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  1. Greetings everyone! I just heard about this game and am excited to try it out upon release. One of the things that caught my attention right away was the different styles of houses. Obviously, some styles appeal more to certain players, so people may dislike certain houses. When you pick up your deck, you have no control over the houses you get. I have seen a lot of traffic about the limitation of trading, because individual cards cannot be traded. However, if you pick up a deck with one or two houses that don't match your style, you can just trade it in your local scene to someone else who is interested! I don't think trading is dead, by any means. On the contrary, this actually energizes the trade potential of this game. Furthermore, you can add in the discussion of skilled players collecting wins and increasing their deck's trade value. There is so much to explore, for both casual and serious players. The adventure to find your favorite three-house combination looks fun! Thoughts on trade potential for this game? Will you just collect as many different decks as possible and keep them all, or will you tend to collect certain houses and trade others away to get more decks that fit your style of play?
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out if the tournament rules reference for Taking Notes and Outside Material applies to the general score of the game. According to the tournament rules, is it OK to keep track of the score on a piece of paper as ships are destroyed?
  3. Thanks for the input. I have a single ace (Fenn), and a 3-point bid. I'm going to keep the list as-is and not add in any extra situational scum devices. Personally not running Thweek, but I expect to run into him. I don't believe the init bid is that vital to my particular list. Plus, I expect to see enough PS 10 and 11 ships to where my 3-point bid doesn't even matter. I also have a bumpmaster in the list, so part of the bid is controlling the low PS to ensure I can take initiative for myself in those match ups.
  4. With a PS 9 Ace, would you maintain a 97-point list (3-point initiative bid) or would you opt in to fill in an illicit upgrade with something like Cloaking Device or Contraband Cybernetics? I'm pretty set on keeping that bid for a better shot at initiative, but I haven't played with Cybernetics yet...solid?
  5. Yes, that is the acceptable risk for this type of list. I have to fly with the confidence that my ships can hurt the opponent as well and focus fire will drop a ship off the board before it can shoot. I like the 4-LOM idea. Maybe "A Score to Settle" with Zuckuss crew, BMST, FCS, and the title (32 points) would be a good way to fill it out. 32 point is also enough space for a YV-666 with 4-LOM crew and Bossk.
  6. Thank you for the response! I will look at what I like better for Fenn. PTL on him just seems so natural...especially with half-way decent flying/predicting, you can double up on offense with Focus/Target Lock. I like the intensity option, but unfortunately I only have one TIE Aggressor. Boba Fett isn't mandatory, but I like VI a lot more. I know the 'meta' is filled with PS 10+ ships with hard hitting ships, so I am not too worried about the initiative bid. Making Zuckuss the same PS as Fenn will get that mileage out of the Tractor Beam, and I think that's what the real threat would be. I haven't really flown against a swarm of Harpoon missiles...do you think Zuckuss would survive a few of them? I'm guessing he'd take two and one more attack to finish off if I am taking the Evade action. I have considered replacing him outright with Manaroo...maybe something weird like Wired, Bossk, and Feedback Array (32 points). Lowers the offensive power of the list a bit, but brings in some staying power with support. I also thought about dropping FCS on Zuckuss, but if that was the case, most of my actions would be the Target Lock, so that decreases his staying power even more.
