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  1. Well, for the second time in my life (the first one was with Bioware/EA after dragon age 2 and mass effect 3 fiasco) I am trying to let my voice be heard, Just send an e-mail and hope that someone will read...but I think it will not. How unfortunate.
  2. I'm disgusted. I love so much Netrunner that thinking about stop playing is a big deal. I tried use cardgamedb today and stopped right away. It just can get even close to netrunnerdb. Right now, the best option is meteor, but I'm afraid they will die too. Even all mighty wizard of the coast would not kill a comunity so amazing as netrunnerdb just to make its own deckbuild mandatory. And the silence from FFG make all the worse. A sad day indeed.
  3. This is absurd. Netrunnerdb is just the best site for netrunner ever...I spend hours there looking for decks and building them. I just joined here to sign this petition. This is absurd. SIGNED
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