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  1. There doesn't appear to be any links or downloads relevant to the app on the main page any more?
  2. Surely, you'd get all the legal matters sorted out BEFORE you began development on a companion app for a game with interesting pre-existing licensing arrangements?
  3. Just flicking through & spotted that on Page 75 the image of the character Tahlia is covering the text for the errata for 'Crown of Destiny'. Great resource though, thanks so much to all involved!
  4. Any news on the end of the year being brought forward to facilitate a faster deployment of the app?
  5. How does this work? Surely moving is a move action regardless, which chews one action, leaving another action to attack & your free 2P attack. You can extend a move with fatigue, but how do you turn it into essentially a free move? Or is this a character specific thing that I'm missing?
  6. Surely a Range one ruler to extend the normal ruler would be all that was required & that could be easily added with Shield tokens & what not?

    22.5 degrees

    Doing my best Charlie Brown impersonation!

    22.5 degrees

    Figured it'd be something along those lines, thanks.

    22.5 degrees

    what were the advantages of this?
  10. How big was the Hammerhead corvette? can't find a length for it, but I'm assuming it's significantly shorter than the Cruiser? That could be a nice second corvette for the Rebellion?
  11. But you only suffer Critical Damage after shields have been accounted for? From the 'Timing Chart for Performing an Attack' found in the FAQ: 7. “Deal Damage” step i. Remove shield tokens to cancel Hit results ii. Remove shield tokens to cancel Crit results iii. The defender is dealt facedown damage cards for remaining Hit results iv. The defender is dealt faceup damage cards for remaining Crit results
  12. Where is the assertion that this condition ignores shields?
  13. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum-222/announcement-2-upcoming-changes-to-the-fantasy-flight-games-forums/
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