  7. Greetings fellow pilots! It has been some time since I've captained a squadron of pilots in X-Wing, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things with an upcoming Regional tournament. I'm considering the following list: ========= Guri Fury ========= 100 points Pilots ------ Guri (34) StarViper (30), Intensity (2), StarViper Mk. II (-3), Autothrusters (2), Virago (1), Fire-Control System (2) Fenn Rau (34) Protectorate Starfighter (28), Push the Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) Zuckuss (32) G-1A Starfighter (28), A Score to Settle (0), Boba Fett (1), Fire-Control System (2), Mist Hunter (0), Tractor beam (1) The base of my list is Guri. It seems I always have to run her when flying scum...even before Guns for Hire was out. This will be my first time using her with Intensity. I figure a standard Fenn loadout to help threaten the board was a solid choice. Finally, we have Zuckuss. While he is my favorite Bounty Hunter, he is the problem I am having right now. Tractor Beam at PS 7 doesn't allow Fenn to take advantage of it...while it could still be useful to mess with lower PS ships that are trying to drop munitions on my squad. Boba Fett is just for flavor because I think it would be nice to rep him over a longer tournament and make for some interesting moments. I'm mainly flying for a fun experience, but is there any way to improve this list to stand a better chance in today's meta?
  8. Yes, sorry! Thanks for the input! It's been so long, and even then, I was never a regular player due to other life things going on.
  9. Greetings all! It has been quite some time since I have posted and/or played some X-Wing. I snagged Guns for Hire and went straight for a list with my old favorite Guri. I sprinkled in some Thweek and now I believe I have a list I want to take to a fun tournament this weekend. I end up at 40 points left for my third ship. I feel to compliment the two StarVipers I need something beefy that can also bring some heat. I considered a Dengar without title with a few upgrades, but I am also looking at Ventress. The last thing to note is I am currently running Guri with Mindlink, so this beefy ship needs to have an EPT. What would you pick for a 40-point mindlinked ship? Ventress + AML + Latts crew Bossk + AML + Harpoon Missile + Guidance Chips ???? + ??? + ??? *Edited to change Ketsu crew to Latts crew*
  10. Cool. I could see some merit to having it in a different style of deck that actually uses supports. Not top tier competitive, of course, but interesting to note. You can use Poe to resolve the 2 resource side, pay one to get it into play, roll out the freighter and get another 2 resource or use the disrupt. Very slow, but a good bit of resources for a different style of deck.
  11. I was recently wondering the same thing...specifically, does the Freighter go on top of the deck and/or can I use Poe's ability to pay one resource to get the vehicle into play.
  12. Great question. I have thought about tweaks a little bit more in light of the "Guns for Hire" announcement. Sensor jammer was pretty beastly in a couple match ups, but so many people are running Expertise or some other hyper attack function, where they have a focus to modify anyway...it makes SJ less viable. This could easily be shaved down to FCS or advanced sensors. With that in mind, some plasma torps on Dengar could prove to be potent on the opening volley against many ships in the meta now. There is quite a bit more flexibility in there. Cloaking Device would also be pretty fun for pre/post opening rounds of combat.
  13. Thanks! I have tried Lone Wolf before, and I believe it can work against certain lists that Guri out PS's and you can use her as a flanker. However, for most matches, I want to be able to focus fire, and Predator just seems to be more consistently used. That being said, Guri does not do as much damage as Dengar, so I could see it being viable in its own way. I would still fly together to focus fire, and then at the right time, split off as Dengar sloops around in order to trigger Lone Wolf. Intensity is a neat card and it might be the key to making Guri a bit tankier. It will require a number of test runs to see how active it can be.
