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  1. You can get it right now off of Amazon for 80 bucks. I'm surprised you can't find it in your area. My FLGS has about 3 copies unsold.
  2. The rebels have always been able to win by digging in. You went in with less units. I still think you could have won. What was your armored target priority? The generators, the speeders, or the turret. What was your infantry target priority? The troopers or the vanguards.
  3. Tow Cables will deal damage before the imperials roll, therefore your red lightsabers won't be completely useless. Although you will need two in order to save your AT-AT. In contrast Target The Generator will do 3 red damage that the rebels can't do a thing about. I don't think I would have started with Armored Patrol. In that first round you had to either wipe out the shield generators or the speeders.
  4. I think that is questionable. Under the Canceling Cards section of the expansion rules it says, "When a player's tactic card is CANCELED, he cannot resolve any of the abilities on it. Although the current player usually resolves his tactic card first, if the defender's card uses the word CANCEL, the defender resolves his card first." So really if we are going by activation order the second part of the rule implies that the rebels only can cancel and retreat as Lemminks86 says if they are the defenders. I think the spirit of the rules would be that both cards are canceled and nothing happens.
  5. Captured leaders are never in the leader pool so they don't apply to either player's cap.
  6. Damage that does not destroy the unit can be removed in subsequent rounds.
  7. I had heard about those but hadn't watched that video. They do look great. So much time would be cut out of setup. If they make one that gets the expansion and original game in the same box with organized in a way that allows you to easily switch between the two. I'm going to have to buy it.
  8. I respect your trust that they have improved the game, but they did give the option of using the original start. Ideally it would be a strategic decision. For the sake of argument I here are some reasons I would not want to you the new starting units as imperial: If you don't commit additional resources to defend the DSUC, the rebels could decide to place all of their space units in a neighboring system and destroy it as the very first play of turn 1. The first 3 turns are when the Death Star is the most powerful. By going with the new starting units you rob the DS of its time as the ultimate (unchangeable) power in the universe.
  9. With the new expansion starting units that empire gives up a completed Death Star and 1 AT-ST for 2 Tanks, 2 Strikers and a Death Star after 3 rounds. The rebels give up 1 X-wing, 1 Y-wing and 1 trooper for 1 U-wing and a Vanguard. In my opinion both look to be weaker starts. Do you like the new start? When would you prefer this over the original?
  10. I'm guessing you must deploy it to a system following the same rules for other units. Then, you place a token in a remote system that now becomes a legal system for deployment. So if you want a shield bunker in a remote system you would first need to build one in a populous system and then build a different one in the remote system the first bunker is allowing you to deploy to. Cards will be able to override this such as the "Secret Mission" action card. I would guess in that case you could deploy it to a remote system and put the token in that system as well.
  11. They would be collected at the beginning of the refresh phase. Unless you are talking about Obi-Wan using "Noble Sacrifice," then he is dead. Remove him from the board immediately do not return him to your leader pool. He is gone.
  12. This line about Saw Gerrera is confusing: "Since even the Rebels view Saw as a Rebel Extremist , you might suffer a point of reputation when you recruit him, but you can put him to use immediately. Since he goes straight to your leader pool" Does this indicate a change in how leaders are recruited?
  13. I guess I spoke too soon. Forgive my lack of patience FFG.
  14. Did I miss interpret the lat paragraph of the Single Reactor Ignition article? I dusted off my old twitter account just to participate in some social media Rise of the Empire spoilage. Was anyone else expecting something like that? Or is something going on that I have missed?
  15. So end of July isn't completely out of the question for the expansion.