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  1. No I'd welcome it, but an AT-AT is a military ground vehicle, it fits the motif of Legion where military forces of the Star Wars universe are meeting on the field of battle.
  2. You are right, I had forgotten about that. However that still plays into my point, he only does that when he's isolated with Vader and his trusted Royal Guard. The only way him deploying in Legion and displaying his force powers makes any sense is if the plan is to then execute all his surviving troops and any prisoners at the end of the battle, which sure that is possible he is a Sith Lord, but that seems a little too grimdark for Star Wars.
  3. I've read the book, it's been a few years so forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't recall Palpatine ever performing direct action, only directing Vader to do things from the bridge of the ship and then the escape craft. The idea of him leading troops in Legion is against his whole Motif, sure he's a Sith Lord and totally capable on the battlefield, but his whole thing is hiding that fact and working from the shadows, he never revealed himself to be a Sith after founding the Empire, Luke only knew about it from Obi-wan.
  4. Palpatine? Really FFG? Come on, he's got better **** to do than leading a few squads of stormtroopers in direct action. I'd go so far as to say that he's never been actually on a battlefield during combat.
  5. Right, thanks for the correction, yeah their stats are rough then
  6. Sloane gives them a crit reroll though, giving them a good chance at either giving a raid token or spending a token
  7. Typically Engineers are considered heavily trained specialists, Pulling a gunner off their station and telling them to go fix the shield emitters or engine is rarely if ever going to succeed. And killing the engineering team in the raid includes dedicated repair droids like R2 units.
  8. Are we sure you can? Thematically a raid would be storming a ship and killing the people in charge of a particular command/sabotaging the ship in some way. How can you engineer when your engineering team is dead?
  9. This argument was raised, but the arguing party pointed out that since Inactive enemies are still referred to as "Enemies", And the quest card just refers to "Enemies within 2 spaces", that the referenced rule doesn't apply since even though they don't stop you from performing the quest action on the square, they do count as enemies within 2 spaces. And unfortunately RAW he's not wrong.
  10. That was the majority of the groups thoughts as well, but one of our players would not accept it because of the way the enemy spawns are worded
  11. in quest 152 "Drain the Swamp", both options require you to perform a quest action at a location that does not have any enemies within 2 spaces. My gaming group got into an argument about whether that means active enemies or any enemies at all, and the rulebook provided no clear explanation. Most of us came to the opinion that it must mean active enemies, as otherwise this quest would be near-impossible, but the rules don't say anywhere that inactive enemies aren't enemies, so we're looking for a rules clarification on this card.
  12. She does seem extremely powerful, but with only two defense and 4 wounds and the fact that she's going to be a primary target I expect she won't stick around on the field very long.
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