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  1. My email to FFG customer support: I very much have enjoyed the games you make and am saddened by the decision to shut down netrunnerdb.com. You have shut down the best part of the community for me, and therefore I will no longer purchase any FFG product in the future. Thank you for saving me a ton of money and showing that your legal department is more important than your fan base! Your silence on the matter speaks volumes as to the priorities of the company.
  2. I have purchased every netrunner expansion and will stop completely if netrunner.db gets shut down. I do not do much of my own deck building and the main draw of this game for me is the many creative decks I can find on netrunnerdb.com. If this is the way FFG chooses to treat its super fans who are enhancing the community and not making ANY money off of FFG intellectual property, I will spend my money on a company that supports them instead. This is major BAD PUBLICITY waiting to happen. I will share the news far and wide and I will save a ton of money by not purchasing any FFG product ever again. I was planning on purchasing all Warhammer Conquest, Lord of The Rings LCG, and Netrunner cards, as well as many FFG board games. It's your move FFG. Either reach a compromise or partner with netrunnerdb or I will cease any and all future purchases with you. I am not alone.
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