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  1. I don't want it. BUT I NEED IT!!
  2. Beautiful. JUST. BAUTIFUL. Thank you very much Sadgit!
  3. I understand each point of view. However, i don't want to encourage a business model that rely on the production of digital content. I will continue to support Descent by buying miniatures, cards, and so on. Just because that's what i want as a costumer.
  4. Grisban can go through the corner because figures can move diagonally and there is no wall separating his space and the space he wants to move in.
  5. Hi. Road to legend is a lot of fun. We all tested that. I started a new run on RtL with 3 heroes. But then another friend of mine wanted to join forces with us when we were already in the third main quest! The fact is, there is no option on the RtL app that makes you add another hero in the adventure. That forced us to run a simulation on the app of all the choices we made until the point we were ( with 4 heroes this time ). The only annoying thing was that we lost our equipement and we don't have the same exact ammout of gold. Not a big problem actually. But do you think there should be a way to add members to the group on RtL? ( maybe by being in town ).
  6. Hi Palleon! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I use the hobby drill that Citadel sells and it looks like the drill bit is about 1mm wide. The Descent minis come off their bases pretty easily to be honest. It's a good idea to inch you way round the outside of each foot with your knife rather than just slice through from one side only. There's not much to it really though. The most common mistake I make whilst drilling is I sometimes go too far and come out the other side (I actually did that with Syndrael!) but it's nothing that a little green stuff won't patch up. It might seem scary at first but it's really not too difficult, and it's definitely worth it for the extra stability the wire provides. Incidentally you might like to know that I've finished filming the next episode and am aiming to complete the editing and composing within the next few days We are all waiting!!! Also, I always read your comments with that sexy voice of yours.
  7. Well you all got good points guys. I do understand the benefits of having arandom generated dungeon. It should be an alternative on RtL imo. However there are things that simply CAN'T be done on a random generated dungeon: Lets say you have opened a door, in that room there is an objective token you have to interact with, you don't know what it does, you just know it is needed to continue the quest. When you finally interact with it it changes the previous tile adding a door where an Endcap was. In a random generated Dungeon, mechanics like that would be avoided, simply because a random tile added to the map might not always have the shape a certain mechanic needs to work properly ( It might have just 1 entrance, or be too small, or too big.. etc etc..!). So, in order to keep every tile you pull out of the box important to the quest, a random generated dungeon should be avoided. I do believe, the FINAL solution is just the addition of content on RtL. A lot of content from FFG and from the community, so we can always play a new dungeon everytime whenever we want. PS: We live in an era of free software..! Why isn't the RtL code released so the community can make it evolve? Maybe I'm wrong, but my feeling is that 1234412323 heads think better than 10. Or maybe the Plan of FFG is just keeping it to themselves so the only thing feeding the app is their pay-to-access content.
  8. Can't you have the same experience with a prebuild dungeon? If its the first time you play it, you surely don't know what's behind the door, or what you are going to face, but without losing the cohesive aspect of the story. I just feel a random generated dungeon may be more like: "Hey we are here to face this generic monster at the end of this generic dungeon!", Instead i personally feel a prebuild dungeon with prebuild surprises feel more like "Hey we are here to face this mad scientist in this abbandoned fortress that he turned into his laboratory". Again, the buu factor on this is the fact that you just can't replay it feeling the same. and maybe thats the awesome of a Random generated dungeon, the fact that you can play "The same game", but it WILL be a different experience every time. Am I wrong?
  9. Would people be interested in a web app that would be a mix of Redjak Automated Overload with RtL-style automated monsters, and maybe Perils? All of this with random generated dungeons like Warhammer Quest where you need to reach a specific room and slain the boss (Descent Lieutenant) ? I really don't understand why people like random generated dungeon. I do understand the surprise factor on the shape of your dungeon, but you get the same feeling on a RtL quest ( if you have never played it). I like a cohesive story trhough each tile of the dungeon I'm esploring. Until i get to the boss of the dungeon, but slain him may not be the solution to defeat the dungeon... it may be something else..!! I like the story driven dungeon better. Can someone who like the idea of the random generated dungeon tell me why a Random generated dungeon is overall a better idea? I might be missing something..!
  10. No it doesn't. Its difficult and thats the fun of it. SAID BY PHRAETUS: I disagree. I'm in a dark dungeon. Every little brick of it may kill you. Every room has a horrible trap that can wipe your entire team. I like this feeling. I'm not at home. Im inside a mortal trap!
  11. I'm starting to agree a lot on your point of view on this forum. Im scared.
  12. When people talks about random generating dungeons, i think what they want is a grind experience with a lot of replay value. You can have the same thing with a well wrtitten story in top of it, with the metod RtL is offering. The only "problem" with the design of RtL (Imo), may be the fact that so little content would be added, Lets hope that won't be the case. I have a group that likes descent so much we would play it every weekend. TO FFG: Let me craft my own campaign on RtL, damnit!!!! PS: that collector-bar of evil... IS EVIL.
  13. Guys we have 10 Conditios already..!!!!!! thats a lot for a board game!
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