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  1. I disagree with this belief. There are so many ways to buff the T-65 without making Biggs unkillable, and any designer worth their salt should be able to work around him.
  2. christ people, Rebels have only just made it back to the tables after Dengaroo and U-Boats and now we want them back off the table?
  3. lol owned
  4. Yeah its pretty clear that the X-Wing is bad when literally only Biggs sees any play. Wes is ok but needs to have an entire list built around him, and in these days of extreme mindlink token nonsense, a single focus modified 3 dice attack that's nearly a third of your list whiffing just to remove a single evade token is laughable, especially when you need something to follow up to take advantage of that (and Wes just ate a third of your points, and if you're gonna bring biggs that's another 1/4 of your points stapled to a turd of a ship). And it's shocking that we have a Star Wars game where Luke Skywalker is such a bad choice he hasn't seen a tournament table since 2013.
  5. I mean I heard at worlds he said something about ships like the Kihraxz and Starviper and T-65 getting some more stuff, but have never been able to find a vod of the stream he said this in.
  6. I'm so annoyed that they refuse to give the T-65, the ******* ship the game is named after, any actual attention. And now it looks like we're getting Prequel Ships. Well **** em, its been years since they said they were gonna give the T-65 another boost, and we've got **** all. And in it's place we've had two of the most turgid boring metas the game has ever seen.
  7. btw has there been any more news on the 'X-Wing fix' front? I remember back in 2015 Alex Davy said that IA was not 'the fix', and there would be more T-65 love 'when they got the oppertunity', but its been 2 years now. Has he said anything more on this front since then?
  8. Personally I'd like to actually make the X-Wing pilots we have competitively viable (Luke Skywalker anyone?) rather than just creating new ones with the same problems. The X-Wing doesn't do anything apart from have Biggs flying it. That's what any fix will have to adress.
  9. It really is amazing though that we have a Star Wars game where Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antillies etc. don't see any play, but fan favorite characters like 'Miranda Doni' and 'Manaroo' do.
  10. Pilot Skill 0 would either price them lower than 12, which they've repeatedly stated they are never going to do, or have them at 12, which makes them just a worse academy pilot. I'd never refuse more named TIE Pilots though.
  11. those just look like your bog standard TIE l/n to me
  12. if it's anything like our miniatures game, Luke Wedge and Biggs combined will be unable to scratch the shields of a single pre-nerf Defender.
  13. If they don't fix the X-Wing given this many oppertunities (Rogue One, Rebels S4) I'm going to be incredibly pissed.
  14. Which is why it's named differently, was marketed differently, contained nothing that could be considered a 'fix' to either ship and was sold as a differant price point.
  15. Ah no yeah I agree. Sorry for being a little rude earlier, but I've been flying X-Wings since Wave 1 and its dissapointing that they're (outside of Biggs) really not worth the points.