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  1. NukeMaster

    Fleet Troopers

    The gernade launcher does add versitility. If you need your unit to rout some enemies in heavy cover. The launcher helps. If your unit needs to put the hurt on enemy armor. The launcher helps a lot. If you need to add one more suppression on a unit at range 3. I don't think that it is enough to redeem the price plus exhaust but we will see.
  2. NukeMaster

    Cheap storage solution

    Looks nice. My one question is how tight did you make the gap? Does it hold the base tight or is there wiggle room?
  3. NukeMaster

    Fleet Troopers

    I was going to point out that blast at range 3 is really nice, but then I remembered the rest of the unit only shoots at range 2 so it's not as great as I was thinking.
  4. NukeMaster

    Helmets and Hair

    The one with the hair out the back does her hair also come around to the right side of her face or is the something else.
  5. NukeMaster

    Helmets and Hair

    I decided that it is time to paint my rebel troopers. As I was looking them over to get an idea of the different things I will be painting I realized that one of them seems to have long hair resting on the top or her backpack. I guess my question is where does the helmet end and hair start. Do the helmets come down to the neck so that all the other troopers hair is covered or is there a bit of hair on each trooper that sticks out below the helmet? I'm just not getting a good idea of what I am looking at when I look at the back of the troopers.
  6. NukeMaster

    What do you think about the Recruitment Kit operations

    I thought in Gathering Forces you change opponents each time. Although I don't understand why they say you should keep it below 8 people but tell you to do 4 rounds.
  7. NukeMaster

    Characteristics of each rank

    I imagine there will be operatives that cooperate with the rest of the army better than Boba but I don't expect to see them issuing command tokens.
  8. NukeMaster

    FAQ - Rules update

    I think you heard wrong.
  9. NukeMaster

    Characteristics of each rank

    I guess I am most surprised about the overlap between corps and special forces. I wonder if we will see most trooper units released as special forces from here on out and the corps options will just remain the 4 iconic ones we have now. I would be fine with that.
  10. My FLGS is going to do a tournament in a few weeks and I was wondering what your opinion or the recruitment Kit operations. Personally I don't think Silent hill sounds full for a single day event. What has your experience been.
  11. NukeMaster

    Boba first impressions

    Well ok you are right on that. Now that you say it I'm wondering why I have been counting the blanks instead of doing the math. Not that the math is hard but the blanks seem faster.
  12. NukeMaster

    Boba first impressions

    I think it is more clunky in words than it will be in play. All the guy playing Boba needs to do is remember to grab the extra dice and then play it like any other combat.
  13. NukeMaster

    Characteristics of each rank

    I'm trying to get in my mind around the characteristics of each rank as they seem to be presently. I'm sure FFG will release something change all this but for now I'd like to have something that answer the question, "what is a _____ unit?" Here is my best effort Corps: Standard fighting units, made up of multiple minis, have one unit ability, required to have at least 3 in an army, is of the trooper type which is important for most objectives Special Forces: basically costlier Corp units with multiple unit abilities Commanders: Named characters that lead the army, at least one required in each army but no more than 2, can function in a variety of ways, will have multiple unit abilities, have command card that relate to themselves and effect other units Operatives: Named characters who don't fit as commanders, have command cards associated with themselves Support: Currently light vehicles Heavy: Large vehicles I'd like to see more supports announced to get a better idea how that rank will fill out.
  14. NukeMaster

    Boba first impressions

    Yes Boba has the ability to block all damage. To do so he will have to roll all blocks (or surges). On average he will take the Pierce value in damage or less if less was rolled. In other words on average he will take the amount of damage rolled up to the Pierce value.
  15. NukeMaster

    Scout Trooper / Rebel Commando balancing

    The question is have I missed something? Why are we saying things like scouts shoot more often or scouts shoot twice?