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    Road to legend

    Personally, I think this would be a great way to use all the player made quests from the quest vault. Incorporating the quest vault into the app could allow for more direct interaction such as leaving notes to the designer as you play the quest and even having a replay option so the designer can analyze the quest more precise. In that way, the app would already have lots of content straight away. The reason to still pay money for FFG made quests is that you have a guarantee of thorough playtesting. Connecting The Vault with Road to Legend, would be a nice move. I think Co-op quests could be easier to create since you don't have to worry about the Balance aspect between OL and heroes ( not easy, just easier ). If we ever have a nice app which can be used to create and share Co-op content ( for Road to Legend specifically ), I can easely see a lot of Co-op coming.
  2. eljolly

    Road to legend

    Do you think It would be possible to Create-Share-Download, your own Co-op adventures with this app?
  3. eljolly

    Road to legend

    I'm excited for the release of the app. I think it adds an neat option to the game. I wonder if in this Co-op mode they will add a way to use hero skills that are OL cards related. I just like Elder Mok
  4. eljolly

    Sorastro's Painting

    I Actually painted all my IA miniatures following your tutorial, Thank you very much Sorastro!!!! They came up very well, and I can only thank you for being so patient while explaining in detail EVERYTHING. Thank you very much!!!
  5. HELLO!! I tried to make a mage class: its supposed to work as a mage that can build itself as a tank over time and that can sacrifice that feature to deal massive damage. A mage that uses the souls of his defeated enemies to enhance himself. Soul Keeper Mage Class Starting Weapon: "Bone Dagger" (Melee, 1-hand, Blade, magic) - 1 green Die & 1 Blue Die - Surge : "Doom". Starting Skill #1: "Soul bag" 0 Stamina - Each attack has: Surge: Place 1 "Soul Stone" token on this card for each adiacent monster killed by this attack. (Max. 6) Starting Skill #2: "Soul Charge" 1 Stamina - Exhaust this card when you attack: Discard X Soul Stones from the "Soul Bag" Skill card. After the attack is resolved deal X Damage to the target. - Even if this card is exhausted, you can discard 1 Soul token from the "Soul Bag" Skill card instead of taking 1 damage token. 1XP Skill: "Lure of the void" 1 Stamina - Exhaust this card when you place 1 Soul Stone on the "Soul Bag" skill card: Place 1 aditional Soul Stone token. 1XP Skill: "Soul Cannon" 1 Stamina - Action-> Exhaust this card: Target a monster in your line of sight and discard X Soul Stones from the "Soul Bag" skill card to Deal X damage to that monster. 1XP Skill: "Not yet" 0 Stamina - Exhaust this card when you would be defeated, discard 1 Soul token and test knoledge: if you pass you are not defeated but you take damage tokens equal to your health minus 1. 2XP Skill: "Lure of the darkness" 1 Stamina - Exhaust this card when you place 1 Soul Stone on the "Soul Bag" skill card: Place 1 aditional Soul Stone token. 2XP Skill: "Ghost armor" 0 Stamina - When you are attacked add +1 to the armor dice result for each 2 Soul tokens on the "Soul bag" Skill card. 2XP Skill: "Offer of Death" 2 Stamina - Action-> Exhaust this card during your turn. Target a monster within 4 spaces from you and test Knoledge. If you pass and the difference between your Stamina and the dice result is equal or more than the remaining health of the targeted monster, that monster is defeated and place 1 Soul Stone on the "Soul Bag" Skill Card.- Even when this card is exhausted, at any moment during any turn you can discard 1 Soul Stone to remove 1 fatigue token from your hero sheet. 3XP Skill: "Lure of the dead" 0 Stamina - Whenever a monster is killed within 4 spaces from you place 1 Soul Stone on the "Soul Bag" Skill card. 3XP Skill: "Requiem of souls" 3 Stamina -Action> Discard all Soul Stone Tokens from the "soul bag" Skill card: Deal damage equal to the number of token discarded this way to you and each figure within 5 spaces from you. (yea, heroes too can be killed by this ability) Please tell me what you think!
  6. I can easely see a monkey on a shaman. Or a living puppet.
  7. eljolly

    Custom Scout Class: Ninja

    Nice! I would actually like the "Throw" to still being a lvl3 Skill but since sacrificing a weapon is needed i would add "Ignore the X on the blue dice", to avoid table flips.
  8. You could make it a healer: A healer that can heal a lot or sacrifice his ability to heal for that turn to do a little extra damage instead. Plus, do you know what does Descent needs? a freaking flying mini-dragon as pet...!!! Thank you! I actually edited the Opening post. We actually playtested this today! and YES it is Overpowered, we used this rules instead during the game: 1XP Skill: "Not yet" 0 Stamina - Exhaust this card when you would be defeated, discard 1 Soul token and test knoledge: if you pass you are not defeated but you take damage tokens equal to your health minus 1. It works better as a lvl1 Skill and it's MORE FUN! you will never know if it will work 100%. "Offer of the death" instead becomes a lvl2 Skill, because as a lvl1 Skill it just isn't fair: Just only the side effect of being able to remove the fatigue token at any moment actually works too well on this class. Thank you guys, you are helping me a lot here, I will be posting a PDF with the cards when This class is fully tested.
  9. 2015. I'm looking for the same thing. Is the development of the Vault dead?
  10. I think each quest published in the vault need an automatic Download and Preview counters. I actually access to a lot of content of other users. the fact is that personally i often forget to leave a comment, or just clicking the LIKE button. I might not be the only one.
  11. I myself made a PvP variant, http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/descent/htmlpreview/3811/ Please read it an use any ideas you might find interesting in your PvP variant.
  12. You sir, are a nice creative guy. We all thank you for your ideas!
  13. Awesome! I will use it for my next-game session!
  14. eljolly

    A few wishlist things

    Dice icons to go with Text would be usefull! Also the ability to Eliminate a Quest. There is a lot of TESTs in the vault!
  15. I have been playing descent for almost a year. My game group still loves it, and the fact that you can come up with new adventures and campaings on your own certainly make the game's life span bigger. BUT, when Imperial assault came up, i knew Descent 2.0 as it is can be improved, maybe by "patching" the main rule book or even creating a new rulebook to use with Descent 2.0 ( 3.0 ??? ). Fact is me and my group are using the LoS and movement from IA ( modifying a little bit the rule for movement otherwhise large monsters would be too slow ). The only downside to Descent's life span in my opinion, may be only the lack of update in the rules ( lots of good games are coming up that can kill descent, but Descent can become the ultimate "sandbox" for almost any kind of fantasy game just because of its components, It just need rules, and the community proved it can be done ).