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  1. PP-3P0 (PP3), Grub Grub the Ewok warrior, and Niknik Krizz the mechanic.
  2. Should the weapon have prepare 1? It's fast once you get it moving but it seems to need a little more at the start to get it up to speed.
  3. Question for the podcast: What section of the EPG, do you feel, adds the most to the players experience? And why? (biggest reason to get the book?)
  4. How I would play it: You go to the imps and they, after confirming that this was a ship indeed used for piracy, thank you for your service to the empire and say the ship is yours. HOWEVER. "The ship will need to be impounded to make sure no illegal contraband remains on board." While stripping the hold and crew compartment of anything valuable, they would remove any weapon systems that would be considered military grade, as well as downgrading the hyperdrive if it exceeds civilian standards. Maybe even the shields and armour of your feeling mean. After a week they get what's left back. Forcing the players to sell the old ship to get the new one back up to spec.
  5. I always limit players to 1 rank per skill per session. I find it makes for more well rounded characters.
  6. I'd have the trooper ram into the player and cause damage to both. The blade of the saber isn't going to slow him down one bit. Then hit him with major conflict because, **** that's cold.
  7. Here is my cyborg bounty hunter Blasto! And one of my player's bounty hunters as well, Reese. Also my rebel X-Wing pilot!
  8. My List, (so far): D&D 1st Edition and Advanced D&D Gary Gygax's Mythus (anyone else try this?) Twillight 2000 Merc 2000 Dark Conspiracy Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Traveller Rifts Palladium Robotech TMNT Ninjas and Superspys Heroes Unlimited Toon! HoL (The Human Occupied Landfill) Iron Claw Jade Claw The Firefly RPG The LOTR RPG Heavy Gear Gear Krieg Core Command Vampire, the Masquerade and Dark Ages Werewolf, the Apocalypse, Dark Ages and Wild West Changeling Wraith Mage WEG Star Wars Brave New World (Best Superhero Game EVER) And of course, FFG Star Wars There may have been more but these are what jump to mind...
  9. I give my villains a special ability for managing crits: When my players take on a Big Bad and get a crit I roll the 2 10 sided dice and go with the lower result. For instance if I rolled a 9 and a 2 I go with 29 not 92. Then I modify with vicious and the like as per the attacker. This tends to get you an extra few rounds in my experience.
  10. My Jedi travels in a Citadel Class Light Freighter called the Saber Seven. I have a Toydarian smuggler who use to fly a HWK called Red Bird but later upgraded to a Ghtroc 720 freighter called Red Shell.
  11. I often run with just one player, with me controlling the rest of the crew. It's totally doable and fun.
  12. I posted this in another thread but here it is again: The system I have been using: Roll to strike the vehicle as usual; if the armour soaks the hit then of course no damage. If the damage passes armour it does 1 point to the vehicle for every damage 10 damage dealt, as usual. If you get under 10 you don't do any damage BUT you can still do your critical if you roll the advantages. Chances are you'll never destroy it but you could disable it or ruin the occupants day. Also for every silhouette above you -10 from the roll on the crit chart. It's worked for me so far.
  13. Blasto! My heavy hired gun. He's a cyborg with a repulsor lift and a E-web mounted to his body. He's a super nice guy who is always there to back up the PCs should they call on him. They occasionally us him as a diversion to draw attraction so they can slip in behind and take out key targets.
  14. Make a leadership roll. Use the successes to give a bonus to the student. The student then makes a medicine roll. That's how I would do it.
  15. I'd like to offer my assistance as well. By that, I mean I could draw Talzana for you if you would like.
  16. A Jedi shouldn't be using the force to smash people like bugs so I allow my players to scale back the damage with 10x as a upper limit. If a group of people are chasing you, you can knock them down without killing them that way.
  17. If you think the system is causing too many crits, why do you insist on spending advantages and triumphs on them exclusively? If you use them on other things your problems would be solved, would they not?
  18. So each player gets up to 3-5 critical wounds every battle? How do they survive? How do they still have limbs? Are they winning these fights? Does the next scene after the fight always start with them coming out of cloning vats?
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