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  1. & it’s in the film (albeit a bit of a blink and you miss it moment)
  2. Yup looks like a 2 charge Astro to me. Looks quite a techy ships, jamming tokens, Jedi pilots, weapon disabled tokens and some weird looking launched device? Quite interesting.
  3. BTL-B looks an absolute tank. Can’t turn for toffee which might hamper it a bit as a bomber. Looks solid though, I’m cautiously optimistic. Couple of these and a couple of Arc-170s would be quite a bit to chew through.
  4. That’s actually how I ended up using her, although that wasn’t the original game plan. She’s pretty decent overall though: not one to discount!
  5. I tried Ashoka (DB7, R4 & stealth device) with x2 SSV with 7th Fleet gunners. Wasnt too bad. Some ‘less than optimal’ flying in my part separated Ashoka from the ARCs so her ability became less useful. That’s the tricky bit, the Jedi feel like they want to go fast and flank but the ARCs aren’t agile or quick enough dials wise to keep pace. Ashoka performed pretty well though and was reasonably survivable.
  6. Rangor makes a valid point here that illustrates the Aethersprites function quite well - they’re not ‘killing’ ships in the sense that you’ll be dealing consistent high damage with them (with TL+focus). I think they’re a somewhat weird concept closer to a “support Ace”? It’s not a exclusive role (Mace and Anakins abilities for example are more aggressive / selfish) but they’re not really strong finishers. I could see them working quite effectively with torp carrying N-1s. Ashoka, for example, passing actions to lock or focus or Obi Wan sustaining N-1 focus tokens for defence and then offence or just battle meditation. More of a fulcrum ship than the hammer or the anvil. The combination of config + force powers though seems prohibitively expensive and Brilliant Evasion especially so.
  7. For an ‘unproven’ list I tend to ask if the list utilised it’s points: Did I proc the abilities/upgrades I paid for? (Id include Initiative as a pseudo ability). It doesn’t really matter initially if the ability/upgrade went off but with no real impact at this stage - just confirmation it was used. Did the synergies I’d envisioned work as planned? Or was it actually technically quite difficult to create the right conditions (range requirement etc) given the ship dials in use? Then I tend to think of ‘time on target’. If I infrequently or rarely had targets in arc then that might be speaking to how well the list is able to threaten zones of the board. This feels more a reliable indicator than just fickle dice rolls. Finally was there a real apparent weakness. For example the list can’t handle ion turrets, or stress, or is weak to alpha strikes. I’d also ask how hard to my opponent have to work? If they’re not obviously thinking during the game maybe my strategy is too transparent with obvious counters.
  8. The Aethersprites offer flexibility. You can either: FTC or Ability or Dice Mod (like calculate) For an additional points cost you can add a Force power. But in my view this essentially ‘replaces’ your current ability at a steep points cost. What the Aethersprite *cant* do is all of these things consistently. They’re a ‘jack of all trades’ type of ship which is quite useful in a shifting meta, but I don’t think they excel in any one area. Their power comes from their ability to ‘gear shift’ during a game or during a tournament; arc dodging to turtling to synergy for example. Their weakness comes from tiring quickly which leaves them vulnerable. Managing that resource is an extra burden on the player as is judging what strategy to adopt during each tournament match; equivalent of raising the player skill requirement. I think the N-1 Starfighter is the true ‘buddy pair’ to the Aethersprite because the Arc and V-19 dials don’t lend themselves well to ‘synergy’ formation flying. When that’s released I think the Aethersprite will be much more viable (especially for the lower I pilots) whilst leaving the option to go with Arc/V-19 + Anakin ‘ace’ lists for those that want it.
  9. I’ve picked Republic. The Seperatists do look pretty good, perhaps objectively better than Republic ships (Maul in particular). The Republic Jedi are expensive points wise, but my hope is that the Jedi improve as new force powers are released and existing force powers reduce in cost. Current force powers are (imho) taxed or limited talents - constrained by available force points. This means they’re less than optimal compared to just a normal pilot talent. I think though that the Republic “might” have some viable builds with Arc-170s and Naboo starfighters supported by a Jedi. They’re not a fully rounded out faction yet. We might see the Eta-2 starfighter appear in future expansions & the Naboo starfighter currently gives an option of a ship that can keep pace with an Aethersprite to actually capitalise on the synergy abilities of most current Jedi. That all said the Republic look to be a hard sell for competitive play.
  10. Tam Palso


    Interesting list, Anakin in expensive but could be tricky to deal with - How useful was Obi Wan?
  11. I see your point, arguably the Rz-2 is undercosted (given it’s rear arc option). And yes the other options within a faction make a big difference to what squadrons are viable. I think some of the Jedi might be useful supporting / supported by ARC-150s. Making the ‘Dedicated’ talent (and side arc abilities) do a lot of heavy lifting though.
  12. It’s not just L’ulo. Compare I4 Mace with DB-7 (62pts) and a I5 T-70 like Nien (55pts). You could fit a PA to Nien (60pt) and have an post red manoeuvre action, +1 shield, pilot ability to remove stress (range 1) and have a higher initiative for 2 points less than Mace Windu.
  13. It’s not a evade + focus stressless PTL though. It’s BR or boost which is decent on I5/I6 but on lower initiative? Im really not convinced by these aethersprites. Equipping R4 might make them fairly decent. The ARC-170s look quite good though.
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