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  1. Guess Leia's Stats Game

    I like many of you am eagerly awaiting the Leia reveal. So I figured while we wait let's guess her stats. Here is my guess: Points: 110 Health: 6 Courage: 4 Red defense die Offensive and Defensive surge conversion Movement: 2 Range Weapon: 2 red dice with peirce 2 Melee: 1 red die 2 Leader and 1 Gear upgrade slots Immune: Peirce Inspire 2 Units at range 1-2 get offensive surge conversion An ability like Veer's spotter 2 that gives out dodge tokens Feel free to criticize any part of my guess or submit a complete or partial guess of your own. If you feel that theorizing, speculating and guessing on content that has yet to be released just sets people up for disappointment in the final product, say so and we can discuss the merits of that opinion as well. I'm just trying to have some fun while I wait for news.
  2. Painting in cold or humid environments

    Not presently but possibly with the new job. Why doesn't airbrushing have the same problems as cans? Thanks this might be what I end up doing.
  3. I've been working on my painting skills, but it's winter and cold outside. All the spray on primers indicate they should be used in warm temperatures. After a few attempts at doing it indoors my wife has made it clear that indoors is not an option for me. What effects will the cold have on my painting jobs? Also I just got news of a job offer in the Seattle area. That is a significantly more humid environment than I have lived in and I've read that humidity is not great for painting in. What do those of you who live in humid places do to ensure a good paint job?
  4. What to buy

    The answer to this question is always, whatever your wife will let you.
  5. T-47 preview is up

    I was not aware you had to move twice.
  6. T-47 preview is up

    I'm not following your logic. I can see no senerio we're doing a 360 would be anything more than a wasted action.
  7. From now till release day

    Thanks, I had planned to go through and look for any promised but not yet delivered. Your list looks complete to me, unless there are more mechanics they will address separately from the rules. Maybe, something like terrain effects.
  8. Battlefield Recon

    I would just do it however FFG says in their official tournament rules.
  9. How easy is it to turn around?

    I thought moving the full template length was only necessary for compulsory move.
  10. First Time Getting into a Miniatures Game

    I was thinking the felt might stick to the miniatures and alter the play area slightly.
  11. I am thinking of buying 2 core sets but don't see myself needing 3 units speeder bikes. Then I got thinking that it really depends on how easy they are to turn around. Does anyone who has played the game have a good idea of the maximum angle on the movement templates?
  12. First Time Getting into a Miniatures Game

    I was thinking about getting a 6x3 piece of felt in either brown, green or white. Is that a viable option or am I just going to find myself cursing at it every time I pick up a miniature.
  13. Multiple Primary Factions

    It will be interesting to see how the differences in factions materialize. As of right now I'm not convinced that the subtle differences in troopers will make much of a play style difference at all and the two factions look fairly symmetrical.
  14. Sorry, I didn't mean to put words in your mouth. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Not enough effect for cost is the same thing as underpowered in my book. That is really what Vader has struggled with in the other games I have played. He is not bad just not worth it. When I started this thread I didn't realize his base point value is 1/4 of your points. I think that will see him replaced pretty quick. I hope your right about him having enough utility to make him always a decent option.