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  1. Isn't it too difficult? Reaching 18 strength seems impossible. Also event cards are very deadly, one of them deals 12 damage. Is it possible to mitigate that damage?
  2. Isn't encumberance in this game broken? In core rulebook it says that character can carry 5+his Brawn, but this character has blaster rifle, which in intself in beyond his limits: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/44/d7/44d744b1-5ba3-4919-9550-04b818cdc53a/ch-1_lores.pdf
  3. The link doesn't work, can it be downloaded elsewhere?
  4. I was doing some of these but without the fan or putting the book outside, nevertheless I noticed that it does absolutely nothing in terms of reducing the paint smell.
  5. I was wondering, if Edge of Empire could be used as a system of playing campaigns similiar to Traveller, where you can buy cheap and sell with profit. But the rules in Core Rulebook provide only one guideline for determining prices, which is rarity depending on which Rim the planet is. It's very poor... It leads to situation, where all planets in one rim have identical prices. Are there some better rules for it in some supplements? If not, the only way would be to use tables from other games, like Stars Without Numbers with Suns of Gold supplement, or Traveller, I guess. While Edge of Empire is brilliant game, it is sometimes lacking in economy and resource management rules. That's why I really like what they did in Far Horizons. However I don't know if it's a mistake. Buying a business costs 50,000 or so, and it generates only 100 credits monthly? It would be absurd.
  6. I bought core rulebook and it stinks severly, no amount of ventilating will help here. I wasted my money, though it's very beautiful book.
  7. Arkham Investigations are great fan expansions, though I didn't like the base game enough to play them. Nontheless, I really like the idea of scenarios with handouts and paragraphs. Do you know about similiar projects for other games, playable solo?
  8. Well, I bought Beginner Game first, and the Adventure Book smells bad enough to prevent me from reading, I hope core rulebook is better? I think it's because the box was hermetically sealed, but the books aren't in foil I guess, so they shouldn't smell.
  9. The Old Republic Campaign Setting. Probably impossible.
  10. Heh it is not possible to check it out in a shop, since in Poland role playing games almost died after D&D third edition came to an end. Long ago you could find rulebooks even in normal bookstores, for example Deadlands or Earthdawn, then only specialized shops carried them, especially d20 ones, but now even hobby shops disposed of RPGs and remained board game centers. Only thing left is a one big online shop that imports huge selection of games in good price, good enough that it doesn't even have any competition.
  11. I'm sorry, I thought there are only class books because shop catalogue I was reading turned out to be incomplete. Inclusion of modular encounters in a setting book sounds great for such new school game, maybe it's not level of Heroquest or other Gloranthan supplements, but makes the book less dry than for example d20 Forgotten Realms or something like that.
  12. From what have I seen, geographical descriptions in core rulebook are very sparse, and only thing similiar to a gazetteer to have world description detailed enough for campaign are the adventures. Do you find it satisfactory? Would it be possible that FFG released some setting books with their business model? And are Star Wars d6 books a good place for setting information, or is the Edge of Empire complete enough?
  13. I already decided to buy the rulebook, but I think it would be still good idea to buy the Beginner Game. First thing is I like introductory boxes in RPGs, this one with its tokens and map is quite similiar to my first RPG purchase, which was D&D 3.0 Adventure Game (available only in Europe, if you are curious you can see here how it looks: http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic440159_md.jpg ). So it has a lot sentimental value. Another thing is it has all dice I need for full game, right? The dice is more than half price of the Beginner Game, so it seems like no brainer to buy it. One thing I'm wondering about is if the tokens are useful in the full game? Is there some tactics in the combat movements?
  14. I have a question about core rulebook. Does it have strong smell? I would know due to health concerns, full color books sometimes have rather strong paint odor which I can't take. But FFG board game rulebooks are odor free, and I would like to know if these RPG books use similiar printing techniques, which would be fine.
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