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  1. Yeah, except that seems to go against what the developer said in an interview with the Notorious Scoundrels. In episode 73, starting in minute 59, Luke Eddy talks about this. He says they didn't want people to reach a level of perfection in their moves by laying out tools on the table to check their moves and get to exactly the right spot. That's what you guys are talking about: place a movement tool, hold your finger there and lay it down again to find just the right place to move.
  2. Hi everyone, My game group has engaged in a spirited discussion around how the new premeasuring rule works. It went to Facebook and there's still some confusion about what's allowed in the new rules. Any help or insight would be appreciated! The rules state that I can only use one distance tool and one movement tool. Can I use one speed 2 tool to quickly plot out where two movement actions would take me, or I’m I only allowed to measure one movement action at a time? The question comes down to if a player can use a speed 2 or speed 3 tool twice before moving the mini. Moving it around freely to check how far I can move Sabine in any direction is assumed, but could I use the speed 3 tool to go toward an objective, put my finger at the end (or even more extreme, put a different mini down to mark the end of that movement) and then move the speed 3 tool again to see how far she can go? It's only using one tool (speed 3) twice. I say no...based on Luke Eddy's interview with Notorious Scoundrel, but I can see the other side. Here's a way I'm thinking about it: the Range Ruler part of this rule is to prevent me from using two different Range 2 rulers to perfectly avoid units that have Standby Tokens (something I did the other night before reading this rule more carefully). The movement rule is the same: you can use one movement tool (of any length) to check a move, but you can't follow that up by checking a second move without moving the mini forward. But the wording is unclear. Hopefully that makes sense!
  3. This does mean that if they're out in the open they would have Light cover, right? Just wanting to make sure I've been playing this right!
  4. I just talked with the local store that I pre-ordered my Luke and Vader through. Sounds like it'll be here Thursday for me to pick up!
  5. Anyone have a link to the this Fan-Made expansion? Sounds interesting!
  6. Interesting interview! The part I'm excited about is someone making the Baby Yoda floating pod as an objective marker for Legion! Anyone else?! 😀
  7. Ha! I wouldn't say that Sorastro is very helpful for total beginners because what he's doing is so advanced. As someone who is just barely out of the "beginner" stage, his stuff is super interesting to watch but not as practical to always follow. He's like the Bob Ross of model painting!
  8. That brings up an interesting question. I haven't tried any contrast paints but they look intriguing... I think for the droids I'll prime the color I want, add the details and clean up with the same color, but maybe I'll look into Contrast Paints for future projects. 😏
  9. Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, everyone!!
  10. I'm waiting for my Clone Wars Base Game to arrive and I'm trying to get ready for it...but I need some help figuring out what primer/base color to get for my Droids. I've heard that I can just spray the droids with the color I want them to be and then add the details I feel like. Has anyone else done this? Any suggestions on what color I should get for that primer/base? Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!
  11. Thank you so much for all of the advice and insight! I was thinking I had waisted my time and money getting two units of them but now I'm excited to at least try them out and see if I can figure out how to use them!!
  12. Totally, but is that benefit worth all those points? Are people finding that this unit is an effective use of points?
  13. Hi everyone, I don't quite understand the Rebel Veterans and why I would take them over a Z-6 trooper. Their stats are very similar, though the Vets can have the attachment unit. So is that the main reason people would use the Veterans? Or am I missing something? Thanks for any help and advice you can offer. I'm wanting to like them (since I own two units of them) but I just can't figure out why I would put them in my lists. Jesse
  14. I think this is a great way to handle the need for adjustments to some of the units and upgrades! I can't wait to get my Airspeeder back to the table and to use the dish gun more. Well done, FFG and Alex!!
  15. Thanks for being willing to answer questions! You're brave and we appreciate it a ton. Here are my questions: 1) What's in store for the future of The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth? 2) How does FFG keep managing to get major IPs? What's that process like? You now have The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Marvel and you're doing an amazing job with them but I wonder how that process works. 3) How has the trade war with China impacted the prices of FFG games? Has it impacted release dates? Thanks again!
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