  14. Greetings fellow X-Wing forum goers! I took my renewed Guri Fury list to my local store championship: Dengar (60) - JumpMaster 5000 (33), Expertise (4), Seismic Torpedo (2), K4 Security Droid (3), Unhinged Astromech (1), Scavenger Crane (2), Punishing One (12), Counter-Measures (3) Guri (40) - StarViper (30), Predator (3), Virago (1), Autothrusters (2), Sensor Jammer (4) ---------------------------------------- We had 14 players arrive to the showdown so we were doing four rounds with no cut. Round 1 – James’s Scum TLTs In my first round I faced off against a James, a young local player. He placed his ships a little off center to my right. I dropped Guri on the right side and Dengar in the middle, hoping to get a flank from either one. I thought he might hard turn one side or the other to avoid rocks and keep everything together, so I rushed Guri in with a 4 straight. However, he decided to go strait and swooped one of his Y-Wings around the first corner rock in expert fashion. There was not a whole lot I could have done to avoid it after my opening move, so with Guri I rushed into face off against the Y’s. However, the first round of combat saw the end of Guri as she took two range one primary shots and then four TLT attacks from the other two Y’s. I knew it was going to be bad, but the dice made it slightly worse. Guri got her one shot off before ejecting safely into space to come back in round 2. Dengar had a lot of work to do. We circled around the board a bit, but I made sure to stay in range one as much as possible to plink away at his Y’s. Slowly, but surely they started dropping. James had an expert block on me that I did not expect when I got stuck on the mustache asteroid. I was going to clear it, but he swept over in a fashion I did not see. I only took a single point damage that round, though. In the end, Dengar had a few hull remaining and we finished just before time was called. Win: 100-69 Round 2 – Dan’s Imperial TIEs Dan brought Countess Ryad, Col Vessery, Mauler Mithel, and a crack shot Black Squadron Pilot with him to the fight. I gave him initiative this match so I could see what Ryad was doing before I moved Guri. He set up his defenders on the right side with his ties on the left in the center of the board. I set up Guri on my right with Dengar in the right corner. I was confident I could just run into him to get some good exchanges going. I had my eyes on Ryad in the beginning, but Guri’s position in the first round of combat gave her a better shot at Vessery, so I decided to focus fire. Guri took some hits early and got became pilot skill zero. I set up for some key blocks, but missed, while Dan keep trying to whittle her down. His TIEs could not repel the magnitude of Dengar’s firepower and they started blowing up, one by one. I believe I lost Guri in the process though. It was a blast to play against Dan, and I hope to play against him in the future. Win: 100-40 Round 3 – Chester’s Rebels Chester brought a Rey and Lothal Rebel list to the table. Not just any Lothal Rebel…but one with Autoblaster Turret and Accuracy Corrector. I was terrified to face this list with my fragile Guri. At least I wasn’t running Fenn Rau with one less shield. Chester set up his VCX on the right side so I set Guri up just left of center. I figured if I could get a flank on it from the side, but not in range one, I would be OK. However, then he set up Rey right next to the VCX. Since I figured they would fly close together, I dropped Dengar next to Guri and we went to town. He brought his ships slowly forward while I moved a little more aggressively to meet him. Guri kept going straight ahead instead of turning in to allow a larger lane for Dengar to maneuver in the middle of the field. At the last moment, I turned Guri while ensuring I was not within range one. I got some focused fire in on the Lothal Rebel early and the damage started flying. He nicked a couple damage from Guri before the furball happened. However, then I pulled a blinded pilot crit from Dengar into the rebel to save Guri from a 5-dice TL’d shot. The next round I pulled another blinded pilot crit on Rey after she had shot which took into effect the following round after she slooped into a range one in arc position in front of Guri. Guri was saved again by blinded pilot. At this point, Rey was injured enough that I was able to finish her off. After that, I took down the remaining hull on the VCX. The match did not end up at all how I imagined it in my head. Win: 100-0 Round 4: Eric’s Scum Mirror I could not believe I would be going into the last round undefeated. I was up against Eric, a strong player that I have played in the past (and lost). He was bringing his own version of Expertise Dengar but with Plasma Torps and guidance chips along with Expertise Advanced Proton Torpedo Fenn Rau as a squad mate. I knew it was going to be bloody, and I did not have a lot of confidence in my own list after seeing his across from the table. I also knew that he had been playing