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  1. from reading this I can see that most people would prefer some input in building the regiment. My idea was to have an amalgamated regiment which consisted of 2 or more regiments from the same world who had suffered heavy losses. One of the people who will be part of the campaign suggested that I as GM choose the home world type and let them go from there.
  2. I have always thought of the Imperial Guard as being an army somewhat similar to those of the 18th and 19th century where the army had a number of camp followers
  3. I am planning on running a campaign at my LGS - first one I played in a previous one with 6 others and the GM let us make our own regiments, which ended up in there being 4 different ones (some of the guys ran characters from the same regiment). This made things a little confusing sometimes. I was wondering what people's opinions are on the following 1. Would you rather have no option on the regiment you're from - as in the GM choose all the options and all the player does is build the character or 2. would you rather have some options on the regiment you're from - as in the GM chooses say the home world type and the player builds a regiment from there with all that it ensues.
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