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  1. https://parts.asmodeena.com/partsrequests/ So far they have been great about sending out replacement parts. I've had to use it for a starter set issue and one of my moisture vaporator halves was miscast. Filled out the form, attached a picture of the defect, boom. Sent it out to me free of charge. Great customer service.
  2. I doubt it. They are specialists, so what... max 3? You'd still need 3 corps troops. But I'd be down for a special rule with Chewie that lets you take them as corp.
  3. Yeah, but that doesn't explain an Android update.
  4. Big GenCon reveal? An actual update to the dice app! Hopefully.....
  5. Yep, that diagram answered my question perfectly. I agree 100%.
  6. I'm going to respectively disagree with the accuracy of the LTP diagram as that is, to my knowledge, the only official example of how to draw LOS. I tried submitting the question through FFGs Rules Submissions Form, but received an error when trying to submit it. Is there an email or other contact I can submit this question to?
  7. Well if you did manage to get your eyeball on the very top, I'm sure Rocket can find you a replacement. Just wash it thoroughly before putting it in. Anywho; But going off the Learn to Play guide diagram and real world application; vehicles can still see things on the ground.
  8. Diagram wise sure. But in practice, if you look over the model, you can still see.
  9. Ignoring itself seems fair, and I don't disagree, but is there anywhere in the main rules or RRG that states that models don't block their own line of sight? I wasn't able to find any reference to it.
  10. Right, that's how we played it. But was that correct? Because as @Big Easy stated "Page 45 of the RRG. Vehicles can block line of sight.". I guess the more concise question is; can vehicles block their own line of sight?
  11. An interesting occurrence happened in my last game that sparked this question. We had an AT-ST extremely close to a unit of troopers, so much so that if you looked from the AT-ST perspective (over the model's head per the rules), you could not see the troopers. The same thing can occur with a T-47. That said, would this mean that LOS is blocked? It seems odd because the target is literally right in front of them, but per the True LOS rules, they can't be seen. We played it out as if they could be seen, and they still got cover from the terrain they were by. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how did you play it out?
  12. Why wouldn't they get a cover bonus if they're shooting at each other? If I'm reading this correctly and they are on the outside of the U (i.e: ST ->U<- RT), the LOS to each other would still be obstructed by 50%, thus granting cover. I guess I'm confused on which RAW says they wouldn't gain cover?
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