Dengar for many moons. We were joking that no matter what happens, Dengar will win. However, we had to see which Dengar was the better Dengar. I also challenged him to find out which Fenn Rau was the better Fenn Rau, Fenn, or Guri. He outbid me on points and gave me initiative. We did not share any combat triggers that mattered, but he wanted to see where I was moving so he could react accordingly. I set Guri up at left center and Dengar in the left corner at a 45-degree angle. He set his Dengar up on the left corner and Fenn Rau in the middle. The first round I swept Dengar in with a 3 left bank and moved Guri forward with a 4 straight. I wasn’t sure if he was going to flank with Fenn Rau by taking the long way around or if we would meet in the middle between the rocks. The next round I had to choose a target…do I take out Dengar first, or go for Fenn Rau. Either one of his ships would have decimated Guri in the late game if he takes out my Dengar. However, I knew that his 6 dice Adv. Proton Torps would likely one shot Guri. I decided to one straight Guri, leaving her out of a possible range one and I did a 3 right bank with Dengar to acquire a target lock on Fenn. He does a four straight to get in perfect range one position of Dengar and takes a Target Lock, getting excited to launch torpedoes. His Dengar does another slow roll to get a Target Lock and focuses up. Going into combat I check for Guri’s ability, even though I know she is outside of range one. I do this every time to remind me of my triggers. The most important trigger just happens to be Counter-Measures in this case. I trigger it to drop Fenn’s lock and proceed to start firing with Dengar. I roll out a range one shot with crit-hit-hit-hit, and he rolls something like blank, blank, eyeball, evade. He adds his Concord Dawn title die and takes a hit crit. Nothing major this round, but he is down to two left. He goes in for Dengar’s plasma torps and melts my 4 shields. Fenn then decides to fire at my Dengar and he drops 2 hits in. I evaded, IIRC, and proceed to get some payback. I drop another 4 hits his way and he evades one or two. Fenn Rau was gone and I think both of us were just stunned. I was so stunned, in fact, that I forgot to trigger Scavenger Crane to get CM back. The round finishes by Guri firing at Dengar at range 3 and taking a payback shot of one shield. The next few rounds play out while I drop some damage on Dengar while he tries to finish Dengar off. I slooped around after turning into the asteroid field to get him in my sights. I fired into him to finish him off, but he gets simultaneous fire and ends up taking out my Dengar. With Guri still left on the board with 4 hull, the match is over. Win: 100-58 Reflection I was still kind of stunned about the whole turn of events because at any point I could have lost each game. I had a number of missteps as well, which could have cost me more than it did. It was either using Counter-Measures at the wrong time, or not triggering scavenger crane. I believe even one time I forgot to trigger Guri’s ability. I do not get to practice often between family, school, and work, but it was such a blast to play with such great folks. I hope to see each of them across the table again at some point down the road. I am extremely stoked that I could fly Guri to victory at a store championship. The only question is: will I run her again at Regionals? I did last time, and it was still really fun, but extremely challenging. My thoughts behind Guri's loadout is what I did a few seasons back with the rise of the stress meta. This loadout of Guri doesn't really care if she is stressed or not. She can still be defensive with SJ and AT, while getting a focus at range one and always maintaining Predator rerolls. With what I saw at the most recent event I went to (local CAC), I thought more stress lists would be out and about. I also went with Counter-Measures on Dengar to see how well it went with Scavenger crane. I liked the idea of getting it back multiple times in a row against 4-5 ship lists. However, half the lists I faced were two-ship large lists, where scavenger crane did not, or would not have done enough. I think glitterstim would be a stronger choice if I were to run this list again, or some type of torpedo. With all of the FCS, ordnance, and other TL centric lists, I believe that Expert Handling COULD have a place, but things like Black One, Wes Janson, and Counter-Measures could see some more play in the coming months. However, these types of lists might struggle against rebel regen (Miranda) unless they bring their own ordnance. If only I could fly Wes like DHars.
  15. If you had up to 28 points to build out Palob (non-Attanni Mindlink), how would you do it? I currently have Expert Handling, Autoblaster, and Intel Agent with a 2-3 point bid for my PS 9 Wingman. It has been a long time since I have flown him, so I am curious what some of your considerations are. Thanks! ~DS5
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