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  1. NukeMaster

    Let's bug ffg.

    I don't want anymore corps options.
  2. NukeMaster

    Gift Idea for Imperial Players

    The best gift you can give an imperial player: Running a T-47! 😀
  3. NukeMaster

    Clone Wars is coming to Legion!!!

    I was hoping for Ewoks over Wookiees, but it is cool they are adding more armies.
  4. NukeMaster

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    I understand two attacks is the goal but in practicality how often is Palatine going to be in a position for that to be possible? At speed one he's going to be taking more move action than attacks.
  5. NukeMaster

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    My biggest concern is how is he going to play and how is it going to differ from Vader. It looks to me like he wants sit on a point even more than Vader does. If Vader seems slow at least relentless kind of makes up for it. I think Palpatine is going to suffer from terrible action economy. Trading actions with another unit does not seem like something I would want to do with a 210+ point unit.
  6. NukeMaster

    Chewie is Next

    What makes you say "definitely?" I've seen nothing that indicates these are the exact numbers they want for each unit type. In fact some of the comments from Alex Davy lead me to believe they are going to pump out a lot of familiar characters as commanders and operatives.
  7. NukeMaster


    Also it sounds like FFG has long hours and low pay.
  8. NukeMaster

    Are you revealing your command hands?

    If you reveal your command hands at the beginning a good opponent will be keeping track of your discarded command cards in his head.
  9. I haven't seen an official ruling, so I was wondering what the community is doing. When you play with multiple commanders do you reveal what command cards you have chosen to your opponent?
  10. NukeMaster

    So, what are we waiting for?

    It's not a neutral expansion! There is no patern! The plot thickens. ??
  11. That's how it would have to work. (I assume you mean Aug for Boba) It seems optimistic and the article people don't always correlate with the release people, so I don't think it is wrong to doubt. If we see the neutral expansions released this month I'll have greater faith in FFG's ability to do monthly releases.
  12. NukeMaster

    So, what are we waiting for?

    I keep hoping to see an article when I come to this site, but I just realized I'm not sure what article I'm expecting to see. It seems early for a supplies preview article, maybe it is time for a reveal? If a reveal what are your guesses? If there is a pattern it would be another neutral expansion. Is anyone else eagerly awaiting an article? If so, what?
  13. NukeMaster

    Is Vader Overcosted/Does he need help?

    He is factoring in rally which is 2 sides of a d6 (33.33...%). So on average rally will remove 1 suppression for every three. Hence to panic a 2 courage unit you will need 6 and to for a 3 courage unit 9 suppression.
  14. NukeMaster

    Is Vader Overcosted/Does he need help?

    Um, Saber Throw doesn't exhaust. Master of the Force has no interaction with Saber Throw.
  15. NukeMaster

    Is Vader Overcosted/Does he need help?

    I've wondered if they just added this line to Master of the Force in the rules reference. "Take X number of force upgrades free. These upgrades do not count toward the upgrades on your unit card." Another issue I have with Vader is he effectively only has one upgrade choice after the to almost mandatory ones.