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  1. Reducing points to break the meta sounds good. Just out of curiosity: Why 76 points? Is this THE sweet spot or just random? We used 60 points so that you could field at least 2 of every generic, small ship.
  2. @Reiver, Lingula: Thanks for the feedback, definitely appreciated! Reading it, I am tempted to think that we will have to bring back to our group the GR75 once the Gozanti hits the table.
  3. Agreed! But the GR75 isn't ideally suited for a 300pts dog fight anyway as it doesn't have a real gun.That seems a poor reason to houserule it away. Such strategic decisions should be the prerogative of the player, especially because fielding a CR90 makes it very unlikely that a Transport will also be included.I did not rule it away, I just sold it - and mine was the last one remaining in our group. How do you use it? Any success against a Raider in a 300pts dogfight?
  4. Agreed! But the GR75 isn't ideally suited for a 300pts dog fight anyway as it doesn't have a real gun. After experimentig with all those fancy add-ons like Slicer Tool, I wasn't too impressed and sold mine.I guess when the Gozanti hits, we might go 350pts, resurrect the GR75 and allow to add a gun to keep it balanced.
  5. We had great, balanced epic games with the following house rules: - Each side requires exactly one CR90 or Raider. Scum is using a hijacked CR90 - The game is won by destroying the enemy huge ship - Deploy on the short edge of the 6x3 game area so that the fighter screens engage first - To speed up the game and to not have to track all the different crit effects, all crits are a Direct Hit.
  6. Gladly, you start with everything fully charged, it's in the Epic Tournament FAQ under Deplyment Procedure.
  7. Gekko

    VI Guri

    Admitted, I am hooked on starvipers and tried a lot of combinations. The classic setup Xizor + Guri + Bodyguard never really worked. Also, VI on Guri really never helped, she will still be midrange then. I'd double Blailberg's statement that LoneWolf is really cool - she really CAN look after herself and deal some serious damage. Add AdvS for knife-fighting abilities! However, to get the most out of the Starviper, let me suggest the following setup: The Prince + Vi + AdvS Trandoshan Slaver (naked, maybe add Outlaw Tech for focusing when pulling the brakes) Keep the Prince close to the 666-Damage-Sponge to survive until the end game. Sounds strange to have super-agile ship stick close to a brick floating through space, but with AdvS and those white one turns it works pretty good. As we don't have TLT-spam over here, no real need for AT - but if you expect some lulled truck drivers in your local meta, AT might be a good add-on to The Prince ;-) Edit: Mixed up LoneWolf vs. Predator, sigh!
  8. Yeah, Defenders galore! One of my all-time favorites is still Jonus Brothers: 2 x Deltas plus HLC Captain Jonus in his Bomber granting two rerolls per HLC shot! While this list is not flexible enough today in a 100pt dogfight, it still has an awesome damage output. For me, its an auto-include in 300p epic lists, works really nice alongside my Raider :-)
  9. Good idea, haven't tried the K-Rex yet! Rumors have it that Talon goes down pretty quick. Maybe a generic K-Rex, and Z-95 for 32 points? Then I could add the Outlaw Tech to the 666, which would be so good when you just hit the brakes after the first round of fire!
  10. After logging some more hours in the cockpit of a trandoshan slaver, I am pretty much happy wiht this setup: Naked Slaver (29 points) The Prince + VI + Title + AdvS (36 points) They both stick together, the 666 absorbing any hits while the super-agile Xizor checks the six. The white 3 turn and 180deg arc work pretty good for the 666. With AdvS and a white one turn, The Prince can outfly anybody and still stick close to its escort. We tried some one on ones with just Soontir + PtL vs. The Prince in this exact setup. As Soontir has to fly first, Xizor can easily arc-dodge him thanks to AdvS. Anyway, the big question is: How to spend the remaining 35 points? I tried the generic Firespray, it's not bad - but maybe there is a better add-on to the combo above. Thoughts?
  11. Gekko

    Next scum buy advice

    Buy a CR-90 Corvette, repaint it in a Black Sun scheme and go epic against a Raider and some Ties. That's so much fun :-)
  12. I like to keep the 666 as cheap as possible. So its a naked Trandoshan Slaver for me. The 666 serves as the escort for The Prince, usually equipped with Virago title, AdvS and VI. 100 Points: Prince Xizor [Veteran Instincts, Virago, Advanced Sensors] (36) Mandalorian Mercenary (35) Trandoshan Slaver (29) Tactic is to slow play The Prince and his escort while trying to have the enemy follow the Firespray. This puts the enemy between your 3 ships with 3 attack dice. The Prince normally makes it to the end of the game...
  13. Biophysical, nice one! Being a big fan of the Defender, let me just add that especially the generic Tie/Ds are awesome in epic games. They really benefit from a target-rich environment and inflict a lot of damage. Normally, I take 3 HLC Deltas + Jonus to escort my imperial CR90. Keeping the CR90 at "cheap" 107 points allows for an extra Bounty Hunter plus two Academies for blocking. ----------------------------- DELTA FORCE 300 points CR90 Corvette (Fore) (63) CR90 Corvette (50), Weapons Engineer (3), Quad Laser Cannons (6), Sensor Team (4) CR90 Corvette (Aft) (44) CR90 Corvette (40), Tibanna Gas Supplies (4) Delta Squadron Pilot (37) x 3 TIE Defender (30), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Captain Jonus (22) Bounty Hunter (36) Firespray-31 (33), Recon Specialist (3) Academy Pilot (12) x 2
  14. Gekko

    Kath Scarlet Galore

    Sorry folks - I know we got firesprays all over this subforum - but I just fell in love with Kath. So I simply had to start this thread ! Come and share your own Kath Scarlet-Repaints here! I was never a big fan of Kath's candy box firespray and her imperial pilot ability. But then came Scum and she finally grew on me. After buying a fresh model at my local FLGS and putting on that fashionable "Kath Scarlet"-Look, I got to admit that this is about the sexiest ship I can bring to a X-Wing table. Some info on the actual repaint: FRONT - Base color is a mix of Marabu white and light grey (acrylic) applied using a Revell Standard airbrush (the only use of airbrush in this project) - Then some Revell flat white (enamel) was added using drybrushing technique for some highlighting - The red areas were done with Revell gloss red (enamel) - To prep for the wash, a glossy Revell clear coat (acrylic) was applied - Then an oil wash based on black Schmincke oil color was applied. - After the wash, a clear coat using Revell flat clear color (enamel) was added BACKSIDE - Base color is Gunze Sangyo German grey (acrylic) with several layers of Revell grey and white (enamel) done via drybrushing. - The engine glow was done using mixtures of Marabu blue and white (acrylic) colors. Challenges on this project: The firespray model features some very deep and wide panel lines. So doing the standard oil wash resulted in far too prominent panel lines - looking quite unrealistic. I had to do a lot of cleaning up to fix this... As a side note, I did not do rust or battle damage as I am tempted to believe that Kath will always have her Binayre Pirates fix that back in the base to keep her firespray in a clean condition...remember, she is a girl!
  15. Gekko

    M3-A gets no love!

    I got three of them and I love them in Epic games. Loadout: Title, Mango and HU. They are fast and if you bring more important targets like Defenders with HLCs and a Decimator, they will survive longer and can be really nasty to that CR90 backend. Due to this fact, we started calling them "Schmeissfliege" (=blowfly) over here :-) In 100point games, they never worked for me. Those Z95 are just too point-effective...
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