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  1. Homing Missiles could be useful further down the road when the power creep sets in and we get back to unhittable aces.
  2. Who is that guy? He must be pretty good at this game
  3. They were talking about an xwing panel with the designers on the YouTube stream. Could anyone please give a summary of what they talked about ? Or will this be posted online somewhere?
  4. I see, that makes sense. I can also see why imps struggle in this meta, they have many low hp aces and no good bomb carriers. Thanks guys.
  5. Gunner used to be a pretty popular upgrade as recently as a couple waves ago, usually on large/expensive ships to guarantee you push damage through even with fewer ships. I rarely see it used anymore though, what happened?
  6. Celez

    Imperial Cruises

    Isn't this type of squad rendered useless against fair ship rebels ?
  7. Mango Dash was viable about 4-5 waves ago. But with the power creep since then its HLC or bust.
  8. More like it ignores DTF and Selflessness.
  9. I think cruise missiles is a nice buff for Vader, who quite often has a free mod slot for gc and wasn't seeing much play otherwise. Other than that i'm not digging this high ps alpha strike list too much - VI inqui is weaker than PTL inqui and quickdraw prefers lwf to gc for survivability. And you're giving all that up for a one trick pony which can be countered by lists that are currently in the meta. Not saying its a bad list, i'm just not a fan. What i do like is that these alpha strikes can melt Dengar in one round - he deserves it
  10. I dont really mind that list, but you're paying 7 points (3+3+1) for what amounts to two evade tokens. And you're gimping OL a bit in the process (he really prefers juke and comm relay). It's not a bad list, but is it worth it?
  11. Exactly. Expertise + K4 can be quite filthy on Dengar. And i agree, VI on RAC in the current meta.
  12. ok, to verify results from the calculator i put in 3dice+RAC and verified the results by hand. Excpected damage: 2.0781225 hit probability 0 hits: 1,5625% (this happens only if you roll 3 blanks 0.25 * 0.25 * 0.25 = math checks out) 1 hits: 20.3125% (this happens if you roll 1 hit 2blanks or 1eye 2 blanks or 2 eyes 1blank or 3 eyes: (0.5 * 0.25 * 0.25)*3 + (0.25 * 0.25 * 0.25)*3 + (0.25*0.25*0.25)*3 + (0.25*0.25*0.25)= math checks out) 2hits: 46.875% (this happens if you roll 2hits 1 blank or 1 hit 1eye 1blank or 1hit 2eyes: (0.5 * 0.5 * 0.25) * 3 + (0.5 * 0.25 * 0.25) *6 + (0.5 * 0.25 * 0.25) *3 = math checks out) 3 hits: 31.25% = math checks out because thats how you get to 100% based on the above. Therefore i have to assume the calculator is correct. And since expected damage with just RAC is already 2.078 RAC+Predator yielding 2.49 sounds about right.
  13. Except that expected damage with RAC+Predator is 2.496 and not 2, making it superior for a point less. Also expected crits with Predator are 1.11 and not 0.734 It seems like you've built some kind of dependancy into the seperate dice whereas they are really not dependant at all. Or idk where your mistake is, but anyhow you're way off. Math provided by : http://xwingcalculator.x10host.com/diceuilm.html
  14. Predator over Expertise on RAC any day. Expertise has 0 synergy with his ability which you absolutely must use for Kylo.
  15. Only if you joust which you should never do with Miranda. She lives by her mobility.
  16. Norra was good a couple waves ago, nowadays she's just OK. As mentioned above she melts to alpha strike (or focus fire) very fast which is pretty common nowadays. Miranda is just better overall (albeit more expensive to kit out).
  17. Anecdote versus months of data. I know which one I would trust. And they just won world's so there's that.
  18. Well they have probably sold as many jumpmasters as they were ever going to sell, considering you had to get 3 packs for the good ol'deadeye torpscouts, so maybe it's time for a proper nerf now? Please?:)
  19. interesting results, Backdraft over Quickdraw why?
  20. That is crazy efficient for as little as 24pts i would say.
  21. Wait I'm confused: is this ship on a large or a small base? If it's a small base the dial is much better than expected!
  22. I case anyone forgot the last game vs Dengar/Ketsu reminded everyone why firesprays are inferior.
  23. Well they could have saved themselves a lot of (faq) trouble and just nerfed the jm5k base chassis instead of nerfing everything else without adressing the underlying reason.
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