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  1. TVBoy, I'm the author of XStreamer, and the best introduction on how to use it is to start with with the X-Wing tutorial, the same items in that tutorial will apply to the Imperial Assault version. The overlays are configurable but you do need to know a bit of HTML and some programming logic to use the Freemarker Templates to construct your own. The source code for X-Streamer is available free for anybody to want to make changes to. I haven't had time to go through and do an Imperial Assault specific tutorial, but the X-Wing tutorial and Imperial Assault side work the same. You do need to use TableTop Admiral to export the lists and then Import them for each player. Source Code for X-Streamer is available at: https://github.com/NineWorlds/xstreamer X-Wing Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhkQsfaRIcc&feature=youtu.be
  2. kingargyle

    2017-18 Regionals Lists

    The Game Cave Regional was just won by the list on the right in the picture. Oh and yes that is X-Streamer overlay for IA being used. Unfortunately don't have the command decks.
  3. kingargyle

    OutRyder Cup VII Round 1: CR-90 vs. Raider!

    HaHa.. seriously though.. if anybody really wants a cleaned up version, give the the time stamps. I'll submit it to a person that is willing to go through and beep and roar things out... but I don't have the time myself to go through and do it. I've got other things taking up what little free time I have.
  4. kingargyle

    OutRyder Cup VII Round 1: CR-90 vs. Raider!

    If somebody is willing to spend the time getting time stamps of the most offensive parts to people. I can get a guy to put wookie roars and R2-D2 bleeps in. But honestly my own time is used right now trying to #SaveTheCrew so this will be a lower priority. Whoever does it please put them in a Google spreadsheet and share the link. Sorry if people don't like El Pee.. He has his warts but we locally like him anyways. I'm numb to it as I see him all the time at the game store.
  5. kingargyle

    Skirmish Interchange Format

    Yep. I wrote the Java implementation. Somebody was supposed to be working on a PHP implementation as well for the reader and writer. The whole reason I made the project open source was so the community could expand upon the initial idea.
  6. kingargyle

    Skirmish Interchange Format

    The project I run is open source, so by all means, please feel free to document the technique, or even provide sample implementations. I'll gladly include it as a supported format to encode the JSON. https://github.com/kingargyle/iaskirmish-data
  7. kingargyle

    Skirmish Interchange Format

    Yeah, Yet Another Squad Builder does something similar, but JSON is still the standard for XWS, so I modeled the IA Skirmish Data format off that. Regardless, I published the spec, and people are starting to adopt it... TableTop Admiral, and X-Streamer are the first, and there is work being done to implement it for the Vassal module as an import option. As for Startactics, all they would need to do is Support Exporting to IA Skirmish as a file, or copying it to the clip board. the files then could be imported into any application that supported the format. No server needed.
  8. kingargyle

    Skirmish Interchange Format

    Json is a standard interchange format. There is no need to decode, given the exact url for the JSON one could get the list just as easy. I know of nobody that actually uses QR codes, and you can even get the specific JSON url for a squad if somebody provided it. It is all on the implementor to handle that.
  9. kingargyle

    Ugnaughts at regionals

    Yeah... I missed played a couple of things in there, mainly because I forgot he had Unshakeable. With Unshakeable, using Pierce 2 is better. I could have won the game, but as I said I missed played a key Chewie move and got slam happy.
  10. Thanks, Nick. I'm going to be doing a point release of X-Streamer this weekend, so will update the json reference in there as well.
  11. kingargyle


    It has new missions and side missions. It is all based on the content that you have. Like the Decent App they will continue to add additional App campaign and side missions seperate from the actual big box expansions, but it will be based on the content that you own already.
  12. kingargyle


    If you using an Android Tablet, I'd hold off on downloading and installing it.... it gets stuck on the Starting screen, just hangs. Numerous reports on this on the play store. Seems to work on phones, which is probably what they tested against.
  13. kingargyle

    Vassal file save format???

    Guys let me know if you run into any issues. Unfortunately, work has picked up and I'm totally involved with working with the #SaveTheCrew organization right now on some mobile apps, so my time is limited.
  14. kingargyle


    So this gave me an idea for a modification of my Rebel Smuggler/Spy list. [2] C-3P0[15] Chewbacca[7] Dengar[7] Rebel Saboteur [Elite][7] Rebel Saboteur [Elite][6] Saska Teft[-4] Wookiee Avenger C-3PO focus's up Dengar. Could stun some one, sabs could then be free to use their surges for Blast 2. Meanwhile if they go after Chewie, Dengar is roaming around being a pain. Saska and Sabeteours could run off and get objectives, C3PO stays near dengar to beef his defenses up, and become his focus buddy. Doubt it will win many games, but could be really annoying.
  15. kingargyle


    Because this is FFG, and they like to fumble these announcements as bad as possible (cough..... Origins Nationals).