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  1. Why do people complain about Shores and not Veterans?
  2. I bought 2 cores of Legion when it was first released but then got a new job and moved twice so I wasn't able to keep up with it. I've picked up an expansion every once and awhile. I would like to a tournament this weekend while try to build a list I realize everything I could make isn't much different than what I could have made a year ago. My questions are: What expansions offer the most fun? What expansions impact gameplay the most? If you were to buy 3 expansions released in the last year for each faction what would they be?
  3. Why did you put wookie warriors in the Rebellion, especially if you knew Clone Wars was on the horizon. Where are my Ewoks?
  4. I understand the need for point adjustments and thought it was a good idea to make it easier to do in X-Wing. What I don't like is the constant nerf/buff cycling you get in MMOs. I think we are getting a bit of that in X-Wing. I'm hoping Legion hits the sweet spot. With printed values on the cards they are still incentivized to do the proper play testing and get the right value during the design.
  5. I like that idea. I'm going to steal it. I was playing a solo game and got to the picking weakness part of setup. It went something like this in my mind: Aragorn is burdened, wonder why that is ....... And Elena is ..... lazy... Guess that mystery is solved.
  6. I don't own the game yet, but I think I remember seeing that all the characters have double cards.
  7. Yeah, I think FFG would just make a Lord of the Rings miniatures war game instead of providing a skirmish mode for this one.
  8. If I were a poet I would compose a masterful ode to the Spanish site.
  9. Wookie warriors should have been a republic unit.
  10. I only watched the first halve of the first scenario to avoid spoilers. I appreciate the battlecast videos. I was disappointed in the combat I saw. I don't think it is a good idea to have damage spill over between enemies like that without the use of cleave or something. They could change that feature in the app before release as well as the complexity of the decisions you are required to make. I hope they take it into consideration.
  11. I'm a little concerned about the fear mechanic in this game. It just sounds like alternate hit points. It doesn't make sense for the heroes of middle Earth to just bug out because they got too scared.
  12. The card was kind of blurred but from yesterday's Dev interview it looks like her stats are all 3s.
  13. I'm not familiar with any of the FFG original characters. After googling Beravor, I would agree that it is most likely her especially if she is a Jack-of-all-trades. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Currently the revealed heroes have a default value of 2 for each attribute with an additional 4 points disbursed in 2 or 3 skills. Each hero has a 4 in at least one attribute and each attribute has at least 1 hero that has a 4 in that skill. It would make sense to make the last hero have 3 for every attribute and be the jack of all trades. Have we seen anything about her besides the sculpt? Do we know who she is? Would it make sense character wise for her to be a jack of all trades?
  15. I have the same question so thanks OP for posting this. Currently I have the only thing I have 2 of is cores. I have many expansions still in purchased. From what I've read and the limited games I've been able to play, the alternate corps units (snowies, fleets) are the only expansions you might want to go 0 or 2 of.
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