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  1. Mind blown!!!! 😯 I've always played that they only get suppression if the person has to roll defense. Oops, I'll have to look up that rule now.
  2. That's true, it makes it harder to get hits... Yes, but if you roll a hit it's going to get through their defensive roll! So if they're getting suppression in this situation, they're taking damage as well.
  3. Maybe I'm not understanding something, but how would Vader be giving out suppression without doing any damage? He has Pierce 3...so those should go right through, shouldn't they?
  4. What rules are you using for the 2v2 team game? I would love to see those!
  5. Looks really cool. I would love to see it when you're done breaking it apart!
  6. I'm slowly (and sometimes painfully) painting my way through my Rebel and Imperial Scouts. I've already painted three base boxes, three sets of each Snows and Fleets, and almost all of the named characters out so far. Has anyone else noticed that everyone seems to be right handed? Yeah, I know it's a strange observation but two of my daughters are left handed and as I was glueing my latest masterpieces together I realized that everyone seems to be right handed. Maybe I've missed someone in the sea of figures... All right, random thought of the night is over. Enjoy your painting and may your dice always turn up Crits!!
  7. Or the helmet...people see the Mandalorian armor and crap their pants!
  8. I wash my figures no matter what the material, so if you’re a relic then I am too! The worse thing I can think of is to finish painting a figure and then have the paint start to chip because of the residue. The risk just isn’t worth it!!
  9. The developers weren’t too worried in the Q and A just a few days ago. They said to wait and see. I’ve heard concerns about lots of releases and none of them broke the game!
  10. Sounds cool! Any pictures you would be willing to share?
  11. I’m thinking I’ll create some forest with bright trees and lots of color. It’ll look more alien, I figure. What’s the difference between phase I and phase II? And when did that change happen?
  12. Plus, the new plastic and molding detail. I wonder if they change the original core set to match this one, the price will also match.
  13. Umm, I was thinking the exact same thing as zrob! In fact, I’m pretty sure I have a draft of his post rattling around in my head still, so thanks for typing it so I didn’t have to!! 😀 I’m planning on 3 core sets so I can flood the board with Droids. 🤓
  14. This. Would. Be. Awesome! Can’t wait for this to happen, because surely it will!
  15. Unless we want to proxy things! Anyone think we’ll get a separate RRG for this new core set? Otherwise the current one will get pretty bloated.
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