a flat buff, they are a very powerful list that's currently outclassed by the degenerate meta (by which I mean the best lists are very uninteractive: They'll get fully modded shots whilst bumped, stressed, on a rock, whatever). Giving them more options definitely: I'd love to see non Howl Swarms, or even Howl-Youngster swarms, to spice up the standard Howl + Curse + Academy list. But a flat buff, on the power level of making every academy pilot Wedge Antillies or giving them all an extra attack dice is bonkers. Just no.
  12. All the Red Squadron boys: Garven, Wedge, Biggs, Luke Porkins. It's appalling that the X-Wing was a terrible ship from day 1 and it's taken them 6 years to finally get around to putting them on par with a TIE Fighter.
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